Gravity trivia - game rules

1. How to play the game ?

1. In Gravity trivia there are 20 game boards and every player has a game board of 34 balls at his/her disposal .
2. Every player has 26 letters + 2 blancs + 5 red balls + 1 yellow ball , and a reset-button.
3. If you click upon a ball , you will see (and hear) that the ball drops down into a funnel, and finally into a transparent tube
4. During the game questions , each player can also press upon the reset button
5. This reset button can be used to cancel the word you have started with, and you can restart clicking the balls.
6. The red balls are used for identical letters. Use a red ball for the 2nd or 3rd or 4th identical letter.
7. The blanc balls are used as blanc spaces between 2 words
8. The yellow ball is used if you are <ready> with the answer, and you will see that this will be mentioned in the chat window.
9. The player which appears as first and which has also the correct answer will have extra points .(see 4. points and scores)

2. How do we play each question ?

1. The quiz master shows the question in the chat window. Often with a picture (in front of your game board ). There are also midi songs.
2. At the same moment , you can start to click upon the balls and if you are wrong, you can also click upon the reset-button.
3. After having clicked the answer, you can click upon the yellow ball, in the chat window you will see that you are ready with the answer.
4. The answer needs to be clicked within a limited time : 60 seconds , and for midi songs : 120 seconds.
5. Each question time will be stopped manually : the quiz master will click upon a stop-button : a clock is used to see when time is up.
6. < time has expired , now we will look for the scores> : now the balls can't fall into the tube anymore , also the reset-button can't be used
7. The quiz master clicks <game pause> : you can leave your box and look at the results yourself
8. During this time, the game master will analyse who will get 1 point for the question.
9. <Please teleport to your game board box, game will restart soon>

10. <reset 1-8 , reset 9-16 > : the quiz master resets all game boards so that everyone is ready to play again

11. <get ready for the next question>

3. Game levels

There are 2 game levels for there are 40 questions in total.
Normal level : You just play the letters. For identical letters you play the red balls. And play the blank balls for a space between 2 words.
Speedy level : You finish with the yellow ball. This will appear in the chat window.The first player with a correct answer wins extra points.
Difficult level : You click the answer backwards, so that the answer does not appear upsidedown in the transparent tube.
You can choose yourself the game level you want, for the difficult level, you get more points.

4. Points and scores

1. If your answer is "almost" correct : 1 point , when is the word "almost" correct ?
* if you got letters in wrong order
* if there is 1 letter too much
* if there is 1 letter missing
* if the game time had expired before you could finish the word
* if you used a wrong spelling for the word
* if you forgot the blank balls (for 2 or 3 letter words)
* if you used a red ball, when you could still use a normal letter
* we always indicate how many letters are used (e.g. : (3+7) for The Shining : if you only played "shining" , then you only get 1 point.)
* if it is obvious that the answer consists of 2 words (e.g. name + surname) , then you will only get 1 point if you only played for the name.
2. If your answer is totally correct : 2 points
3. If your totally correct answer has been played in reversed order : 4 points
* there is no rule for using the red ball first or last , the choice is free
* if the reversed answer is "almost" correct then you get 1 point
4. If you are the first one with a correct answer : 2 extra points.
* if you used the yellow ball too soon , you cannot get the 2 extra points
* if you have clicked twice the yellow ball (after a reset), then it's the second time that counts in the chat windows.
* if the answer is correct , but there is only a yellow ball in between : then you get 2 points anyway.
* you get a Silver Trophy if you get a score of 50 points
* you get a Gold Trophy if you win a trivia game.

5. Game rules

1. Visibility :With a visibility of 180 meters you can see the game boards of all the players .
If your computer can not handle 180m, then you can put a lower visibility , but then don't walk or fly too far away from your game board.
This is because the gravity command of the balls will disappear if your game board gets out of the visibilty of your computer.
But don't bother : the gravity command is global : all other players and the quiz master will see what you have clicked.
2. Boxes : The boxes are made to prevent from cheating , so that other players can't click on your game board
And to prevent that other avatars fly in front of your game board and tease you that way.
A player can enter or leave his gameboard box clicking upon the players number : you can teleport inside the box , or teleport back .
The player can also teleport during the question time, to view if the word is correct.
Other players can't enter inside your game box, because the teleport command contains the lock owner command as well.
3. Buttons: the reset-button is inactive after each question, because the quiz master needs time to see the results and give points.
The reset-button remains inactive in order to prevent that someone clicks too soon (by mistake or on purpose) upon the reset-button
All buttons in the middle of the game field have the clickowner command and can be clicked by the quiz master only.
4. Teasing : People can spoil the game by typing the answer in the chat or by voip during the question time.
This person will be disqualified or can even be ejected. But it is allowed to type the answer when the question time is over.
Clicking constantly on the reset-button and yellow ball , or causing flooding in the chat, can also be answered by an eject.

6. World settings

There are also some world settings to prevent cheating :
Pass-through is desactivated . No other player can enter your gameboard box by using shift.
Object selection is desactivated : the players can't view the questions in advance and the trivia balls won't reset by right-clicking.
Local Teleports/Invites is desactivated. No other player can teleport or come into your gameboard box
Camera Collision is enabled. No other player can look through the walls and click upon your game board in 3rd person view
But there remains fun : you can whisper to eachother, you can see what the other players have clicked, and you can use google.
The world's minimum visibility is 150 meters : this is the distance from the questions area in the center to the gameboard boxes.
If you go outside the game area, then the game will be reset.
With a lower visibility , you wouldn't see the questions and instructions in the chat window.