Announced events
Announced events can be found on these webpages :
First resource for events is the AW Forum : you can find it in the Activeworlds program : press F9 , then choose tabsheet Notepad
All citizens have access to the Forum . Forum moderator is Chris (#290065) .
Facebook group Activeworldsofficial :
Activeworldsofficial has 540 members in january 2021. Moderators are Rick Noll (#8 ) and MeL (#341444) and Gremot (#364307)
Facebook group Activeworldsgroup :
Activeworldsgroup has 485 members in january 2021. Moderators are SWChris (#306637) and Strike Rapier (#334303) (=also Mark Randall)
  Autumn Parties (Oct.+Nov.+Dec.2021)
Heu and Dovestar continue hosting parties on wednesdays, fridays and saturdays.
Also private worlds of other citizens , and dance areas in public worlds are used to host their parties.

Party in NewSunworld
  Summer Parties (July+Aug.+Sept.2021)
During this summer, most of the parties have been hosted by Heu and by Dovestar. The parties are hosted on wednesdays, fridays and saturdays.
Heu's parties start at 7PM VRT . The parties of Dovestar start a lot later : at 11:30 PM VRT.

Party in Allusion on 21st of July with DJ Tila Boccaccio
  Spring Parties (Apr.+May+June 2021)
02 apr. - Easter Party in Autonomous
03 apr. - Easter Party in Allusion
11 apr. - Party in Ithtellia
18 apr. - Party in Shokan
24 apr. - Inauguration of Apollon Museum and Party in Allusion
26 apr. - Party in Ithtellia with lightshow
08 may - Party in the AWExpo party zone
14 may - Party in Allusion with DJ Ladyfireheart
21 may - Party in Allusion with DJ Veger
29 may - Party in Shokan with DJ Dovestar (RJB radio)
02 june - Party in Allusion with DJ Tila Boccaccio
12 june - Party in Delight
14 june - Partu in Vision2 with lightshow
26 june - Party in Shokan
30 june - Party in Allusion

Party in the world Allusion on 24th april
  AW Community Meetings (2021)
The AW Community Meetings with Bach Zhaa (#360197) have resumed in february 2021 , and from now on , you will find in this article a summary of all the community meetings of 2021.
If you would like to attend the AW Community Meetings, this is when they take place :
Each first and third sunday of each month at 18::00 VRT ( 6 PM VRT Time)
Each community meeting lasts for 2 hours.
If there is a 5th sunday in a month, then there is no community meeting on that sunday.

Community Meeting on 7th march
  Winter Parties (Jan.+Feb.+March 2021)
This article is about the various parties that are hosted from january till the end of march. There will added pictures of new parties as the year proceeds.
01 jan. New Years Party in Autonomous
09 jan. Party in Shokan (with new dancefloor)
30 jan. Party in Star Club (in the sky)
02 feb. Early Valentines Party in Dawes
05 feb. Party in Shokan
20 mar. Party in Delight
21 mar. Party in Autonomous
26 mar. Party in Allusion
27 mar. Party in AWReunion

Party in the Star Club (in Star City)