Apr + May + June 2019
  AW News (apr. + may + june 2019)
* AW 6.5 : new features :
* Storing telegrams on your desktop
Telegrams that you have sent or read are no longer stored permanently in your F9 tabs window. After 3 months they will be deleted automatically. This is not the case for unread telegrams : they will remain in the telegram box permanently.
However, for those who want to keep the telegrams , there is a solution : you can bring those telegrams into a seperate file on the desktop of your computer.
For this, you go to the F9 tabsheet of the telegrams and you right-click in that window and choose "export all telegrams".
On your desktop, you go to the icon-folder "my telegrams" , and you see a folder with the date and time when the telegrams were exported. If you export again a few months later, then a new folder will be added.
By opening the folder, you see the telegram log-file for each contact . And you will notice that all telegram logs sorted per person , and that's quite helpful .
* Universe chat
When you go the F9 tabsheet Notepad , there is now a chat window "Universe Chat". With this feature, you can chat with citizens in another world without sending a telegram. The big difference is that everyone in the universe can read these chat messages.
This feature is useful for people which want to announce an event. Instead of having to send a telegram to all the people online, you just need to type 1 message in the universe chat and everyone can read it.
* Bot use has been disabled in the public building worlds.
Citizens can no longer use their bot in public worlds , this has several consequences. Some people had the permission (during more then a decade) the use their bots in the AW landing zone, and use their bots for statistical purposes.There were visitors statistics of the new arrrivals , their last time being online, and the global number of visitors online (including bots) during every day and every hour. Now all this information cannot be displayed anymore.
AWPortals.com : Strike Rapier (#334303), who owns this website , has announced that he website will be shut down soon. You can read the post of one of the unofficial Activeworld facebook groups (post of Mark Randall on 26th april) .
Consequences for this website : Citizens list : You can search any citizen name, and view when they were last seen between april 2016 and april 2019. The registration statistics and worlds list have lost their function. The website remains useful for announcing events and for granting badges, and for searching citizen numbers of citizen names. (as long as the website still remains online). There are also thousands of archived posts about truespace and other newsgroups.
pens.sytes.net/aw/ : Tomas (#312020) used also a bot for statistic purposes. You can still view the users stats from 2014 till april 2019. Same for worlds stats. The world property search can still be used for all builds dating before the "last update" of the specified worlds. The website remains useful , because it contains also several bot programs that you can use in your private world(s).
Your own bot(s) : people who have bought one or several bots can still use them, but only for private worlds : either in your own world or in another world where the world owner gives you permission to use your bot. Bot-related games can only be hosted in private worlds (hunt - trivia - ..etc.)
You cannot use your bot anymore for backups of your builds in public worlds The only solution is to use object groups instead.
* The command "Skybox"

This command replaces the fake skyboxes , created with Particle Emitters, which was often a complex matter. The new commnad will make it easier : the skybox is created within a zone.. Example of a command:
Create zone party, skybox nightbox tint=4423333
You can also find now the command in the wiki pages :
* New worlds
* AAABrasil

The world AAABrasil is 10-sized world , owned by LuizAn Ton(#435881) , who has returned to AW after many years. The new world been set up together with the help of Keshi (#352322), who is also caretaker ,and she helps with the hosting,object path and models. LuizAnTon is from Brasil and has the ambition to build up a brasilian community again. A few years back, there was the world Brasil3d , which was owned by Lilibeth (#275556). With the return of LuizAn Ton , there is again a brazilian world in Activeworlds. Main attraction is the Museum of Good Humour on position 3N 2W. Visit also the building next to it , on position 4N 7W.

* AWEntry

This world has been opened in march 2019 after 8 months of building, (Team Stayjit - Keshi - ) The world has mainly been created by Keshi (#352322) who did all the modeling of the builds in the small village on the main island.

The world has been created for new citizens , for the new arrivals of Activeworlds. The purpose of this world has been created that newbies can learn to use Activeworlds themselves without the help of others.
The modeling part was excellent work, the tutorial part however really needs to be improved, and this has also been a topic in the forum ( see: Discussion on the new entry world).
AWEntry 13N 0W - cinema with media demos
* News from the worlds
* SWCity gets 20

SWCity exists 20 years, and this has been celebrated. SWCity is the largest building town in Alphaworld. The Alphaworld entry point was temporarily moved to the SWCity landing zone during the festivities. (AW 2219S 3610E).
On 30th march , 2 of the main members of SWCity , Syntax (#308403) and SWChris (#306637), made a guided tour to the nicest spots in SWCity , and brought the visitors to Nimbus Land and Faldon Village. You can view pictures of the event in the forum (see: Teamwork - SWCity gets 20 ).