In Aw-Europe you can first learn how to move around with your avatar. Then you can go to the world Venezia. You can do that just by doing a "teleport", by which you will enter in the world automatically.. (see item "Explore Venice").

And now explore ....

what can you do in this 3d environment ?

the menu in your own language

For those speaking another native language than english : aw-europe offers the menu in several languages.Go to the toolbar (above the screen) and choose : options - settings - advanced. Here you see : available message sets. Now select the word Aw-Europe and you will see a list where you can choose the language you want to use and finally confirm with ok




look up and down

by clicking on the PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN key, you can look up or look down with your avatar". You can also use these signs on the toolbar. (Enable/disalbe view of toolbar : CTRL + F2.)

walk around

You can explore a world by walking around using the arrow keys: go ahead, go back , turn left , turn right "


you can also run instead of walk can do this by using the CTRL key together with one of the arrow keys


go up and down

First click upon this sign or on the ground, in order to avoid that you are typing in the chat window. Now press the + key to go up. And type the - key to go down. In some worlds it is not possible to go up and down (World settings).

Those who have a laptop without a numeric keyboard can use instead the FN-key with the P key or the ; key. Or you can make your own keyboard controls: options - configure controls

fly around

First you go up with the + key and then you use the arrow keys . Now you will be able to fly around until your avatar reaches again the ground.



You can chat with other people. Type CTRL+F4 to open or close the chat window.Type a text in the chat window box and type ENTER. You can resize the chat window by going to the chat window edges and then use the mouse to move the edges. If you have closed the chat window, reopen it with CTRL+F4. Or go to the menu and choose Show - Chat.

chat whisper

You can also chat in whisper mode (chat with 1 person). Type F8 to open or close the whisper chat line.In some worlds it is not possible to whisper.

description chat

If you are typing /me before a phrase , then this will result in a description of what you are doing. Example : tourist1: /me is laughing --> in the chat window you will see : tourist1 is laughing "

chat with bots

In some worlds there are bots. Bots are programmed, and will react on words which you typed in the chat or on actions which you are doing in the world.You can recognize a bot by a name between square brackets. It is also possible that someone is chatting via the bot itself. There also exist colorchat bots, global chat bots (= chat in the entire world) ,trivia game bots,...etc."

global chat

When you are in a world at a distance of more than 200 meter (20cells) from another visitor, then you will loose contact with that person : His/her name will also disappear in the chatbox. The chat reach problem can be solved with a global chat bot : e.g. Hermesbot . There also exist bots where you can chat in several worlds at the same time : in each world where this chatbot is installed

change camera view

By pressing several times the END key, you can look from different camera positions. By pressing the HOME key, you look again from the position of your avatar (first person) . You can also use those signs on the toolbar. (Enable/disalbe view of toolbar : CTRL + F2.)

zoom in or zoom out

First press the END key, in order to have a view upon your avatar. Then you can use the * key or / key to zoom in or zoom out on your avatar



first you press the NUM LOCK key (desactivate the numeric keyboard) then press the 0 key of your numeric keyboard and you see yourself jumping !. for those who have a laptop without numeric keyboard: go to options -configure controls. The jump function is sometimes necessary in some worlds which organise a game.



You can also slide = move horizontally without turning around. For this, you need to press the SHIFT key together with the left or right arrow key. this movement can be used in games, in order to evade/avoid attacks .


go through objects

you can walk or fly through walls and trees by using the SHIFT key in combination with one of the arrow keys. In some worlds it is not possible to walk through walls and objects. but this function is useful if you are stuck in an object without having to teleport to another location.


change your avatar

In the menu bar can choose avatar, and then a list will appear : as a tourist you can choose between a male or female avatar , and also a custom avatar (CAV).In every world the avatars are different, but as a citizen, you have a wide range of avatars to choose from.


make gestures with your avatar

Typing CTRL+F3 will make appear or disappear the gestures bar , where you will find descriptions of gestures". Now click on one of the gestures and see your avatar move: spin around, wave, dance



make your own CAV

a CAV or 'customizable avatar' : choose custom avatar and click upon the t-shirt or you can type CTRL + F6.

Then you will have 2 screens: the right screen with the options, the left screen with the result. And your avatar turns into a naked grey avatar.

Now you can start to choose the options in the right screen: hair color, clothes,skin, height ,etc. In the little squares , you can choose a colour.

Finally you choose above the right screen : Save Preset , then you choose a filename and this avatar is saved on your computer.

Then you click upon Apply, and you will see your own CAV in the world, instead of the naked grey avatar.

When you return to Aw-Europe, then you open again those screens with CTRL + F6 , and choose Load Preset.

Here you will see again the filename of the CAV you had saved before, and you can select it and then choose Apply, so that you have the same avatar again.

You can also make several avatars, each time you choose Save Preset and give each CAV a different filename

Then go again to Load Preset, where you see the list of all the CAVs that you have created.



with a teleport the avatar enters directly in the new world by using the tabs screen , press F9 to make this screen appear or disappear. Once you have the tabscreen, select the tabsheet Worlds. Here you see a list of the worlds with the number of visitors in it.Now double-click on name of the world of your choice. For some worlds, citizenship is required in order to visit them , you can't enter them as a tourist.Now double-click on name of the world of your choice. For some worlds, citizenship is required in order to visit them , you can't enter them as a tourist. Worlds with a grey symbol are closed, but you might find visitors in those worlds: world owners and citizens preparing new things.



local teleport

you can teleport to another world but also to another location in the same world.Go to the menu above the screen and choose "Teleport to: " and here you enter the world name. You can also add the location (coordinates) where you want be teleported , and you even add the height and direction in which you avatar looks. In some worlds it is not possible to do local teleports. However you may find objects or sign objects with teleport commands. Teleports can also be used on sign objects, announcing the teleport. Just like the teleport you have used to enter this building.


store teleports

You have found a beautiful location that you want to visit again? Go to the menu bar and choose : Teleport - Remember.

You can add a description to this teleport so that you know what you can see there. Now press F9 (tabscreen) and choose the tabsheet Teleports , where you will find your new teleport location.Double-click on the teleport description to teleport to that location.Note : these teleports are stored on your computer only, if you log in on another computer, then you won't see the teleports that you have saved.




You may also find sign objects (or other objects) with warp commands. an object with a warp command makes the avatar slide to the other location instead of going directly to it.


read webpages

if you press the F7 key, then then there will appear a website : .

when you teleport to another world, than you will probably see another webpage when you press F7 : this depends on the world settings.

Also the activate url-command can be used on any object, in order to view a webpage, mostly this is announced on a sign object



listen to sounds and music

some objects contain action commands which create noises, sounds or music.

those sound files can be files of the world itself (where also the objects are stored) or they can be url links from webpages. you can hear midi files =(songs converted into beep tunes) or listen to real music, like e.g. internet radio stations. you also have VOIP: in some worlds you can tallk online , citizenship is required for this option.


enter in a zone or camera

when your avatar enters in a zone, you might enter in a darker or brighter space or hear suddenly music. when your avatar enters in a camera area , then you will see your avatar from a different camera position.


use movers

user controlled mover: when you click upon this object, you will be able to drive yourself with that mover: a car, bus, motorbike, boat, plane,..

server controlled mover: when you click upon this object, the mover will guide you to a destination as created by the builder of this mover.

pickup item: when you click upon this mover object, your avatar will pick up and wear or hold this mover : an apple, a sword, a gun, a hat, ...


play games

some worlds are designed to play games: you can click upon objects, so that they move , disappear or make appear other objects,

some worlds also use programmed bots in order to have a complete game, working with scores, hud screens, webpage support ,etc

as a tourist you can participate at laser games or trivia games .

sometimes there is also a bingo game in the world ASBingo and each time one can win a prize .

sometimes there is also a quest game or also called hunt game in which you need to click on objects in order to obtain a maximum score.

For some games, you need to be citizen to participate.


building things

once you start to know all possibilities you have in aw-europe, you can start to learn to build.

some worlds are focused on building things by yourself : we call them building worlds.

in those worlds, everyone is able to right-click upon all objects and watch the object properties : the object name, the action command...

you can start to use simple commands and use some simple objects, such as wall1 , sign1 , lamp1 , tree1 , floor1,...

more experience users will use a wide range of objects and a large variation of action commands

in the world AWEbuild you can learn more about the action commands. Also the awewiki page can be helpful.


Tourist or citizen ....: Extra possibilities as a citizen :

access to more worlds

as a citizen, you can enter in all worlds with a coloured symbol , but also in grey (closed) worlds if the world owner gives you the permission


more avatars

as a citizen, you have a wide range of avatars to choose from, and you use the CAV in almost all the worlds


contact list

you can add other citizens to your contact list and see if they are online



you can send those citizens a telegram message and you can receive messages from them as well. you can read those messages when you are in another world, or if you come online after being offline.


join and invite

you can invite other citizens to the world and position where you are now. And you can join other citizens or they can invite you .


participate at more games

as a citizen you can participate at games in which citizenship is required : the game bot is only working if it knows your citizen number. when a hunt game is organized, tourists need to register for the game , so that the bot will be able to register the scores. Citizens don't need to register.


voice chat

when you are entering in a world with VOIP, you can listen to an online conversation between citizens in that world. if you have a microphone , then you will be able to talk yourself too.


user guide

citizens have the user guide/help option in their menu : a list of the building commands and other useful information


using bots

citizens are allowed to use bots: you can go to the world AWEbots and test all kinds of bots that can be used in Aw-Europe. they can also use the bots in the worlds in which they have got the permission of the world owner "


make bot programs

people which are able to write computer programs might have the passion to make their own bot and test them out in a world.


more building possibilities

citizens are able to build in more worlds, such as citbuild , where you have very large building lots as well. citizens can also build in worlds in which the world owner gives them the permission to build. In some worlds tourists can build but their buildings aren't protected.



become a world owner

citizens can have their own world: using the world settings they can create a unique world with a great atmosphere.

they can use objects of the standard object path (OP). Or they can use the OP from someone else, or they can use their own OP. When using your own OP, you need to buy your own webspace, and then you can add new objects yourself .

A world owner can choose for a larger world, a higher number of online visitors, tourist access , voice over ip (voip), but you need to pay extra for all this. On the website you can use to world calculator and see how much it will cost you.


organise your own party

As a world owner you can build you own birthday party, or you can build it together with another citizen to make a surprise for someone else.


make your own game

As a world owner you can participate with your world at the quest game and see the players enjoying the game you have made. You can also use the standard bots or develop a bot yourself and make your own game, or you can ask the help of another citizen


become a world team member

Every citizen can become a team member of a world, and give support to the world owner. Team members often get bold text from the world owner, but also building rights and bot rights.


become a building supervisor

In building worlds, citizens can become building supervisors and give a building lot to new visitor"


become a caretaker

A citizen can also become a caretaker, then he has the same rights as the world owner: modify world settings, open/close the world, eject rights,...This is an option to use with care, there has been abuse of it, and it may happen to you too as a world owner.


become a greeter or gatekeeper or teacher

Citizens who know aw-europe very well , and for a long time, may have the ambition to become greeter. A greeter is trying to maintain a good 3d chat community in Aw-Europe, and to welcome and help all visitors. a greeter is chosen by the gatekeepers : some qualifications are required : age, personality , devotion.. In exchange for their weekly tasks in the portal world , greeters get a reward for this, as long as they continue with their efforts


make your own models

Apart from building, bot programming and being world owner, some people are interested in making their own 3d models. Some useful 3d modeling programs are Truespace, Wings3d , 3ds , Sketchup, Blender, Maya, Renderware...

Using a 3d conversion program, such as Accutrans, you can import those 3d models into a world in Aw-Europe. In the world AWEmodel you will find a lot of information and tutorials to help you with 3d modeling.