Oct + Nov + Dec 2019
  AW News (oct. + nov. + dec. 2019)
* New newsletter : AW Virtual Life

CableCar Girl (#288431) has started with editing a new newsletter for the Activeworlds Community: AW Virtual Life. This newsletter has several differences in comparison to this newsletter. The virutal times is made by the AW community : several citizens did a contribution by adding an article (including myself). There are also articles about cooking and gardening, there is a "build of the month", "building tips" , "worlds to watch", games and jokes. The newletter is a bit like the Yellow Gazette which has stopped in 2016 , and also a bit like the AW Newsletter, which had stopped in 2010.

Normally a new edition should appear approx. each month.
You can read the first editions on these webpages :
Overview nursemom3d.com/sfgate2/newsletter/index.html.
And also : awvirtuallife.com
Harvest edition Nursemom3d.com/sfgate2/newsletter/index1019bkup.html
Thanksgiving edition Nursemom3d.com/sfgate2/newsletter/2019_1101_index.html
* New Vinesauce Video released

On Halloween (31st october) , Vinesauce has released a new video about Activeworlds. Vinesauce (#413289) (also known as Vinnie) is a well-known Youtube-vlogger about games on the internet. The former video about Activeworlds (in 2016) was very creepy and was one of the most successful videos of Vinesauce, with more then 2 million views. Halloween was the ideal date to release a new video about Activeworlds. This time, Vinnie gets a guided tour in AWMyths by Garrick (#354110) who is the administrator of the world AWMyths , and Garrick knows every corner of this world very well.

You can view the new 24 minutes video on this link :
You can view the new full video (87minutes) video on this link:
In this video, there have been explored different parts of the world AWMyths, while in 2016, there had only been explored a smaller part in the west. The real size of AWMyths is not clearly visible, but there has been created terrain until 255 cells to each side, and there can be found some builds , located 170 cells away from the center of the world. (e.g. the volcano in the new video is located at 78S 173W).
* Wish List in the AW Forum

In the AW Forum, Chris (#290065) has added a new category : Wish List. This is about all kinds of things that you would like to have in Activeworlds . These can be : new building commands or building options), new features in the AW menu, new features for the CAV's, new objects or textures ,etc.

You can wish all kind of things , not only for Santa Clause.
You can find the forum by pressing F9 (tabs window), then choose tabsheet Notepad, and then choose Forums. There you can read the posts and also add posts yourself.
* New worlds
* Vision2

This world is owned by Mariane (#308688) , who is from Denmark.
She had this world in 2003, and decided to restart with her world in october.The theme of the world is Halloween. So, just in time to show some scary scenes.
Citizens are allowed to build and add new halloween scenes.
Mariane is also the founder of Pippinville, which is located in AW on position 1952S 2566E, and on 6th of november it will be the 20th anniversary of Pippinville.

* Deepspace9

This p20-sized world is owned by Charlies (#364315) .
This is a science-fiction world with various space ships. When you fly upwards, you will find the huge Enterprise space ship with several decks (from the TV-series Star Trek). The world Deepspace9 has been opened in remembrance to Aron Eisenberg, who passed away on 21st of september, and who played the role of "Nog" on Star Trek "Deep Space Nine". Citizens are allowed to build in and around Deepspace9 , there is a promenade, cargo storage rooms, docking ports, holosuite programs, and ships that float around the station.
The Enterprise ship comes from a backup of 2007. Then Charlies was a citizen in the universe Outerworlds (since 2002). There he owned the worlds Mystic since 2004 and Starship since 2007. When Outerworlds went down in 2012, then Charlies started the worlds MysticStar and MysticZones in Activeworlds. These worlds have recently expired (since august 2019).
* Alaska
This world is owned by Thunder Jack (#356351) and Nattie(#356233). The world was already online in before, but went offline in 2017. Now it is back online. The explorers club visited this world in 2014 ,and you can read an article about this on this webpage:
* HyperDawn
HyperDawn is a p10-sized world, and is owned by Mysteriuminiquitatis (#421848)
* News from the worlds
* Pippinville gets 20

Mariane (#308688) had started up Pippinville in 1999 and now in november, she celebrates the 20th birthday of Pippinville.
Pippinville is loacted in AW on position 1953S 2567E. Mariane formerly used the name Lady Pippin.
The objectyard of Pippinville is located in AW on position 1884S 2654E , which also includes yards of textures, PE's, sequences, and building ideas.
Mariane started up a halloween world called Vision2 , but she has also a Halloween area in AW on position 873S 2218E.
* Halloween area in Yellow world

In the world Yellow on position 1179N 1424E 270 , you can find a new Halloween area. The entrance is a gate with a spider's web and leads you to the building area of Marcoo (#407491) . When you walk further , you will find a halloween area made by Choupette41200 (#407588).

* Personalised Christmas Cards in Alphaworld

Mariane (#308688) has made a set of personalized Christmas cards. You can find them in Alphaworld on position 1916S 2598E 2a 180. There are more than 30 different cards. Mariane has also posted these cards on AW Facebook Official.

* Gnu32 / Roy Curtis has passed away
Ayman Habayeb (his real name) was known in Activeworlds as Gnu32 , and also as Roy Curtis (#381361) . Under the name of Gnu32, he was well known as a bot developer. Later, around 2011, he took the name Roy Curtis, and had a leading role in the AW Community, after Flagg had left Activeworlds. One of his realizations was the landing zone in the world AWReunion, on position 271S 271E 2a 90,which was pretty good. This was also temporarily the Universe Landing Zone of Activeworlds.But later in 2013, Roy Curtis left Activeworlds.
He also established AW on Reddit for the Activeworlds Community, you can find posts of Roy Curtis (search Activeworlds and then the posts of: Roy Curtis), posts of 2012 and 2013. He made advanced movers , he also hosted trivia games and helped with the Halloween Events of 2012 and also created the prim-pictionary game (hosted together with Bach Zhaa). One of his builds (Ubiquity) can be found in AWReunion 204S 37W. Another one (Roy's Bar&Grill) is in AWReunion 249S 2479E 2a (near the AWReunion landing zone of 2013).
Ayman was autistic and suffered from depression, and committed suicide at the age of 28, he was last seen in november 2018, and his body was only found after 9 months. More info can be found on AW Facebook Official (post of 11 sept 2019).
AW Reunion LZ on position 271S 271E
Prim-Pictionary game in AWReunion on position 210S 259E
One of the printscreen pictures taken by Roy Curtis of his game in december 2012, and posted by him on Reddit.
One of his mover-creations for the mover contest in 2012 (which he had won : see Yellow Gazette of dec.2012). Roy Curtis posted several pictures of his mover creations on Reddit.
Picture of Roy's Bar & Grill , also a picture that he had uploaded on Reddit. Roy's Bar can be found in AWReunion on position 249S 2479E 2a.
* Tip : Storing telegrams and teleports
Earlier this year, it was announced that the telegrams are stored only during 3 months in your tabsheet window (F9) , then they are deleted automatically. (Except for the telegrams that haven't been read ).
Activeworlds offers a solution for that: right click in the tabscreen of thee telegrams and choose : "Export all telegrams". Then the telegrams are exported to a folder on your desktop with the title : "My Telegrams". Each time when you export the telegrams, a new subfolder will be created in that desktop folder. The name of the folder is in fact the date and hour upon which the telegrams have been exported. When you click upon the subfolder, you will see the citizen names of which you have received/have sent telegrams. And when you click on the names, you will see the log file of all the telegrams.
Each user can store his/her favourite teleports, this can be done by going in the menu to : Teleport - Remember
At the same time, you can customize the teleport by adding additional information, so that you know the content of the 3d scene that you have stored.
When you go to the teleports in the tabsheet window (F9), you can also customize the teleports there as well , by right-clicking, and choose : rename.
However, there doesn't exist the option to export the teleports, like you can do for the telegrams. However, this is useful, especially if you want or need to reinstall the AW program, because then you have lost all your stored teleports. But there is a solution for that.

Go to the Activeworlds icon on your desktop, right-click, and choose: open folder, then scroll down until you find : teleport.txt. and copy this file. Then go to the desktop folder "My Telegrams". Here you create a subfolder with the name : telegrams , followed by the creation date. Then open this subfolder and paste the teleport.txt -file.