Inauguration Party in Wolkenland
Panne (#365962) has organized the inuaguration party of this world Wolkenland on the 1st of june. This event is the first event for the 25th anniversary of Activeworlds. Parties and events will be organized during the whole month of June.
Panne has started this world in january, and this was the occasion to do the grand opening, with a video party and dance floor animations. Here you can see a amount of pictures taken during this event.

Wolkenland is the dutch name for Cloudsland, so it was a dance party in the clouds.Besides dancing, visitors could also operate themselves the dance floor animations.

People @ this party :
Cereza , AnimateurMaitreCIJ , BDEsciencesdijon, MeL , Steve for Faith, Geralt, Snowkupp, ReflectiveWit427, Richardmichael , Mondo, Cleet , Dreme Lojyk, Desert Raven , Skaricheri, Francessca , Panne, Horsy, Catwoman, Earendil37 , OzySeo, Subcon, Rustystar, Keshi and Newjundiaus.