21 June 2015
  AwExpo 2015

After months of preparation, the AWExpo 2015 was officially opened on 21st June, 1 week before the 20th anniversary of Activeworlds. AwExpo is located in Alphaworld on position 7700S 1400E.
A team of 18 builders have helped to realize this huge project :
Bach Zhaa DarkMatter Ozyseo TenYearsGone
Lensman Enkii Genevieve Sir Greendown
Stanly Toxor Gremot Oklahoma Traveler
MaxPoly Mel Wolvie Iao Moonshadow
Nursemom GSK    

Each builder had to realize a specific project : worlds, citizens, resources, events, community projects, cities, etc.

The purpose of this AWExpo 2015 project is to show the best of what has been realized in those 20 years existance of Activeworlds. You won't find only teleports to the best worlds and places , but also url links to the best supporting websites. Apart from that , the whole AWExpo around has been build from its best side : futuristic structures and designs, light effects (to make some areas more bright),sounds (eg. sparkling water, birds) and particle emitters (eg. fountains, fire).
* Landscaping :the hills are made with the shear command , which has also been used for the stairs in the central area
* There is a digital VRT clock : you can also build a VRT clock with hour and minute hands, but the digial clock is with advanced techniques.
* There is a 3d sphere theater where you can see world locations but also movies with 360 degrees view.

* There is a railway with a server controlled mover trolleys (made with waypoints).

* There is a dance area where you can play your own radio station and dance with one of the many dance sequences.
* There is a teleport center being part of a teleport maze of hundreds of teleports, bringing you to the best locations in Activeworlds.

* Physics game park : with some examples of interactions and games , made wiith the newest building techniques (movers, gravity, cloth,)

- draw a picture by flying with a mover,
- fly with a kite
- ride the ferris wheel
- ant tunnel game
- click and pop the balloons
- click drums and make your own melody
* The "AWLife-org" website presentation with the selfie maker and the events publisher
* The beta presenation of "My AW"
* A calendar presentation for the AW 20th anniversary events from 19th till 30th june
* and also these AWTimes webpages :).
* At the edge of the AWExpo zone, you have the citizens gallery (alphabetically)
* Just outside the AWExpo zone :
* in the north east , there is are ziggurat ruins, built with the standard objects
* in the east, there is "Pipe Dream", which is a complex and advanced build with pipes and drums. Set visibility at minimum 200 metres, and when clicking "press to start", there will start an animation with little black balls , creating a nice melody during a few minutes. When you fly behind the scene of the pipe dream , you will see hundreds of pole objects, containing the action commands for these sounds and animations . Pipe Dream has been built by BachZhaa and TenYearsGone.
* in the south, there are some nice mover examples : a helicopter, a delta flyer, etc.