AW related websites (2019)
* There are a lot of websites related to Activeworlds. Some websites have disappeared, and new websites has been started up or have been rediscovered. That's why we publish in AWTimes regularly a new overview .
These are the previous ouverviews :
2015 part 1 - http://www.venice3d.net/2015people10.html
2015 part 2 - http://www.venice3d.net/2015people11.html
2017 ------- http://www.venice3d.net/2017people14.html
*1* Most popular websites
This is the website where you can download the AW program, download objectpaths and utilities, and find links that might be helpful.
There is also the Store, where you can purchase worlds and purchase bots that you can use in those worlds.
This supportive website shows all building commands. There is also an overview of bots, utilities, communities, worlds.
There is also an overview of the version upgrades in detail.
And you have an overview of the rwx scripting commands (for modeling )
This is the offcial Facebook group of Activeworlds, with announcments of events and other posts.
This website shows AW-news, events, world explorations, building commands, modeling, textuing, using bots, citizen news, etc.
This website concerns SWCity, the largest building community town in Alphaworld.
A part of the website is the building academy , with lots of useful building tips : swcity.net/academy/index.php
Another part is SWCity interactive, with online games in SWCity :swcity.net/www/interactive.php
Website that shows users stats and world stats (from 2014 till april 2019) , and citizen properties.
You can also download bot programs : jabb_lite and some other bots
On this website you can search for citizen names , citizen statistics are available from april 2016 till april 2019
There is an events calendar, where you can add your own events. You can also create badges, which can be used as awards.
*2* Bot-related websites :
imabot.com ----------> preston * bone * nestor * alphamapper
turtleflight.com -------> magsbot * rpgbot
pens.sytes.net/aw -------> jabb_lite * fastword * lecture helper * chatbot
squailboont.info/ ----------> hermes * demeter
imatowns.com/xelagot/index.html ---------> xelagot
stachelbot.com ----------> stachelbot
shoemakervillage.org ----------> demeter * paintball * votebot * AW utility
Several of the bot programs mentioned above can be downloaded from the Activeworlds website as well.
*3* World hosting websites :
hoziron.ch---------->(hosting by Arsène)
rjbnetworks.com/worldhost.html -------> (hosting by Dovestar)
dcfservices.info/dcfmain19/world19.html -------> (hosting by Karten)
tzaz3d.com/services.html ----------> (hosting by Keshi)
awlife.org ---------> (hosting by Maxpoly)
snowshoe3d.com ----------> (hosting by Thunder Jack)
Also Activeworlds offers worlds hosting : the amount to be paid depends on the world size. p-10 sized worlds are hosted for free.
*4* Objectpath -related websites :
All info about how the uberpath has been create + download files of the uberpath.
alusion-fr.com (--> the url link does exist. Or type alusion-fr.com/an1.htm for the pages in english)
Free models , avatars, textures ,etc. (website in english and french)
Freeware + payware models . Tutorials about Multizip, texturing and object tagging.
Freeware models and animation sets. Basic tutorials in french (navigating, building,..)
Freeware + payware models. Tutorials for sprites, add avatars , 3d software links.
Free models and textures, + tutorial links +useful links
Free models + sprites + links
Free models + textures + avatars. Building tips , scripting , various conversion tools etc. (site in english, french, dutch and italian)
Tartsugar's texture website : the textures are not visible on the website, but you can view them in the Yards of Alphaworld that she mentions.
Freeware + payware models,avatars. 3d tools , useful links , +tutorial : avatars.dat
(website in french) Freeware models+skyboxes. Picture of ancient french worlds. Links.
*5* World -related websites :
Supportive website of the world Tolculda * payware+freeware models & avatars
Supportive website for the world Daap
Supportive website for the world Hyria
nursemom3d.com ----> nursemom3d.com/awreunion/materials.php
Supportive website for the world AWReunion
Supportive website for the world Citbingo
host.activeworlds.com/awschool/ --->+ webpages host.activeworlds.com/awschool/links.hmtl
Supportive website for the world AWSchool
*6* blogs - forums - newsletters :
activeworlds.com/newsletter/archive.html ( = aw newsletters from 1998 till 2011) * multiple tutorials
pbwhite.id.au/yellowg/ ( = newsletters made by Apooka and Ozman) = yellow gazette * multiple tutorials
en.calameo.com/accounts/3293205 ( = magazines published by Smaug) = aw world magazines
en.calameo.com/accounts/3572809 ( = magazines published by Horsy)
fragmotion tutorial (in french) * aeolia objects (object yard in 1 magazine) * legoland (lego objects)
awbuilder.blogspot.com (=blog made by Hyper Antony) * multiple tutorials
forums.activeworlds.com ( -> now only via access in the AW-menu : options - tabs (F9) -> tabsheet : Notepad )
awfr.forumactif.com (= forum for the french community in AW ) (*****new website in 2019*****)
facebook.com/groups/activeworldsgroup/ (= alternative AW Facebook group )
others blogs & groups :
facebook.com/groups/ActiveworldsAWReunion/ (= AWReunion facebook group)
facebook.com/groups/161903187329032 ( = Happy Valley facebook group )
facebook.com/groups/864993986859766 ( AWMyths facebook group )
*7* Music & video -related websites : (with url-links for the media command)
awlife.org/stream ( = Radio station network made by Maxpoly)
rjbradio.com (= by Dovestar) -> http://edge1-b.exa.live365.net/a47897
Star City Radio (= by Dovestar) ->
pktoons.com --->
nursemom3d.com/nmaw/ (= by Nursemom) ->
Youtube videos -> see the webpage venice3d.net/2019people18.html
*8* Other websites :
aw history (1985-2010) * Sitemap -> worldrunning * tutorials for hagviewer and rwxmod
info about rwx scripting and about using avatars
Truespace tutorials and links.
(french website) Truespace tutorials.
tutorial : dem2rwx
aeon.dwdc.net/web/ (--> the menu of this website appears when hovering with your mouse to the left side of the webpage)
free models * skyboxes * tutorials for xelagot bot * + archived tutorials (for rwx modeling)
Computermuseum website with ancient screenshot-pictures of 1995 , and chatlog of 2002.
Payware avatar models (but : not updated since 2007)
Freeware models (a few)
With info about Alphamapper at zoom level 4 : alphaworld.fr/guppy/articles.php?lng=fr&pg=14
Other (old) sites about Alphamapper : mappa.mundi.net/maps/maps_013/ and also: web.archive.org/web/20000302142208/http://vevo.com/
Freeware models (plants, fish, insects)
*9* Community-related websites :
peacekeeper.net (= website for peacekeepers )
awgatekeepers.org ( = website for gatekeepers )
org.activeworlds.com/awhs/ ( = aw historical society )
host.activeworlds.com/tours/ ( = aw guides )