Parties (April+May+June 2021)
Autonomous : Easter Party on 2nd april
The easter party was hosted by Dovestar (#278411) in his world Autonomous.
For this occasion, everyone could change his/her avatar into an easter bunny avatar .
Allusion : Easter Party on 3rd april
Also in the TGIF-Party in Allusion in the Eastern Temple, and there were also bunny avatars to dance with.


Easter party in Autonomous world
Easter party in Autonomous world
Easter party in Autonomous world
Easter party in Allusion . Picture by Heu (#348543)
Easter party in Allusion . (Pictures made by Heu (#348543) )
Party in Ithtellia on 11th april
This party was hosted by Lady FireHeart (#442506), who has started up the world Ithtellia recently . Besides Dovestar himself , she is also DJ for Dovestars radio station.
Picture made by Heu (#348543)
Party in Shokan on 18th april
Dovestar (#278411), has as expanded his world Shokan from a p20 to a p50.The world has been closed for a while, in order to create a new 3d scene. Keshi (#352322) has helped him with the terrain editing, creating a nice landscape with mountains and lakes and with the suitable textures. Dovestar has started with building as well , and the first thing was creating a new dance hall for this weekly dance parties.
The new dance area became an aquarium dome.
New landscape in Shokan
Picture made by Heu (#348543)
Eastern Temple
Dance movers in the Aquarium Dome
Opening of the Apollon Museum on 24th april
Heu (#348543) has opened his Apollon Museum to the public and the museum contains more than 80 statues (3d-models) most of which can be found in The Louvre (museum in Paris)
The Apollon museum is located in his world Allusion on position 18n 26w, and besides the 3d statues, there is also a tapestry museum . Main attraction here is a replica of the Bayeux Tapestry.
Central Area of the Museum
Tapestry museum
Party in Allusion on 24th april
The Apollon museum was open all day, but in the evening , Heu (#348543) also hosted a dance party , this time in a new dance club. The entrance is on postion 17s 25w, and after a walk, you arrive on position 25S 25W.
There were 2 dj's , in the early evening there was Lady FireHeart (#442506), and later in the evening , Dovestar (#278411) took over from her.
On the pictures : Heu, LadyFireHeart, Dovestar, Tila Boccaccio, Kahless, ShadowG, AY0, Old Chinese Man, Petrick, Myssie, Chris ,MeL, Arsène, Newjundiaius, McBanny, Subcon, Panne, Earendil37 and Cleet. (Others were : Proxy and Jost).
Later in the evening, Dovestar took over, but there are no pictures of that.
Panoramic view
Newjundiaius and Petrick
Mc Banny , ShadowG and AY0 (as a cat)
Old Chinese Man ( drinking or drunk ? )
LadyFireHeart as radio station DJ.
Tila Boccacio and Subcon
Panne and a barmaid avatar-model.
Kahless with a dance avatar-model
Earendil37 entering...
Party in Allusion on friday 14th may
Heu (#348543) has continued hosted parties in his world Allusion .
Here he hosted the TGIF party (which he hosted a few times instead of Dovestar).
But Heu has started hosting parties weekly on wednesdays. His world Allusion has 4 dance areas, so he can alternatate regularly to another 3d scene.
On 14th may , the party was located inside the eastern temple.
TGIF Party on 14th may in Allusion ( 20S 23E)
Party in Allusion on wednesday 2nd june
This is a picture of one of the wednesday parties in Heu (#348543) 's world Allusion.
As Heu lives in France (= a different time zone than in USA) ,he hosts his parties a few hours earlier than Dovestar's parties.
Here the dance area is a the medieval castle on position 4S 10W.
Heu has the help of several citizens which are being DJ of the night . Sometimes there are 2 DJ's : one for the earlier hours and one for the late hours.
You can also book yourself a club room for a party, by contacting Heu.
Tila Boccaccio at the turntable.
20th anniversary party in Vision2 on 14th june
The world Vision2 is owned by Lady Pippin (#308688) and she hosted on monday 14th june a party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the startup of her world Vision2.
For each visitor to the party , there has been made an individual picture , and during the party there was a light animation show.
For a complete picture overview of the party you can go to her website :
There is also a short video of the event on the facebook of ActiveworldsOfficial (posted on 15th of june by James Matherne).
Entrance to the dance area
The bar in front of the dance area
Other parties (pictures made by Heu)
Party in the world Shokan on 26th June
Lightshow in Ithtellia on 26th April
Party in the AWExpo party zone on 8th May
Party in Allusion with DJ Ladyfireheart on 14th May
Party in the world Allusion with DJ Veger on 21st May
Party in the world Shokan on 29th May
Party in MeL's world Delight on 12th June
Party in Allusion on 30th June