RWX scripting (Notepad++) (2) - examples
5. Creating a picture sprite model
World Owners have usually their own object path, so that they can use their own models in their world(s). Go to the object paths that you have dowloaded on your computer (for instance the Uberpath) and search for a model that can be opened in Notepad++.
For instance there is the model : flower1.zip
Create a new folder "spritepic" and copy the file flower1.zip into this folder.
Now go to this folder, right-click upon flower1.zip and choose "extract here"
Then you see a new line above : flower1.rwx
Now rename the file flower1.rwx into spritepic.rwx
Now right-click upon the file spritepic.rwx and choose "edit with Notepad++"
Now you see the rwx-script in Notepad++.
You can see that this model is a sprite, because it has the command AxisAlignment.
Now we add : tag 200 on the line where quad is specified.
quad 1 2 3 4 tag 200
Now save this file (we determined the fielename in advance) : spritepic.rwx
Then right-click upon the rwx-file and choose : 7-Zip and "Add to Archive".
Then you have the file spritepic.zip.
Finally you can upload the zipped file to the objecpath ( models path)
Then you go to your building world and you try it out: spritepic.rwx
create picture http://www.venice3d.net/images/clematis2b.png
At the left side the original texture, at the right side a picture file.
There are objects wil several "quad" lines . Each quad represents a surface , for instance for a cube object, you have 6 quad lines for the 6 sides of the cube.
You can choose on which side you want to put the picture or sign.
If you want this on all sides of the cube , then you add 6 times the tag command.
A plane object has normally 2 faces ( front and back side)
A sprite needs only 1 face , because the back side is not visible in the 3d scene.