Modeling in Activeworlds : what do you need to have ?

1. A modeling program

On the internet , you can download a modeling program and install on your computer. Some modeling program examples (freeware or payware) are : Truespace, Wings3d, Blender , Sketchup, 3dsmax, Poser , Maya,...

2. Tutorials and manuals

In most of the cases, you won't know how to start with modelling . But of each modelling program, you will find manuals , tutorials and videos on the internet. In Activeworlds, there are also classes, where citizens go into a world and talk about the different modelling techniques. They use pictures, text-files, and voice chat to explain everything clearly.

3. A texturing program

If you want to make nice models , you also need to make nice textures for it. One option is also to make a mask of a texture (= a silhouette that has been cut out) and another option is to make seamless textures (=making a pattern texture that you can view without any border lines). Some texturing programs : Photoshop , Paint, Gimp , Corel Draw,.. Of all these programs, you will also find tutorials, manuals and videos.

4. A conversion program

In Activeworlds you can only use the extensions .rwx .cob and .x , and not all modelling programs use these extensions, but by using conversion programs, you can use almost every model in Activeworlds. The most common conversion program for Activeworlds is Accutrans.

5. A 3D-world

Activeworlds is an online virtual 3d-chat program : when you are ready making your model with your modeling program (and conversion program), you will have to export this model to be able to see it in the virtual world of your choice : either you put the in your own world, or you mail it to someone who can put the model in his/her world.

6. Webspace

When you have your own webspace , you can put the object path of your choice on this website , and add also your own models and textures. If you haven't your own webspace, then you will probably use the standard object path, but where you can't add your own models. There are a lot of sites offering webspace of more than 1 gigabyte , with sufficient webtraffic , for a price of less than 60 dollar per year.

7. An ftp-program

Ftp means file transfer protocol , and an ftp-program brings the files from your computer to your webspace (and vice versa) : all your objects and textures will be put into seperate file maps, which will be used for your virtual world. There are a lot of freeware ftp-programs on the web, on of the thes programs is called FileZilla. The final step : In your world settings you can put the link to your webspace , then you can view your own models in your world.

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