Download the program of


You can visit the virtual world "Venice-Venezia" just by downloading a small file of 7MB on the website of . On the webpage of Activeworlds , you click upon "FREE" or upon the button "your free avatar" , and you will enter into a webpage where you can create your Activeworlds account : we start with choosing your avatar.


Then you need to choose an avatar name (choose a good name because changing the name afterwards is not obvious). Then choose a password and retype the password. And enter your email-adress . Then type the captcha's which the computer proposes ,if you can't read the captcha's well, you can click upon the refresh button, then you will have other captcha's.

Press "Continue": then the program will control if your password is strong enough, and if your email address is unique : you cannot register with 2 accounts for 1 e-mail addres.




Installing the program of Activeworlds.