Worlds Overview ( part 4 : gamefest worlds)
This is a seperate category of worlds: Gamefest worlds of the Virtual Game Festival of 2010. This was a building event in may-june 2010, hosted by Flagg (#299024) , who was a former employee of Activeworlds. The purpose of the Gamefest event was to make a working game. There were 16 winners ( 16 worlds made a working game ) You can read more about it on the wikipages of Activeworlds :
Some of these worlds have been kept online because of their gaming factor.
The worlds are owned by Activeworlds, but the object paths are often privately owned, that's why they are under a seperate category .
World name : Gamefest World Team Leader World Still Online  
Bach's Box Gamefest 15 Bach Zhaa (#360197) No  
BuildCity Gamefest 39 Hyper Anthony (#350539) Yes  
Funland Game Gamefest 13 Nursemom (#304857) Yes  
Ludus Gamefest 34 Apooka (#363660) No  
Murder_Mystery Gamefest 22 Sweets (#318814) Yes Objectpath does not run anymore
Orb Collector Gamefest 03 GAH (#365591) Yes  
Spritzig Gamefest 20 Zippy804 (#364804) Yes  
Tata Gamefest 32 Zooo (#364367) No  
Teleport_Maze Gamefest 35 Lensman (#302479) Yes  
Ten_Minute_Maze Gamefest 29 Pandaboy (#365849) Yes  
The_Challenge Gamefest 24 Red Sorceress (#364925) Yes  
The_Fruit_Game Gamefest 31 Panne (#365962) No  
The_Maze Gamefest 05 Impy o Yes Impy o has passed away in september 2012.
VR_Farm Gamefest 01 DM Mercury (#308909) Yes  
WeirCity Gamefest 25 Rozmere (#364757) Yes Overall winner
Word_Twist Gamefest 10 JonBee Yes  
BuildCity (gamefest 39)
Team Leader is HyperAnthony (#350539)
The world entry point is 32 meters below the terrain , and starts with a storyline of avatar Harold, who is speaking and explaining how the game works (with the "say" command ) and how to get a building plot. When going to the terrain surface , you will see that there are a lot of builders that have participated at this game.
In front of every building plot, there are panels describing the building challenges for which you get game credits , and you get bonus credits for additional challenges. Every building lot has a different challenge, which results in a world with a lot of variation.
Hyper Anthony had prepared extra building plots, but the project hasn't been continued after 2011.
One of the building plots with building challenge instructions.
Funland_Game (gamefest 13)
Team Leader is Nursemom (#304857) and has been built by a team of builders.
The games can still be played today, and this is a challenge game world.
There are skill challenges (crossing a bridge while avoiding crystals) , there are mazes, there are mover rides (on a huge spider , on a jetski , or on huge phoenix bird).
This world has the first world was visited by the Explorers Club :
The first Explorers Club event ( in 2013) was in this world
Orb_Collector (gamefest 2010)
This world is owned by ??? (#....) and is it a quest game world.
The is no activity anymore in this world, some images are not loading anymore, but the game remains playable. It is a game with hidden orbs ( hidden spheres), and you can find them by clicking upon certain objects, or by opening locked doors. And you are supposed to find as many as possibile within a limite time.
This world is still online, as this was a Gamefest world. (Virtual Game Festival event of may-june 2010)
Quest game with orbs (hidden spheres to be found )
Spritzig (gamefest 20)
Team Leader is Zippy804 (#364082)
The world has no activity anymore, the game is not working, and it had formerly a working lasertag game
The supportive website of Spritzig is still online today : http://spritzig.yolasite.com/
On position 27s 0w - the "old center" of the world
Teleport_Maze (gamefest 35)
Team Leader is Lensman (#302479)
Lensman made in this world a Mini version of the Teleport Maze : there are 26 teleport stations in this world, and the purpose of the maze game is to find the end of the maze. The teleport stations are here inside transparant spheres.
The "big"version of the Teleport Maze has 540 teleport stations !! And Lensman has build this "large" teleport maze during 17 years. When playing the Teleport Maze, you will be teleported from world to world, and to mulitple locations. The big teleport maze starts in Alphaworld on position 4000N 10000W
World entry point and info dome for the Mini Teleport Maze
Ten_Minute_Maze (gamefest 29)
Team Leader is Pandaboy (#365849) and is it a game maze world .
World entry point : Panel with game instructions
The_Challenge (gamefest 24)
Team Leader is Red Sorceress (#343925) and this is a quest game world.

When you click upon "the Dark Lord" , to read the game instructions, then you see that the webpage doesn't exist anymore. But this the world is still online, as a gamefest world.

Red Sorceress also had her private world "Canyon", which has been visited in 2013 by the Explorers Club, but she retired from AW in ±2015, but this game world has remained.
Tunnel Entrance with the Dark Lord (avatar)
The_Maze (gamefest 05)
Team Leader is Impy o and this is a maze game..

Unfortunately Impy has passed away in september 2012.

VR_Farm (gamefest 01)

Team Leader is DM Mercury (#308909) . The world consists of a huge number of building lots (of 9 cells), but there have been problems with the objectpath, and afterwards he recovered the objects, apart from some models. But also the gamebot has been lost , and as a consequence, the game is not playable at this moment. The is no activity anymore in this world, but is still online, because it was a Gamefest world.

The game must have been something like "growing crops and harvesting" , something like "Bach Zhaa's Working Farm", which you can find in Alphaworld (AW) on position 6204N 37079W.
Building lots for farming
WeirCity (gamefest 25)
Team Leader is Rozmere (#364757) and the world WeirCity is the overall winner of the Gamefest event. It is a challenge game , in a science fiction (and and a bit creepy) atmosphere, and you need to search for clues to find out what really has happened ...
Quest game in the world Weircity
Word_Twist (gamefest 10)
Team Leader is JonBee . The game itself has disappeared from the world. There are only some objects (under construction) made by Nwasells (#360636) .