Oct. + Nov. + Dec. 2020
  AW News (oct. + nov. + dec. 2020)
* "Tourists" are re-introduced
On 23rd of september , tourists have been re-introduced in the Activeworlds program
Since 2013 , citizenship has become for free for everyone, and as a consequence, there are no tourists anymore since then.
* But now, you have a new option in the AW menu, when "occasionally"will be activated, and that is in the menu: login - tourist .
* The purpose of re-introducing is not because of the plan to charge again money for the citizenship,because citizenship will remain for free. But this is to show the visitors what they could not do being a tourist, and compared to which advantages you get extra as a citizen.
Texture and image support
Activeworlds supports full texture and image resolutions for hi-end computers (depending on the graphics memory of your computer)
This goes up to 4096 x 4096 pixels !
You can read more on the AW Forum : (search for: )
" Full 4k texture and image resulotions"
See also on the aw wiki pages : version 6.7 Build 1678
* Grabframe addon has been removed
The GrabFrame Addon,which had been added in 2013 to the AW menu, as a tool for video streaming, has become obsolete and has been removed again from the AW-menu. Instead of that, you can use now a plugin of OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) used for video recording and live streaming. This sofware is freeware and opensource.
In the AW-menu this was a part of: Tools - Prepare Presentation / and: Tools - Presentation , This tool is still useful to make presentations of pictures and videos for world owners)
See wiki pages when it was intoduced : version 6.0 Build 1322
There you will find a link to the post in the AWForum of 06 march 2013.
See wiki pages when it was removed again: : version 6.7 Build 1671
See also in the forum "Help&Support" > "GrabFrame addon" (posted on 27th august)
AW for Android, macOS & Win
Activeworlds is searching for people which want to help with the beta testing . For windows10 testers, there is no problem for downloading, for people testing the mobile devices, they will have to know how to download an app from the web.
You can read more on the AW Forum : (search for: )
"Beta on Android, MacOs & Win"
* Longer filmstrips allowed
The AW-program allows now a max frame count of 100 animated textures for filmstrips and gif images (instead of a maximum of 64) . The dimension of the texture animations remains to a maximum of 256x256 pixels.
See also on the aw wiki pages: version 6.7 Build 1679
* New scaling feature for physics
From now on, you can use additional scaling options for objects with physics commands. Besides using the scale command, now you can also add this option : create scale 2 4 2 time=5 loop
See also on the aw wiki pages: version 6.7 Build 1679
* News from the worlds
* FutureRPG - Fishing Competition

The world FutureRPG has recently opened , and Jackson (#351335) and vvSilvershadowvv (#356758) have announced a fishing competition in their world. The contest runs from Nov.1st at 3:30PM VRT until Nov.8th at 3:30 PM VRT.
The winner of the competition gets 500 AW Credits , the second prize are Iron Gloves.
How to participate ?
You enter in the world FutureRPG and you choose your avatar.
If you are lost, then type /gz and then you will be teleported to the world entry point.
In the landing zone of the world you can teleport to the fishing lake, but you can also type : /meeting, and you will be teleported to position 27S 35W.
There you will see the lake and the game contest instructions.
Click upon the fishing lure on the table. Type /use or type /u fishing , and you will have 10 turns to fish.Then type the command /fish . And finally click upon the water to start fishing. Then wait ...meanwhile you can chat too.
And suddenly you will catch a fish. After each fish that you have caught, the fishing is stopped . Then restart fishing, and type again /fish , and click again upon the water. Type /stop if you want to stop fishing.
You can type /i (inventory) in order to see how many fish you have caught.
The complete game instructions can be found at the lake. Good luck !!
The fishing lure is on the table : click upon that object if you want to start fishing with the fishing contest...
In the background, someone is just catching a fish :)
* ToTheTop - results of the first game

This world ToTheTop (owned by FirstR (#437240) ) has realized its first game in september, and it has been won by the world owner himself. . The first game was a succes, with 40 citizens which have decided to join the game and 22 players have move at least 1 counter on the game field.
There were also 12 player which have scored at least 1 point , and then of which have played all their 10 counters to the top ! Congratulations for those 10 players !.
Here the ranking and the number of days needed to finish the game (in september) ::
1. FirstR 10 days
2. Keshi 12 days
3. Panne 12 days
4. Wilma 13 days
5. AnimateurMaitreCIJ 13 days
6. Mondo 17 days
7. Chazwick 19 days
8. MeL 21 days
9. Chumana 23 days
10. Horsy 24 days
Next game starts on the 1st of october, and you can try to beat the world owner , or do it better in the ranking, and hopefully there are some new players as well :)
This web page shows the game tutorials, but every participant can get individual help !
Result after 4 days
Final result
* Halloween in the world Vision2

The world Vision2 is during the month of october in Halloween -style
This world is owned by Lady Pippin (#308688) , and it's a p50-sized world.
When entering the Halloween-scene, it looks as if the world is small, but when you walk through one of the gates, you will discover a huge Halloween area.
At this moment, Lady Pippin is looking for citizens which are interested in building in her world. There are no building lots, the area and size are free to choose. The builders will have access to the world VisionOY where there is a wide range of additional objects that can be used for building in Vision2.
There will be back-ups of the Halloween builds, so that the created building areas remain preserved till next year. When Halloween is over, the world will be Christmas themed, then the building members can start building with this theme.
Walk through the door to discover more...
* Santa In Legoland

The world Aeolia has been converted into Legoland since this summer.
All objects are Lego-style objects and new builds are added regularly to the 3d scene.
For Christmas, Horsy (#319337) has added this Santa Claus with reindeer.
* New Worlds
* EternalRPG

EternalRPG world is owned by DM Mercury (#308909) .The world is a p40 -size, only the central area has been build, the area around is meant for expansion, as DM Mercury plans to build an RPG game. which will be playable in 2021. You can already view an atmospheric image.
You can also view a short video about the HUD screen of the inventory of the equipment (swords, shields, etc. ) , so the theme will be medieval.
DM Mercury is also seeking for volunteers which are interested to help. If you are interested, you can send him a telegram.

* Shylael

This world is owned by Darknae (#354794) , online since september, opened in october.
This large (p70) world consists of several villages and each village is a fairytale on its own.
The world has been previously an RPG world , and is related to the world FutureRPG, because you have also an area (entrance on position 6s 26w ) where there are tutorials for fishing, mining and combat. .
* Katworld

This world is owned by Spot Of Borg (#362474) , and it's also a huge p70-world.
The main theme are cats, which are the dominant inhabitants of this world, humans are their pets.
The world is not empty at all, it is full of various themes, because this world been online various times (around 2000 and again between 2007 and 2011 ).
Its a world plenty of creative ideas, there is a zoo , a circus and circus school, a jurassic parc, a palace, a magic academy, a science and inventions area, an airport, a stargate, a restaurant. an object yard , .etc.
* TheSeasons
The world owner is Cereza (#352854), and she is from Chili.
First the world was closed (building preparations), and finally the world opened on 26th december. After the exploration of the world , citizens could dance in the central area of the world TheSeasons. Although the 4 seasons are present, World owner Cereza (#352854) has put the emphasis on the winter theme and Christmas.
TheSeasons : Santa flying in the air .....
* Sweven
This world is owned by ...?.... The world is under construction and is still closed.
* Inspiring
This world has returned after 1 year of absence, and is owned by Kinglan (#412784), (formerly known as Rustystar). This world was initially started up in 2018.
* Secretspace
Also this world has returned , and is owned by Steve For Faith (#365534). The world is mainly educational : you can explore areas with videos about science, languages,...etc. and all kind of ideas. This world was initially started up in 2017.
* Tuxworld
Tuxworld is a p10-sized world owned by Neophile (#352759) . The world existed already before ( in 2006) and is now back online. Neophile is from France and he is well known as a bot developer . The bots BackupAW, ChatGlobal, and Easymover have been published on Sourgeforge.net , and the bots are still operational for use in Activeworlds.

* Lady HardDriven has passed away

Lady HardDriven (#288592) has passed away on 9th of september. She was very creative and was the creator of Sister Avatars, this was a website with 3D-avatar models that she developed together with Lady NightHawk (351831). Besides offering avatar models, they were also specialised is creating PAV's (=personal avatars), which were developed for a specific citizen, and could only be used by this citizen. Today, there are still some citizens using such kind of PAV (Ohioman,OldKunnel, Syntax, Woody, GolderUK, Moonwings, Lookin4BN, Snowkupp, Perra, Zanna, GrizzlyBear, MC Rider, LacushLa, Nursemom, Veger, Mom Di, VampireQueen1) .

Apart from that, Lady Harddriven and Lord HardDriven (197021) has a 3d world called "Anduin" (approx. from 2000 until 2005 ).
The website about her PAV-modelling has gone down (as a consequence), here you have a few of the PAV examples that she has made.
There is a memorial of her in Alphaworld on position 4400S 3688E.
The memorial area has been created by Lady Pippin (#308688).
One of the avatar sets for sale on the website of sistaavs
One of the PAV's created for a specific citizen.