Worlds and Places to explore
Worlds and places
This webpage is to bring a complete presentation of worlds and places that are worthwhile visiting in Activeworlds. Most of them can be viewed in these AWTimes newspages, but some of them are still missing. The url-images will be used in my Landing Zone area in Alphaworld on position 15000N 24000E.
And this area is also used for the Alphaworld Landing Zone contest, in order to compete to become the future landing zone. If the area wins the contest, then the area will be copied to the future landing zone of Alphaworld.


The world ABC
The world AWReunion
The world AWFX
The world Colony
The world Earth
The world Godzilla (and also: Manhattn)
The world JesusIsGod
The world Mars
The world Megapath
The wold Movies (and also Dirtcity)
The world MythsSpirit
The world Nosferatu
The world Numinous
The world Pollen
The world Per&Zan
The world Spritzig
The world Stacey2
The world StarWars
SWCity in Alphaworld
TartSugar ObjectYard in Alphaworld
The world There
Ursine City in Alphaworld
The world VirtualSpace
The world Yellow (LZ)
The world Zzzzz
The world Amazon
The world America
The world Atlantis
The world AWMix07
The world AWPhysics
The world AWSource
The world AWTeen
The world AWWelcome
The world Hole
The wold Library
The world Moon
The world Nomura1
The world October
The world Orb Collector
The world Rhinoterrain2
The world Rick's
The world SIAW
The world VanGogh
The world Weircity
The world AWRPG
The world AWMyths
The world Space


Additional textures
The area for the AW Landing Zone (in Alphaworld on position 15000N 24000E), has to bring a maximum of textures from Alphaworld itself.
Additional textures and pictures have to be (by preference) on a website that you control yourself. This is to prevent that there are dead url-links in the landing zone (of websites that have gone offline).


clock texture from the world Yellow
Avatar numbers (for the use of pick-up movers)
Clock -texture from the world Winter
Tiki-Bar roof (from the AWExpo Landing Zone)
Tiki-Bar bamboo (from the AWExpo Landing Zone)
Tiki-Bar roof edge (from the AWExpo Landing Zone)
Ozyeo texture yard in Alphaworld
from SWCity Builders Academy webpage
SW City Object Yard Logo
Ursine City (from the website of MeL and used in the AWExpo Landing Zone).
AWShool Logo (from the website of Dovestar)