Summer Parties (July+Aug.+Sept.2021)
Parties hosted by Heu
The world Allusion is owned by Heu (#348543) and he organises each wednesday parties in his world. The DJ for these parties is Tila Boccaccio (#353257).
There is 4 dance areas in the world Allusion.
Also on fridays, the TGIF parties are often hosted by Heu. These parties are in other worlds and also in public worlds.


Party in Allusion on 14th of July
Party in Allusion on 21st of July with DJ Tila Boccaccio
Birthday Party for Zombiefan in Allusion on 28th of July
Party in Allusion on 26th of July
TGIF Party in Club Déjà Vu on 30th of July
Party in Allusion of 4th of August
Party in Allusion of 29th of September
Parties hosted by Dovestar
Dovestar (#278411) continues doing parties in his world Shokan and Autonomous on saturday nights and being DJ of his internetradio RJB radio.
Since the expansion of Shokan into a p50 world in april, there have been added new 3d scenes and there is also a new dance hall : K-Club.
While the party of Heu start at 7PM VRT, the parties of Dovestar usually start between 11 PM VRT and 12 PM VRT.