Daap : Opening reception "Intersculpt 2020"
Derrick W (#12732) owns the world Daap and on the 4th of June, it was the opening reception of the event Intersculpt 2020. This is the second event in a month of events to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Activeworlds.
The world Daap itself is almost as "old" as Activeworlds itself, and the world is dedicated to 3-dimensional digital art sculpting.
Every two years there is a new art exposition with new unique 3d sculpted art models, and after 25 years , you can find hundreds of art pieces.

Citizens at the exposition : MeL , Memyself, Panne ,AnimateurMaitreCU, Keshi, Yashar, Derrick W, FireEagle and Sassafrass.