St. Marc Square St.Marc Basilic Rialto Bridge Marciana Library and Campanile


The website has been made to support this 3D world. Come and visit the virtual 3D world of Venice. You just need to download and install the Activeworlds software , and then visit the world Venezia (Venice). Click upon one of these options to continue...


Download and install the Activeworlds software and start using the 3D program
Learn how to use the program , start to move around , learn to fly , make your own avatar, ...
Visit the 3D world of Venice , the St.Marc Square, the canals all the the palazzi.
Discover what you can do : the Modelling School, Building School , Videotheque , ...etc...
Read about the history of the 3d world

Read the AWTimes newsletter , about all activities in the Activeworlds Community
View the map of the virtual Venice and compare this with the real map


Accademia Bridge Ducal Palace Grand Canal Torre dell'Orologio