Ko Toff's NW2K Railroad


This article is about a railway network created by : Ko Toff (#111213) in Alphaworld. She has been building this railway network and expanding her building areas alongside this railroads during many years. Most parts of the railway have been created around 2015, but the remarkable thing is that she managed to make an un-interrupted railway line up to only 200 cells away from the AW landing zone of Alphaworld from 1995 !!!
For this exploration, we start with the closest point, and that is on position 198N 508W , which is the railyard station (picture 01). She had built this in 2015. From there , we go to the north, to position 246N 491W , where you have a track leading to the North , and a track going to the West, but then quickly turning to the South. Here we go north...
While exploring the railroad , there is no train mover to ride with , and there are no warp points either to go through. This means that you explore by running or flying alongside the railway track.
pic 01 - Railyard Station
To The North
While building the railway, Ko Toff had often obstacles like streets , which she was able to cover by using the 9e9 command : either it's the railway crosses the road or she builds a bridge over that road. See example on position 385N 466W.
On position 421N 434W , you can see that Ko Toff has build a monorail as well :).
Here the railway track also changes into a wooden track, going over an area with water, and drives through a huge building that she created herself in 2010. There are hundreds of empty rooms inside that building. There is an art expo hall on position 496N 394W , a part of the pictures url-links are still working. And on position 434N 393W, she added in 2015 a huge glass building.
On position 495N 406W , you have the first railway stop (inside this building). We continue the track, now the track is built upon poles.
And on position 561N 534W , we arrive at a railway junction (picture 02). (created in 2010)
pic 02- Railway Junction
At this junction, one railway track goes to the West ( we won't follow this track)
We continue following the track to the North. Ko Toff had to use a lot of 9e9-mover objects on position 647N 593W , where the railroad crosses several roads diagonally. Then we arrive at another large area with several buildings made by Ko Toff in 2010 : e.g. the railway marketing center , and a building looks like a Colosseum, ...
On position 712N 685W, we enter inside a tunnel, where we have railway stop on position 749N 690W. Next stop is the railway station on position 959N 788W, where Ko Toff created a snowy landscape.
On position 983N 969W ,the railroad built is on poles again, because Ko Toff needed to cross again several roads , she also created here a star-shaped (unfinished) garden.
On position 1057N 1048W , you have another building created by KoToff, all other buildings around are form 1995 , 1996 or 1997.
Next railway stop is on position 1086N 1080W, called "KoToff Waste Management" From there, there is a path leading to a circular building "Ko Toff Railroad Regional Office" (picture 03)
pic 03 - KoToff Railroad Regional Office
Next stop is on position 1370N 1250W, where the railway crosses the NW2K Freeway
On position 1593N 1317W , the railroad is located near a building area of Newjundiaius (#361346) and finally, on position 1671N 1425W we arrive at the building area of Blue Green Gem (#307543) , a very skilled builder , who has here his main building area, its a whole town that he created between 2011 and 2017. Blue Green Gem has a unique building style, using mainly the colors blue, green and white..and using curved lines and circles instead of straight lines and squares. (picture 04)
From here on Ko Toff's railway track is built in 2009 (and a small part in 2017).
On position 1796N 1443W , Blue Green Gem has built a forest with huge trees, and in the middle you will find some kind of temple . (picture 05)
pic 04 - Building Area of Blue Green Gem
pic 05- Forest with Temple
pic 06- Railway Station with Train
On position 1844N 1504W; we have the next railway station, here we also have the first train. (built in 2014) (picture 06) , and other wagons a bit further. On position 1853N 1654W there is a birthday area with some nice building ideas. (picture 07)
Then we go inside a mountain tunnel , the mountain itself has been built by KoToff between 2003 and 2005 !!. On position 1854N 1717W ,the railway splits into 2 tracks under the mountain, the track that goes to the left has been added later (in 2015), and goes to the west , and runs besides a motorway that has been created by Ko Toff in 2003. As from position 1760N 1858W , the railway track is (partially) taken over by Zathor (#364647), who has created Finland City (= position 1178N 123W) and who has created here another building area in 2015. This railway track ends on position 1827N 1903W where you have the Hanuville trainstation.
pic 07- Creations in a Birthday Area
We go back under the mountain and we choose the track that goes to the north, and on position 2052N 1732W, we arrive a small building area of Riff (#275011) , (picture 08)where he added an advertisement for R Town, which is in the neighbourhoud :( position 2159N 1535W ). The railroad is now between a lake and a motorway. This motorway and all the hills around it, have also been built by Ko Toff in 2004.
Now we arrive a very large building area (and one of the oldest) of Ko Toff !!
On position 2170N 1790W , another railway joins the railway track. This area has been built in 2003. When you take this railway to position 2116N 1809W , it crosses a lake, together with a road and a monorail . Here large parts were built by Ko Toff in 1998.
Here you will see that Ko Toff created a whole monorail network in 2002 , the line has been modified various times later. One track goes into tunnels and the mountains (1865N 1786W) at 40 meters altitude and ends at Ko Toff Spur Station (1862N 1730W) (picture 09)
pic 08 - Teleport Hall for R Town
pic 09 - Ko Toff Spur Station
pic 10 - Road Junction in Ko Toff City

We go back to position 2052N 1732W further North in Ko Toff's main building area , and we arrive in Ko Toff City (2247N 1793W) , with a network of roads (picture 10) and modern buildings , and with a railway station on position 2290N 1781W.

The railroad (2004) goes further north in tunnels and under mountains. Next stop is at 2487N 1714W . The railways track goes under snowy mountains (built in 2005). Railway station on position 2606N 1844W. On position 2630N 1868W, there is one of the teleport maze stations created by Lensman (#302479) . And on position 2700N 1900N, , KoToff has created a town of thousands of identical houses (built in 2011 and 2013) (picture 11) !! When crossing this huge town , you will find a monorail station (picture 12) on position 2710N 2022W (built in 2004) and another monorails and roads network.
pic 11 - A town of thousands of identical houses
pic 12 - Monorail Station
pic 13 - Building area pf Redoubt
Going further north alongside the railroad now, we leave Ko Toff"s main building area , now its a long railroad track (built in 2010) until we reach the next station on position 3179N 1975W : The NW2K Railroad Redoubt Station, named after the citizen Redoubt (#350202) , a skilled builder who has got here his creative area ( robots, vehicles,etc.). (pictures 13 + 14)
pic 14- Ship created by Redoubt

On position 3302N 1932W we have our second railway station with a train.(built in 2015) (picture 15) .And we have here a network of railways but they continue only into 2 directions: one track goes to the North (on position 3353N 1931W). This area has been built this year in 2021 !!). A seconds railway track goes to the East (on position 3326N 1867W) (also here we have building areas added in 2021).

pic 15- Railway station with Train
We continue the railway exploration from position 3353N 1931W.
This railway track goes further ot the north, but on position 3437N 1931W , the railway turns to the left , and we go to the West. Here we have again again a building area of the citizen Redoubt (#350202) . (picture 16)


pic 16- creations by Redoubt.
pic 17 - animations of musicians (by Redoubt)
pic 18 - monorail station of Redoubt

Here the railway track goes now across an large water. On position 3466N 2003W, we have animations of musicians (picture 17) created by Redoubt. But at the left side , starting for position 3427N 2100W, you have a whole modern town built by Redoubt (built in 2002 and 2003) . At the right ride , Ko Toff has built in december 2020 "an ocean", that consists of multiple thousands of ocean4-texture pieces. The area is too big to call it "a lake" On position 3416N 2341W, Ko Toff connected his monorail track to the monorailstation of Redoubt (picture 18) . On position 3413N 2416W, the track turns again to the left, so we go to the South now. Next station (Cat Memorial Station) is at 3259N 2504W (built this year) and track goes again further south with hills and bridges built in 2015 (picture 19) , and at the left side you still have the huge ocean area that she built in september + december 2020. Then it"s a long way to the next station on position 2700N 2700W. (NW Oblique Meridian Station).

pic 19 - 3153N 2556W - bridge crossing a road & monorail
On position 2530N 2687W , you have another birthday area (at the right side) and the railway track of 2015 has been remade here in september 2020. Then we have a long side, going South , and we arrive on position 2010N 2433W at a mountain tunnel entrance, At the left side of the tunnel entrance, Ko Toff built a mountain range (from 2012). On top of the mountain range, you will find a snow hut (2071N 235W 17A). We enter the mountain tunnel, we find a kind of logistics center. (picture 20).
The track goes into some mountains tunnels , finally reaching the next station (built in 2018) on position 1700N 2555W. (nice building, but too huge to make a nice picture of it, due to visibility restrictions ) .Then further south , here all the mountains are built by Ko Toff . Next station is on position 1489N 2666W, where you also have a wind energy park. (picture 21).
pic 20- Logistics Center
pic 21 -Wind Energy Park
pic 22 - Music Bar in the Overlook Hotel
On position 1415N 2673N at the right side on the mountain top, Ko Toff has built the Overlook Hotel. (built in 2019) (picture 22) Inside you have the reception , a music bar , a restaurant, and outside to the west, you have a labyrinth.
On position 1361N 2623W, you have the "Storybook Forest Station" , named after a building area of a citizen (that didn't get completed). On position 1247N 2600W , we have the "Bedrock Ridge Rock Climbing Club". (picture 23) , and on position 1194N 2614W , there is the "Lone Prairie Station" . The whole landscape of this praire , has been built with the shear command (by Ko Toff in 2019), then we go again through a mountain range and cross another "sea" (too large to be called a lake) , then a forest , where Ko Toff created a scavenger hunt (2019) on position 866N 2632W.
pic 23 - Bedrock Ridge Rock Climbing Club
When leaving the forest , we enter an area that Ko Toff has built in 2016. Next stop is the "Kitty Kat Station" on position 765N 2615W, named after a citizen that has a building lot here. Now we go further south through a desert area , and arrive at another tunnel entrance on position 657N 2615W. This is the first railway spot that Ko Toff has blocked by putting a fence, the whole mountain area is surrounded by guards. And on position 582N 2611W, we arrive at something that looks like a military base (picture 24) . Here the railways splits up, going around the base . One track goed to the East, the other track goes further to the North. On position 514N 2590W , you will find solar panels for electricity panels and pumpjacks for oil production . There is also high voltage cable coming from the mountains, where you will find a production center of wind energy. (built in 2016 +2017 +2018)
pic 24 - Military Base
Here ends the exploration for this article, but the NW2K railroad is much larger than that. Ko Toff created a complete circular railroad at a distance of approximately 3000 cells around the GZ .

Only 1 track goes further to the south until the AWExpo Area

The railway track can be viewed on the AWMapper teleportable-map , built by Panne(#365962) on position 15500N 23500E.
When visiting the awmapper ,you can view the map with the 2008-map of Alphaworld as a background , but you can also view the map without this background , like on this picture here.
Click to enlarge the picture. The white spots on the map are Ursine City and SW City. The complete map can be viewed (with teleports) on position 15500N 23500E.

While exploring ,you have seen also some "crazy" quantity of large building zones created by KoToff : According to the AW statistics webpages of Tomas (#312020) , she belongs to the top 5 builders in Alpahworld concerning number of objects used. Also Kuma Bear (#366012) is in this top 5 : the NW2K railway also runs alongside one of her building areas (Ursine City)..

Website of Tomas : http://pens.sytes.net/aw/stats/
Top builders of Alphaworld