July+ Aug + Sep 2019
  AW News (july + aug. + sep. 2019)
* AW version 6.6
From 20th of july, Activeworlds has started with a new version : 6.6. In the first place, this version will follow the windows10 updates.
* Support for windows 7 ends in january 2019
Microsoft's support for version Windows 7 will end in january 2019. Activeworlds will follow this decision by not supporting Windows 7 either.
The reason for that is , that Activeworlds will not put time, effort and energy in the backwards compatibility of older versions that are not supported anymore. Activeworlds prefers keeping up with the new technologies. Users that still use windows 7 should upgrade to windows 10 if they want to continue to use the AW program.
* Changes in World hosting
People hosting a world privately will no longer be able to do that : self-hosting will be discontinued by September 1st. Also Linux support will be dropped. Those people have to contact one of the following world hosting providers , some of which are citizens which host worlds for many years ,and can be considered as reliable hosts :
Arsène, Dovestar , Karten, Keshi, Maxpoly and Thunder Jack.
Also Activeworlds will offer free world hosting for smaller worlds. The Activeworlds webpage for purchasing and renewal of worlds has temporarily been desactivated, until the new world hosting offer will have been added to the webpage. On August 29th, the hosting prices have been added on the Activeworlds webpage (icon: Store). Also the url-links to the other hosting providers have been added, including their hosting prices.
p.s. World hosting has nothing to do with the object path. For the objectpath, any webspace hosting can be used.
* New guidelines for bots
Since Tomas and Strike Rapier are not allowed to use their bots anymore in the Alphaworld landing zone for statistic purposes, the guidelines have been re-defined:
Bots are allowed in Alphaworld under these conditions:
* No scanning of properties that are not your own builds
* No scanning for other users
* No spying (in respect of user's privacy)
* Not more then 2 bots per account in Alphaworld
* Peacekeepers can eject private bots near the landing zone.
* You can run a bot under your friends privileges and with your friend's permission
Overview of hosting
* The TGIF parties have a new host
* MeL retires from hosting the TGIF parties
For almost a decade, MeL (#341444) has been hosting the TGIF-parties on friday nights in different worlds and locations. TGIF means "thanks God it's friday", and the parties consist of a radio station playing music, citizens can dance by choosing one of the dance movers , and the can start to chat and have fun. In addition to that , there are also games, such as the Acronym Game , and the Pic Game.
In June, MeL has decided to retire from hosting the parties, but she still keeps having a leading role in Activeworlds : she is one of the moderators of the AW Facebook group, and she is still Peacekeeper/Greeter in the AW Landing Zone ,where she also has building rights to add/modify/delete objects.
* Dovestar is the new TGIF-party host
The TGIF parties will continue to exist, because MeL has handed over the TGIF event to Dovestar (#278411) , who already hosts parties twice a week and he has his own radio station : rjb-radio. Now Dovestar plays a leading role in the AW events.
If someone else is willing to host events, this is more than welcome.

* New website : Activeworlds.info
* AWPortals.com has been announced to go down
In april, Chris The Pegasus (#290065) , the programmer of Activeworlds, has decided to discontinue the service for some privileged people to use their bots in the landing zone. This service was offered to them by AW during several years, and has now stopped. This had consequences , because they used their bots for statistic purposes on their websites ,and they used search functions on their websites, which was very helpful for the AW users.
Now the value of their websites has decreased : Tomas (#312020) , the webpage owner of pens.sytes.net/aw/ was disappointed. Also Strike Rapier (#334303) , who runs AWPortals.com , was very disappointed and announced to stop this website , although AWPortals is a lot more than just a statistiscs website....
* Activeworlds.info : blog website for events
The AWPortals events system plays a leading role for announcing events,now there had to be searched for an new website , so that people can publish their events on a website that keeps being online.There is also Facebook and the Forum, but these are not used by all users. Dovestar (#278411) has started in June with the blogsite Activeworlds.info, also because he is the main person that hosts events in Activeworlds at the moment.
Note : the account of his website has been suspended again in november




* New website : Awfr.forumactif.com
* Arsène starts with a forum for the french community in AW
In June, Arsène (#152538) has started up awfr.forumactif.com for the french community in Activeworlds. Arsène always has had the ambition to boost the number of people in Activeworlds. He has plans to search for means of advertising Activeworlds on the internet. The also has published his plans this year on the Forum of Activeworlds, but there some people disliked his plans and the post had been closed.
But now, Arsène has started up a new forum , where AW members can sign up and add their comment, ideas, events, etc., but focused on members that speak french. (already 8 members have signed up). In the forum, you can already find the chatlog of the meeting that had been hosted on 16th June in the world Français, and there are posts about plans to resume the trivia quiz (in french) that had been hosted from 2010 till 2014.
* New worlds
* Gremalot

This world is owned by Gremot (#364307) , who owns already the world Alvacado.
Alvacado is a small world but with a lot of advanced building techniques. And the world looks a lot bigger than it is in reality, but using 9e9 -moves and other building techniques.
The world Gremalot is similar to that : its a p20 world, but there is a wide landscape beyond the worlds borders. You will find there a kind of rusty planetarium , a medieval castle and a waterfall. The world within the borders has mainly forest, but in the central zone, you have a lot of advanced examples : a carroussel mover, ground car movers, a hot air balloon trip, a trampoline, 3d-movie domes, and concert dome with a gif-animation of a rock band, and there is also a small village with avatars in motion.

* !@24|7-Bingo

This is a new world started up by Activeworlds..
This games consists of playing the bingo game with a small bet of credits. When a participant starts playing, a small amount of credits will be deducted from his/her account.
The winner of the bingo gets what is in the pot.
Activeworlds doesn't offer prize money for this bingo world : the prize money (in credits) comes from the players. This bingo game runs 24/7 with a game bot.
* News from the worlds
* AWSchool has some new helpers

Dovestar (#278411) is now in charge of this educational world. Marcoo (#407491) has started with a tutorial area for the french community. The area can be found on position 106N 40E.
Panne (#365962) has become teacher, and he can explain the basics in various other languages (french, dutch, germand, italian,spanish) In addition of being teacher, he can clean up the old try-out builds of former visits in the teaching areas.
Other people that are interested to become a teacher can contact Dovestar.
* Trivia games have been resumed

Marcoo (#407491) has hosted a trivia game on August 21st in the world Français. Marcoo speaks french and logically, the question were in french, and the players speak french too. Marcoo (#407491) has used the Nestor bot for this quiz.
The Nestor bot has been designed for trivia quizes.The bot program still works quite well in the current 6.6 version of Activeworlds.You can still download the website imabot.com and host your own quiz !
* Tutorial zone in Yellow world

Panne (#365962) has built a large tutorial area in the world Yellow, which contains basic building tutorials , but also the tutorials for all the building commands with examples, some commands are complicated , and need to have clear tutorials..
Panne is still adding tutorials for the V4-objects : cameras, zones, movers, particle emitters, and cloth. This should be ready by the end of this year.
The tutorial zone is an alternative for the world AWSchool and for the wiki pages, where you also have a complete overview of the building commands. For each building command, you will find teleports and url-links to the most useful tutorials and examples. There are also url-links to the tutorials of this AWTimes website. The tutorial zone in Yellow consists of 2 zones : a zone in English and a zone in French. Both zones have an identical layout.
Tutorial Zone in English : YELLOW 1900N 1400W
Tutorial Zone in French : YELLOW 1950N 1400W
The tutorial zone existed already since last year in the world Planets2. In Planets2 the tutorials were in a p20-sized world with english text and french text on top, the scene was a bit too heavy and complicated. In Yellow , the area is a lot bigger for that. The world Planets2 will be used again for its original theme : a world with spherical planets, which is a very unique concept among the worlds in Activeworlds.