All kinds of events that can be done
* There have been hosted a lot of events in Activeworlds . As the number of activities have decreased in 2019 , you can see here an overview of ideas for hosting your own events. You can create a new kind of event, but you can also resume an event that has been successful in the past.
*1* Dance Parties
This is the most popular kind of event : after learning the building skills, you create a building with interior and make your dance floor with particle-emitter effects and add pictures and video animations on the walls. Then you create a bar with beers and/or cocktails. And you can create an additional bar for monitoring the light effects. You add dance movers: when a visitors enters the dance club, the avatar of the visitor will start to dance avec clicking upon one of the dance movers.
Finally you need music, if you have your own radio station then you are lucky, otherwise you can use one of the radio stations of the citizens, or you can use another radio station if you know the url-link for the streaming of it.
*2* Building Event or building contest
This is also a popular kind of event : when you host this event, you create a huge terrain, which you divide into building lots. When a citizen wants to participate to the event, then you clear a building lot by deleting the objects that cover that lot, so that the particpant can build upon that lot. For this kind of event, you need to have a "building inspector" that prevents that citizens can build upon eachothers terrain. Alphaworld, Mars , Winter, WildAW and Yellow are world that can be used for for a building event
You can use a theme , like Halloween, Christmas, Science-Fiction, Medieval , or a real contest with prizes where the theme is totally free of choice.
Some examples of building events :
* The Extreme Building Talent Show ( EBTS) (yearly)
* Halloween Building Event (yearly)
* Winter Holiday Village (yearly)
* Your Own Bling Theme (in AWReunion) (2013)
Halloween Building event in the world AWReunion (2017)
You can either use huge building terrains (up to 20x20 cells) , like has been done for the EBTS -contests, but you can also host a 1 cell building contest, where participants have only 1 cell at their disposal ( or 4 cells)
For this last option, you can use to do speed building, where the participants have to build something in 1 or 2 hours, or you can host it for a few weeks, and participants can build on several terrains if they like.
Some examples of these building events in the past :
* Balloon Fiesta ( 2017 and 2018)
* One Cell Sculpture Contest ( 2017)
* Two Hour Building Contest (2015)
Hot Air Balloon Festival (2017)
Other types of contests and building events that have been created :
* Mover contest - / Mover area
* Mover parade - This is often done in Winter Holiday Village and in the Halloween building area, when the building event was finished and all builds were completed
* Avatar design contest - For instance in 2016, there was a halloween costume contest . In the AW-Europe universe, there was an avatar fashion show, where the contestants had to walk upon the catwalk with the different costumes that they had created.
Halloween Costume Contest (2016)
*3* Building Projects Together
This is not really an event but rather a project that people decide to do together, however, someone must lead this project to make it to a success.
As a project, we think about building for instance a town together. Sometimes there must be told who will do which part of the project. In some cases, a seperate account is created , and each participating citizen gets the privilege password of that citizen account and can modifyor move the objects that already have been created with that citizen account. In other cases, such projects are done in private worlds, then the world owner grants building rights to the participating citizens.
Some examples of such projects ::
* The AWExpo Build Team (2014) this team has been formed for the creation of the Alphaworld Landing Zone - Builders list : AW 7693S 1411E
* Star City (2016) : this is a project started up by Dovestar, and consists of several terrains where citizens have their own building lots. AW 9236S 1490E
venice3d.net/2016news60 and venice3d.net/2016news57
* SWCity (2006) : This is the largest city of Alphaworld and has been created by a team of builders, SWCity consists of several towns, like Faldon Village and Zelena. The SWCity entry point is AW 2218S 3611E.
* Physics Club Arena (2014): This has been set up by Ozyseo, in order to improve the building skills with the physics commands. ( Yellow 1755S 750E )
Physics Club Arena
*4* Exploring Places and Worlds Together
This kind of event has been hosted before. If you want to host such an event, you need to visit the exploration area in advance , so that you clearly know what you will explore, and that you certainly don't miss to visit the most beautiful places. It is also good if you prepare a speech or that you communicate which things you will visit during the event.
Some examples of such events :
* The Explorers Club (from 2013 till 2016) hosted by Keshi
* The Riders of Alphaworld (2016) hosted by Genevieve
All explorations can be found in the column "explore" of these AWTimes webpages.
Exploration of The Lost World with the Explorers Club (2014)
*5* Birthday Events
At this moment, once a month there is a dance party for the citizens that have their birthday for a specific month. But there is also a building area in Alphaworld, where building lots are created ,and where each citizen can build something special as a birthday present, for instance a nice bouquet of 3dflowers , a box of 3d chocolates , a nice picture or a nice animation.
Apart from that, you can also prepare a whole event in a private world, and open that world on the citizen's birthday and host a party for that citizen with all the friends on Activeworlds.
More info about the birthday areas :
Birthday Area
*6* Hunt games
Hunt games consist on clicking on objects that have a value. By clicking upon a specific objects (easter eggs, parcels,... ), the participant gets a score , the value can be different from object to object. You can not get additional points by clicking upon the same object again. Some objects are very well hidden, not all objects can be found at once.
The hunt game is normally hosted during a certain period , for instance 2 weeks, but the game can also be hosted during a few hours. During this period, the participants need to click upon a maximum of objects, in order to get a maximum score. There are usually several winners ( the top 3 or top 10) that get a prize.
The game can be hosted in a limited area, but the game can also be hosted in multiple worlds. In that case, there must be agreed between the host and world owners (which are hosts as well) about the division of the values that can be won in each world, so that the game points are honestly divided between the different worlds.
In any case, a huntbot is required, that is capable to register the scores of the participants. Andras (#106479) had such a bot, and also Strike Rapier had one, but they left AW. Nowadays it is difficult to find such a bot. The huntbot will have to be re-developed. The huntbot also has to be online as long as the event is hosted !
Examples of such an event :
* Hunt games in the worlds Singalot and Poetic (2016)
* Easter egg hunt in the AW Landing Zone (2017)
Parcel hunt in the world Poetic (2016)
*7* Quest games

This kind of game is easier to realize, there is no bot needed for this kind of game. The purpose of the game is usually to search for a word or a code and telegram this to the game host. The person who is the first with the correct word or code gets a score or wins the game.

In other quest games, the play needs to solve riddles. In other quests you need to walk around in the whole would and find the right track to get to the end. In the last case, they can be combined with walking in a maze.
Examples of such kind of event :
Quest in the world Aeolia (Legend of Marco Polo) (2016)
* The Legend of Marco Polo (2016) hosted in several worlds , in each world there was a different kind of quest
In the world Venice there where pictures of actors/actress, and letters upon cubes. You needed to search for the letter that was not part of their name. With the help of different puzzles, and with the use the names of those actors, you can make final quest word.
In the world Aeolia, you had to count the number of certain objects in several areas in the world, with those numbers you had the code to open a door , that arrived to a puzzle challenge, where you needed to light up all the dices, in order to open the transparant door. This door gave acces to the secret room, where you had the final quest word.
Quest in the world Venice3d (Legend of Marco Polo) (2016)
* Scavenger Hunt (2017) - (hosted by Ms T) : The players needed to search for 4 objects in a limited area. The objects were picture objects ( .png-files) When an object was found, the players needed to telegram the name of the png-file to the game host.
Small Quest hosted by Ms T

* Weircity : When entering the world Weircity, you will read the story about people that were killed, then you try to find out what has happened by solving the messages and by trying to unlock the doors

Quest in the world Weircity
*8* Fairground Attractions
This may seam simple to do, as you need to rebuild from existing examples. Rollercoasters and carroussels are not too difficult to build, .but things are not always working in Activeworlds like you expect to happen.
Examples of such an event :
* America Fun Park (2013) - This area has been explored with the explorers club in 2013, and consists of all the attractions that you will also find in a real fun park.
America Fun Park - Rollercoaster
A few years later, other attractions have been added to America Fun Park: : a bowling , the Misty Rollercoaster, and also some larger attractions built by James : St.George the Dragon (rollercoaster),and Droomvlucht, which is located in America on position 284S 190E
America Fun Park - Droomvlucht (entry point)
Diamond Mine : James has also built the diamond mine in America world in 2014. He was the winner of the EBTS5 contest with this creation..
Diamond mine in America world
* Echo Meadow Village -(created by Apooka)
The Haunted Carnival is located in Yellow world on position 128S 1781E, and consists of a lot of nice attractions, like a catapult game (see picture).
Unfortunately the attraction "The Scary Door" has lost a big part of its attraction, because it has been made with pictures that were uploaded with Photobucket,
Haunted Carnival : catapult game
*9* Board games and word-based games
These games work similar to a lot of existing games : mazes , bowling game , card games, board games ,....Also here you need to know that things are not always work in Activeworlds, like you expect to happen : a soccer game does not work, because the ball rolls into a different direction on every computer. But of course, by being creative, you can create your own game that you can only play in Activeworlds.
Examples of such events :
* Memory Games: if you find 2 identical objects, then you get points.The game in this example is made with a game bot. Here you have 5 examples of games that were created in the galaxy Nuovita. Unfortunately , this galaxy is offline now.
Memory game puzzle (in the former galaxy Nuovita)
Mastermind (in the former galaxy Nuovita)
Mahjong Game and Slot Game (in the former galaxy Nuovita)
* Game Expo - built by Oklahomatraveler - AW 7792S 1337E
The Game Expo zone has been built in the neighbourhood of the AW Landing Zone. In this area you can find more than 20 games. Not all games have been completed and are only partially working, but it gives you a lot of ideas for making a game yourself, and you can remake them with improvements.
UFO alien invasion , Aquarium game , Frogger , Ping Pong, Pac Man, Flight of the Bird, Lave Dive, Base Ball, Basketball, Whac-a-Mole, Bumperstickerz, Battleship, Horse Race, Roulette, TheMaze , Castle Game, Jackpot game, Connect4 , TicTacToe, and some other games...
Game Expo -one of the many games in the Game Expo area
* Bowling Game - AWSchool 2s 32w / Yellow 550N 1493W
Ozyseo has created a bowling game by using certain physics commands. You can find a bowling in the world AWSchool on position 2S 32W.
A larger bowling called "Ozy Lanes" can be found in the world Yellow on position 550N 1493W.
Oklahomatraveler has built similar games in the EBTS5 contest in the world America on position 458N 492W. He had won the 3rd prize with that in the EBTS contest, you can find the games : Space Invaders , Asteroids, and Breakout
Bowling Game
* ToTheTop - built by Fritsr in the AW-Europe universe - this game is played with dices, each hour you get 1 turn until a maximum of 25 dice turns. You start playing with 10 pieces that you need to move to the top. Opponents will try to prevent that you will be the first one to do that. There are tunnels, protections, blockades, extra dices turns, and you can borrow dice turns at the bank as well. The game ends between 10 days and 20 days, so you play the game for 10 minutes, and the next day or 2 days later, you play again for 10 minutes.
This game is played with a bot that is functional 24/7
ToTheTop -Game

* Landpick - built by Fritsr in the AW-Europe universe - you start with 1 cell with 10 points, which you spread out over 10 cells, the next day, each cell gets 1 extra point. The next day, you collect the points and start speading them out again. If you have a large score, you can start to attack the opponents by moving the cell with a large number over the cells of your opponent that has only small numbers. The game ends when you manage to conquer all the cells. Just like the game ToTheTop , this will only happen after 2-3 weeks. The cells can be cubes or hexagons.

This game is played with a bot that is functional 24/7
Landpick -Game (cubes)
* Chess game - this game exists already for a long time and is played with a bot . However, the chess bot hasn't been online for a long time. But you still can play the game manually, without a bot.
* Checkers game - Here we can say the same as for the chess game.
* Card games - The cards are part of the object path of Activeworlds, just like the chess pieces. This meand that you can create any card game.
Landpick -Game (hexagons)
* Candyland Game - (built by Maxpoly) - this game is played with cards and the game is played like the game of the goose. The players are the game pieces, and they walk forward (or backwards) as the game proceeds.
This game is played with a bot.
Candyland Game
* Zookeeper Game - (built by Maxpoly) - this game is similar to the Candyland Game, but here a spinning wheel is used.
This game is played with a bot.
Zookeeper Game
* Armada Game - (hosted by Arsene) - this game is played without a bot, and the game consists of boats that navigate from one island to another.
* Scrabble Game ; there game has also been played in the world Français. Arsène had 3d-scrabble objects of the letters with the value of each letter upon the tiles. These were tiles for the french version of Scrabble. For the english version of Scrabble, the values are different. Arsene made this game without a bot, but i think this is obvious, because all players need some time to think about the words they make.
Armada Game in the world Français

* 3d Pictionary Game - (hosted by Roy Curtis and Bach Zhaa) - similar to the pictionary game, this game consists of prim objects only. While the game host is building up a 3d scene, the participants need to guess what the game host is trying to build. - AWReunion 210S 259E

3d Pictionary Game
* Pic Game - (hosted by Ramius) - This game consists of puzzle pictures - sometimes it's a rebus, sometimes it's a cryptogram. The players need to guess what word or phrase is meant on the picture.
Pic Game - example of a picture puzzle
* Bingo Game- (hosted by Garnet) - This game is played with the bingo bot. Each participant chooses a bingo card with 24 numbers, and needs to complete the card with the numbers that have been announced by the bingo bot. There are several game types: regular, L, X, T, cross, diamond, postage, six-pack, small pic, large pic, blackout and 4 corners. Depending on the game type, the player who is the first to have a valid bingo, wins a game. After 10 games, the player who has the most winning games wins a prize. If there is a tie between 2 or more players, then there is an additional game for them. For this game, a bot is required, usually the game host is a citizen that knows how the bingo bot works.
Since 2019, besides the world Citbingo, there is now also the world !@24/7-Bingo. For this game you need to pay a small amount of credits, also the other players must do that. The winner gets all the credits that are in the pot.
Bingo Game in the world Citbingo
* Mind Games- (hosted by Maxpoly) - This game is played with a bot and consists of find words that have to be found by filling in the missing letters. Mostly there is additional hint to find the words more easily. There are different varieties of the game, but it's a word-based game.
Entrance to the Mind Games.
* CrossWords and Memory Puzzle (hosted by Panne) : the board game starts with a list of numbers, which all cover a letter. The participants play in turns and choose a 2 numbers and 2 letter will appear. The players need to find the hidden words.
* Hidden French Towns (hosted by Panne) : This is another word-based game .There appears a phrase in the chat window and there is a french town name hidden in the text.
Cross Worlds and Memory Puzzle
* Trivia quiz : (hosted by Arsène) the questions are prepared in a text-file and copied in pasted in the chat window. The participants need to answer as quickly as possible to score the point for the question. The scores are set up manually.
The trivia quiz can also be realized with the bot, then you can use Xelagot or Preston for that. You enter the questions and the answers in advance in the bot program. The scores will work automatically.
* Music quiz and/or Midi quiz : The game host starts with a tune and the players need to type the artist and the title of the song. The tune can be a midi tune or an .mp3. If the game host has a radio station, then this medium can be used too for the melodies.
Trivia game (in french) in the world Français
* Gravity Trivia (hosted by Panne) : The questions appear in the chat window and the players need to answer by clicking upon letters that fall down into a funnel.
Gravity Trivia
* Multiple Choice Gravity Trivia : Here the players only need to click upon the ball (or balls) that corresponds with the correct answer. The question appears in the chat window, but sometimes the question can also be a picture , or a melody.
This type of trivia is easier, as you only need to click upon 1 ball and the solution is 1 of the presented solutions.
Multiple Choice Gravity Trivia
* Acronym Game : This game is just for fun and is played with a bot. The game consists of 2 parts. The gamebot start with giving an abbeviation, and the players can type in the chatroom several acronyms for this abbreviation. After 2 minutes, you can't add new solutions, and the bots starts showing the solutions that have been given and adds a number to them. Then the gamers need to vote for the best given solutions.
There is a normal acronym game , but there is also an adult version of the game, where the most x-rated solutions get the best scores.
Adult Acronym Game
*10* Games from TV programs
You can also try to remake a game from a TV. Some games has been realized already by GSK until he left in 2016. These games have some players and also a public.
Examples of such events that can be created:
* Who wants to be a Millionaire - (hosted by GSK and Millionairefan): the questions are multiple-choice and go from easy at the start of the quiz and increase in difficulty as the game proceeds.
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
* Deal Or No Deal - (hosted by GSK and Millionairefan): this game consists of 26 boxes, that all hide an amount of money. Each time the player needs to reveal 2 or 3 boxes, and the bank will say each time how much much money they will be offered if the player decides to stop with the game. The player can decide to accept the offer or can go on with playing and take the risk...
Deal OR No Deal
* Family Feud - (hosted by GSK and Millionairefan): this game is played with 2 teams of 5 players and they need to guess the correct answer to a question that has multiple solutions. Each answer has a different score, depending on the answer given by 100 persons (100 points divided over the possible answers).
Family Feud
* Russian Roulette - (hosted by GSK and Millionairefan)
In this game , several players are competing against eachother. The players stand upon a circle which is at the same time a trapdoor. People that play a good game (based upon questions) , there is no problem, but as soon as they don't play well, the player gets in the danger zone and risks of getting wiped out from the game.
Other TV games that could be done :
* Wheel of Fortune
* The Weakest Link
* 1 against 100 (or 1 against 10 if you don't have enough players)
* Boggle / Lingo / Motus /
* Numbers and Letters
Russian Roulette
*11* Game Skills
Here the players need to jump , run , turn around ,etc in order to avoid obstacles and to finish the trail without any mistakes and/or by being reaching the finish line as quickly as possible. Examples of such events :

* Racing tracks : Keshi has set up a racing track in her world A!!Vines. When you try out the vehicles , then you notice you cannot fly with them, only ride. If you get off the road, then you can get up again by using the 0 (= jump key) of your numpad.

World A!!Vines on position 5S 9E 91A 180
Race track in the world A!!Vines
* Superhelden : this is a world that can be found in the universe AW-Europe and consists of several game levels, with various obstacles to overwin, some of these are a watermonster, a huge spider, and the stairs with 1000 steps.
Other worlds in the universe AW-Europe, that are made for your game skills are the worlds "Doolhof" (="Maze") and the world "Sprookje" , also with several challenges, and where you will have to look for the "man in the mirror"
1 of the challenges to pass through in the world Superhelden
* Airspeed (created by SWChris)

The game is located in SWCity, and more specifically in Nimbus Land. The entry point to the Airspeed Game can be found on position AW 2357S 3446E 23A.

When walking to the entry point, you will be teleported to the Airspeed game (see picture) , and where you have a link to game tutorial webpage .
This game consists of flying upwards through teleport swirls, and by trying to avoid the obstacles.
A Youtube video about how the game works :
the Airspeed game (created in 2010)
* Paintball Game in Combat World :
Paintball Games is maybe not the right word, but the game purpose is similar : the game consists of clicking upon the avatars of the opponents in the game. If you manage to do so, you will get points for that , if your opponent manages to do that, then your opponent will get points. In some games, you can get teleported if the opponent clicks upon your avatar. The games can be played in teams as well.
In any case, a bot is required if you want to host a paintball game. The Xelagot bot can be used for that. Also a private world is better for such kind of game.
Game rules in the world Combat.(2015)
* VR-Skiing in Activeworlds : Foxmore O has created 2 ski areas for this. When building got disabled in AWTeen, he continued with the project in Alphaworld. There are all kinds of VR-skiing tracks, from beginners to advanced. There are also tracks for snowboarding.
* Spiral Glacier Ski Area - AWTeen 256S 3008W
* Helix Ski Area AW 20000N 4500W
Helix Ski Area
*12* Class Meetings
In Activeworlds, you can build 3d scenes, create new 3d models, and use bot programs. Building , modeling and bot programming are 3 things that are not always that easy. Also because users don't find always a solution via the forums and the wiki pages.Some citizens host classes where they explain things and help the other users. For these classes, in many cases VOIP was used, instead of typing everything in the chat window.
Examples of such events :
* Animations Workshop by Bach Zhaa (2015)
There have been hosted several workshops in AWSchool , explaining the advantages of using Prim Objects , and explaining how to make animations with the commands Move , Rotate, the move9e9 -option, Animate, Astart Astop Adone, Timer, At and Vrt . The participants could make the animations themselves as well on a small building lot.
Animation Workshop in AWSchool
* Wings3d classes by Keshi (2016) -
Initially, the Wings3d classes were located in the world Winter on postion 85n 598W..
Later, Keshi started up new tutorials and Wings3d classes in her private world : A!!Vines on postion 4N 5E , you can teleport to the tutorial area.
Also Genevieve has hosted Wings3d classes, but her world isn't online anymore.
Wings3d Classes by Keshi
* Bot Classes by Karten (2016)
Creating a bot is certainly a difficult matter. But using a bot program is not that difficult, but it is certainly not that easy.
Karten hosted several bot classes in 2016 in his world ReginaUp. You can still find the various instructions and tutorials in this world.
Bot Classes by Karten
*13* Community Meetings
Bach Zhaa has hosted the community meetings until the end of 2018. This event took place 2 times every month Now this event has been discontinued and could be started up by another citizen.
Besides talking about the new developments of the AW program, there will be talked about building events, new worlds , new builds, new utilities, about things that can be approved etc . The Community Meetings are essential to boost the events that have been planned; and also for the events that are already running.
Community Meeting in SWCity
*14* CYAwards
This was a yearly event when there were still a large number of citizens. However, the world for the awards is still there. Besides the ceremony with the announcment of the nomations and winners, there is more than that. Because there is also a lot of preparation involved by searching for the best realisations for the nominations. MaxPoly has also setup a great voting system, so that the voting is as fair as possible. And besides that, there is also a pre-ceremony party too.
The CYAwards ceremony in 2014.
*15* Community Pictures
* The AW Community Picture
This is also a yearly event, that usually takes place during the Activeworlds Anniversary in June. Those who couldn't be there in time, but still there a few days later, could be added to the picture before the final picture was released. That's why we managed to have so many citizens on 1 picture. So, this event is also an events that lasts for at least a weekend.
* Pictures with Santa
This event is hosted during xmas and each citizen can take a picture with Santa Clause. Then the pictures are published on AW Facebook.
Community Picture of 2017.
*16* RPG games , Tycoon games and Interactive games
Activeworlds is maybe not the ideal medium for this kind of games, but however there are a few of these events that last already for years.
* SWCity Interactive (created by Syntax)
This game exists since 2006 and is still played today. You teleport to SWCity ( AW 2217S 3610E ) and go to the Interactive Headquarters (AW 2212S 3615E)and use the registration desk. You register on the website of swcity interactive and you start playing one of the challenges in SWCity. The area consists of various quests and challenges. On the SWCity Interactive website, you can view the scores of all participating users.
Printscreen of the SWCity webpage
* AWMyths (created by Garrick)
This game exists also for several years , the game is a RPG-game, and you can play the role as you like, you can train and develop your character like you want.
This is the forum of AWMyths (there has been another forum before ) :
Here is a list of the most common commands that you can use in AWMyths :
AWMythis exists for a long time, the Explorers Club visited the world in 2014 :
Previously (in 2014), you had a document with your skills, now instead, you type in the chat window : /my skills
* Bach Zhaa's Working Farm
This place has been explored with the Riders of Alphaworld in 2016.
And its one of the very few tycoon games that can be found in Activeworlds.
The game consists of growing crops : you chose the vegetable of your choice (spinach, peppers or tomatoes), and by clicking along the crop field, you could give water and see the crops growing.
Crop fields
* Castle Keep
Bach Zhaa had build another tycoon game in 2017 for the EBTS contest and came out as a winner with this build , located in the world WildAW on position 1079N 919E.
The tycoon consists of harvesting resources, building a castle , and selling extras for gold. The game can be played alone or in competition.
Castle Keep Game (before the start)
*17* Special Animation Shows
In Activeworlds, you can do small animations, but also huge animations with music, light effects , and this can last as long as the creator wants it..
* Tower of Terror (created by GSK)
This is an animation show that consists of fireworks and laser shows and lasts for about 30 minutes, the Tower of Terror is in an attraction of amusement parks and has been rebuilt in Activeworlds. As a lot of work is involved , the show has been hosted various times.
Tower of Terror lightshow in 2013
* Pipe Dream (created by Bach Zhaa and TenYearsGone)
This is also a huge animation and has been build based upon an existing Youtube video with a marble machine playing a melody. The same melody has been used for this animation. The balls rise up from the pipes and fall against drums, xylophones etc and make a sound
Pipe Dream has been created for the occasion of the new AW Landing Zone and is located in Alpahworld on position 7699S 1458E.
Youtube-videos :
Pipe Dream
* Balloon Fiesta Mass Ascencion (created by Maxpoly)
This animation event has been proceeded by a building event, and this was a good choice to do : when the builders of the balloons were ready to rise up, they were accompanied by hundreds of other balloons, which were in fact only PE's of .png-images, but nobody could see the difference during the animation. It was a great moment to see.
Balloon Fiesta Mass Ascension
*18* Book Readings / Poetry Night
Another event that was often hosted in the past , are book readings. Each weak another chapter of a book was being read. In fact , the text appeared in the chat window with the help of a bot program.
Book Reading
*19* Showing Movies
A movie can be an episode, a cartoon , a videoclip , a concert, a short movie ....etc

* Gigabash party : (hosted by Maxpoly). Videos are used as part of an event. For instance, on the picture here, you have a picture of the Gigabash party, where the citizens watch an old episode of Dr.Who of the 70s. Afterwards, there was also a video about a move music concert. During the Gigabash party, there was also a dance party and Mind Games.

Gigabash Party
* IMaxI Theater (hosted by Maxpoly). This kind of event was less succesful , as the event only consisted of a movie or episode, without any other activities.
Entrance to the Imaxi Theater
*20* Live Concerts
Maybe not something that can be shown with an image, but this kind of event already has been done before , also in other universes.

The band Aztech Rising has preformed several times in the Activeworlds universe. They have performed in the world CyAwards in 2014, but also in Maxpoly's Gigabash Party in 2016. They also performed in the world Leaves in 2007. there is still a Youtube video about that !

Aztech Rising live concert for the CyAwards 2014