July + Aug + Sep 2020
  AW News (july + aug. + sep. 2020)
* Activeworlds program

There have been some small program changes :

* In the world options, world owners can decide to hide chat balloons or not.
* The possibility for viewing the AW window with the icons toolbar on top , has been omitted from the menu.
* There is also an new SDK (server development kit) available : version SDK 131.
You can download it from the Forum (F9 - tabsheet notepad - forum - Help&Support - SDK 131.)
* New worlds
* ToTheTop

This world is owned by FirstR (#437240) and it consists of an online game. His real name is Frits and he lives in the Netherlands. He got support of his sister Wilma (#425221). Together with his other sister Leta (#...) , they play this game each month.
The game already exists in the AW-Europe universe since 2009 , and there the game has been played each month during more than a decade. The game was very popular at the beginning, with more then 30 participants per game. But in 2012, the citizen registration website of AW-Europe was discontinued. And as people could not enter as a citizen anymore in AW-Europe to play this game, it was finally decided to transfer this world to the AWI universe.
This is a very good decision, which Frits didn't take on his own, he got support of Emmanuel , the universe owner of AW-Europe.
Frits had to compile the bot program into a new bot version, because it was written in an older version of Delphi. There were also changes in the AW SDK (server development kit), going from SDK version 8.5 to SDK version 13.0., but those were minor changes, and the game could be restarted quite rapidly.
ToTheTop is a small p10-world and consists of a hilltop.
For this game , you need to get your 10 game pieces to the top of the hill. If you are the first to do that, then you are the winner of this game. The game normally starts the 1st day of each month.
The english version of the game exists already, but some messages of the gamebot program were not translated yet. This has been done during the month of august. This means that the first ToTheTop game can start on 1st september !
The game can be played in 3 languages : english, dutch and french.
Besides the bot messages in english , there is also this help-page :
* FutureRPG

This world is owned by Jackson. (#351335) who has created a new RPG-world (="role playing game") . Jackson is a team member of the world AWMyths, and Garrick (#354110) is the main caretaker of that world. This means also that Jackson has already a lot of experience in creating an RPG world.

FutureRPG is a large world (p40) and it covers several zones, which are all regions that you have to go into battle and survive. When arriving in GZ (=ground zero, or the world entry point), you can view the commands of the RPG by clicking upon the book on the table. The commands are necessary to play RPG game and build up your strength ( health / nutrition , manna, fighting skills ,weapons, potions, etc..).

Some useful commands: (all commands can be viewed by clicking the book)
/gz : teleports you back to the Ground Zero. (e.g. if you are stuck in a room)
/s or /stats : shows the stats of your avatar
/who all : lists the people in the world , (all = including the bots)
/use /drop /eat /cook /burn /camp /stop = some commands for activities that you can do with the available objects .
For a full list of the commands, you can go to this webpage :
World entry point of FutureRPG
These giant spiders are the guards of this building. They will chase and attack you when you get too close, and you might die too.
This is where you arrive when you are dead. Click upon the book to restart the game.
The Imperium of Neua is one of the areas to be discovered
In search for food : Grilled monster...
* NewSunworld

This world is owned by Stefan69 (#403596) . Stefan is from Germany, and he already owned this world a few years ago, and restarted it now again. More than a decade ago, this world was also in the former universe Dreamlandpark.
This world is certainly worthwhile visiting, because Stefan69 is a modeler of 3d-objects. A lot of those objects are .cob -objects made with the TrueSpace modeling program. Truespace was very popular in Activeworlds, until the program went offline in 2009. But the program can still be used for creating models in Activeworlds.
The entrance of the world is a bar where the seats are Cadillac-cars.
Also when leaving the bar , you will see hundreds of models that you won't see in any other world. And the world size is a p30 , so there is plenty to explore.

The world entry point of NewSunworld
A Renaissance Palace...
Fairground attractions
Here you can play snooker. You play with the white ball.
An interactive cinema with various short movies.
* Autonomus


This world is owned by Dovestar (#278411) . Dovestar run also his own radio station : rjb radio, and this world is an additional world for hosting his weekly parties.
Dovestar runs already the worlds Shokan and Keppler22b. He also has a large building area in Alphaworld called Star City, where he also created 3 dance party areas.
Party in Autonomous on 11th july.
Gazebo with dove statue alongside the sea
* MingoRanch


MingoRanch is owned by Mama Rolly (#436359) and with admin Enkar (#279023) . This p50-sized world consists of several building lots of approx. 100 cells each.
Although the world is new in the worlds list, it has more than 10 builders. This is because this world is the former galaxy VideoRanch3d , which had ceased a few years ago.
Now MingoRanch has been started up here ,and we welcome the new users.
Some of the builders : FourLeafClover1343 (#436476) , Gregzilla (#436615) , JaniceF (#436383), LauraK (#436368), Leon Stilrag (#436474), Margy (#436394), Pink Eldorado (#436498), RJpsrt (#436600) , Sabs (#436514) , Redeorhcs (#436420). There are still other builders , but who haven't registered in Activeworlds yet.
position 1s 1e
position 4s 1w
position 19s 34w 96a
position 20s 34w 51a
* Nefertiti

This world is owned by Nefertiti (#291376) and she offers 3d models for sale.
The object yard is imited , because the world has just been started up. There will certainly be added more models during the next months.
* DarkLabs / Darkslab
These 2 worlds are also owned by Jackson. (#351335) . At this moment, the 2 worlds are used as object yards for the world FutureRPG.
Some objects in the world Nefertiti
* Everlasting

This world is owned by Bellerose (#440465) and is currently under construction.
* Timeport

This world Timeport consists of warehouses in a futuristic scene.
This world is owned by AW.
The world Timeport
* Nomura / Nomura 2 / Nomura 3

The Nomura worlds are design worlds, and were used as portalworlds for some AW universes and galaxies. Nomura1 (and Nomura2) were used for the former AW-portalworld AWGate22 (this world is also in the world list).
These worlds are owned by AW.
* News from the worlds
* SteveElRoyele is back online

This world was started up in may 2018 during 1 year, but now this world has been renewed and is online again. This p20-world is owned by Steve For Faith (#365534) , and he has the help of Stanly (#299965) , who is the main builder , and also the modeler. Stanly creates his own 3d-models , which have the prefix dsc- , which stand for his full name: David Stanly Cooper
The world is still being set up , with several object yards and presentations of planned 3d scenes, but you can also visit the Maya-temple with dance area on position 11N 7E.
* Aeolia - theme : Legoland

Aeolia world owner Horsy (#319337) is from Belgium , and he has recently renewed his world, but reduced to a p10-sized world.
A small part of his former p40-sized world has become the main theme : Legoland.
As the world is rather small now, Horsy's world will be soon plenty of lego-objects.
* Vision2 - theme : The Enchanted Forest

Lady Pippin (#308688) , also known as Mariane, is from Denmark, and she has started up Vision2 last year.Then she told that she likes to change often the 3d scene in her world.
She began with a Halloween scene at the startup, then followed a Christmas-scene, and now she shows "The Enchanted Forest" . This theme is a backup of a beautiful world that she already had online here in 2005. There are several things to be explored, like the Atlantis Temple, the Dragon Cave , the Treetops Gallery, the Dolphin Cave , the Magic Wood, the Unicorn Valley , the Dragon Cave , and many more