Download the program of

You can visit the virtual world "Venezia" just by downloading a small file of 7MB on the website of Aw-Europe. Click here to go the the website and on the webpage below at the left , you click upon "GO 3D".

Installing the program of Aw-Europe.

1. Click upon the aweurope program that you have just installed.
2. Now the installation program starts en you need to the steps on the screens below and choose each time "next".
3. On the screen above you can click upon "browse" and choose the map in which you want to install the program on your computer. Click upon "next" and now the real installation starts...

4. At the end of the installation, you can choose the type of internet connection you want to use for aw-europe : choose here for i LAN (= dsl-connection or cable)

5. Now the computer program makes a connection with the aw-europe website , if the screen below doesn't disappear, then there is a connection problem , either with you computer, or maybe there could also be a problem with aw-europe.

6. When you see this screen, then the connection is succeeded : now type here the name you want to use to enter the virtual worlds of Aw-Europe, and then you also type your e-mail address , and finally your click upon Ok .

The "Citizen" button is for those who want to enter in Aw-Europe as a citizen. Citizenship can obtained via the website

Those who don't enter as a "Citizen", can enter as a "tourist" and can visit the world Venice as well.


7. Now a screen will open and you can explore the virtual chatcommunity of aw-europe : you also have your own avatar (this is your body in the virtual environment).
8. The next time, when you want to revisit Aw-Europe, just click upon the Aw-Europe icon on the desktop of your computer , and you just need to do the steps 5,6 en 7 to re-enter.