Parties (summer season)
Activeworlds celebrated its 25th birthday, no community picture this year, but several citizens have organized parties on different worlds and locations.
On 1st june we had a world inauguration party in the world Wolkenland , hosted by Panne (#365962) ,
On 4th june there was the opening reception of Intersculpt 2020 in the world DAAP , owned by Derrick W (#12732).
On 6th june, there was a party in Shokan (one of the worlds of Dovestar (#278411) )
You can read more about these events in the previous events articles.
AW -> Star City
On 13th of june there was again a party in Star City (AW 9300S 1374E) ,
Party in Star City on 13th of june.
On 14th of june there was a party in AWPaintball , and there was also a party in the bowling hall of the world Dawes , this new world is owned by Cody20 (#439570).
On 19th june there was a TGIFparty in the Golden Temple Club in the world Keppler22b , owned by Dovestar (#278411).
Yellow -> Warehouse 13 Club
The saturday party, on 20th june, was located in the Warehouse 13 Club in the world Yellow (281S 1244E 2a) , built by Dovestar. This club has also nice dance floor animations.
Saturday party in Warehouse 13 Club on 20th june.
On thursday 25th june there was again a party in Dovestar's world Shokan
AW -> The AW Expo Club
And on friday 26th june, there was the TGIF AW 25th Anniversary party @ The Expo Club , in Alpahworld on position 7760S 1394E. During this AW celebration party, MeL(#341444) hosted 2 trivia games and an Acronym game, and the winners could win prizes.
Seaguy (#339260) and Vampara(#350043) won 100 credits for the trivia games
Kahless(#336761) won 100 credits for the acronym game.
25th anniversay in the AW Expo Club on 26th june
On saturday 27th june there was again a party in Dovestar's world Shokan
and on sunday 28th june, there was a party the brand new Club Dawes in the new world Dawes, owned by Cody20 (#439570).
On 3rd july, the TGIF was in the world Shokan , and the 4th of july -party was located there , as well as the thursday late night party on 9th/10th of july.
Club Dawes - party on 28th june
On friday 10th july , there was the inauguration party of the new world Autonomous, also owned by Dovestar (#278411) . There was no dance area yet , so the party took place around a campfire.
AW-> Star City
On saturday 11th july there was again a party in Star City .
Opening Party in the world Autonomous on 10th party
AW -> Pippinville
On sunday 12th july , there was a party in Pippinville in Alphaworld on postion 2162S 2451E. This dance area is also built by Dovestar. The event was also a birthday party for Veger (#280835) , and just beside the dance area, there was a birthday area with birthday wishes for Veger from several citizens.Veger himself was music DJ for this occasion.
The person who hosted this "birthday" event, is Lady Pippin (#308688) , who decided to resume with birthday areas for the citizens, but she also focused on hosting parties for specific citizens. Because previously, the birthday parties were hosted for all citizens which had their birthday in a specific month.
Dance event in Pippinville on 12th july

Dreme Lojyk (#155898) used a mover with linked avatars in dance sequence.

On thursday 17th july , there was a again party in the world Autonomous
on friday 18th july the TGIF took place in the world Keppler22b ,
Yellow -> Club Vampyre
On friday 25th , there was again a party in Autonomous. On saturday 26th july, there was a party in Club Vampyre the world Yellow , on position 1050S 991W.. This dance hall has been created by .Vampyre. (#381446) .
Entrance to Club Vampyre