Texturing programs for Activeworlds


This is a list of texturing programs you could use , on Wikipedia you will find 2 types of editors , there is also a column with indication of the licence : GPL is open source and is freeware.

Paint (freeware)

This program can be found on every computer , and you can do some basic operations : resize the image , cut the image , add text or colours ...

Gimp (freeware)

This advanced open source program can be downloaded on the website

Inkscape (freeware)

Also this program is freeware. The files can be imported in e.g. Wings3d.

PhotoShop (payware)

This program from Adobe is very popular , you can resize the pixel size of an image ,you can make corrections by using the clone tool , you can easily create masks , you can convert textures into .png files , and there is a technique to make seamless textures.

Fireworks (payware)

This is also an Adobe program, which is rather used to make website navigation buttons , but you can of course also make textures and masks with it.

Dreamweaver (payware)

This program is also an Adobe product, and rather used for making websites, but you can also create textures and texts , and copy and paste these into Paint or another texturing program.

Corel Photo-Paint (payware)

This program is a product of Corel , which is more or less the same as Photoshop, but with less possibilities.

Paint Shop Pro (payware)

Also a program of Corel, with the same possibilties as in Photoshop.