The Seasons


The world TheSeasons (p20-size) is owned by : Cereza (#352854) and she is from Chili she speaks english and spanish. She has the help of Chazwick (#103092) . Her world is divided into 4 quadrans, each section represents one of the 4 seasons. The world started in the summer of 2020 , but remained closed until the grand opening on 26th of december . There was a party afterwards as well !!
For the opening , the winter section has been build in detail completely. For the other seasons, the landscaping was rather general without going into detail. After the inauguration, the worlds TheSeasons has closed again, now to continue building the other seasons, and the world might reopen again in march or april ....
The world TheSeasons - panoramic view
Cereza greets the visitors
The Christmas tree in the central GroundZero area (0n 0w )
Railway tunnel and waterfall in the background (summer area)
Train goes into the railway tunnel (summer area)
Summer season : Camping area
Autumn forest
Spring section : will be completed during the next months
Winter section
Most of the attention went to the Winter area: it was christmas time, so this area had to be complete....and it was...
There was a large park with a gazebo, when taking the wire bridge across the river , you finally reached the ski lodge. Especially this lodge was amazing, the interior had a warm feeling and was plenty of cosy corners.
Some citizens were ready to explore the winter area
Park in the winter area
Wire bridge towards the ski lodge
"AW-Europe has closed, but not AW"
Coffee Bar in the Ski Lodge
Ski Lodge relax room . Lol @ Dovestar.
Rainy and frosty windows..!!
Ski Lodge : Relax Area
Kitchen area with glass roof with view upon the ski lift
Santa Clause flying in the sky...
Dance party
Dance party
Dance party
Dance movers : Dance like Santa
Cocktail bar with drunken Santa
People @ this event (and on the pictures) :
Cereza , Chazwick, Newjundiaius, Hcgholden, Swifter, Dovestar, Thunder Jack, Enkii, Tabitha, Uncle Wolfie, Jade Gemz , Tiffany Lace, Petrick1, A Name, Subcon, Dingus McRinkyDink, DBinNYC , Tanya , MeL, Kit , Myrddin, Steve For Faith ....and Panne (as photographer).
Ground zero area