january 2019
  Party in the world Shokan
The world Shokan is owned by Dovestar (#278411) and which he has started in october 2018 in addition to his existing worlds Pandemonium, Inspiron, and Keppler22b and his building area Star City in Alphaworld.(where you have Dove's Nest and Club Vortex ).The world Shokan is focused on dance events, which are supported by his internet radio : RJB radio.
Shokan is a new world , some parts of the world still don't have any objects, but the dance floor is already there, and maybe in the future new objects will be added ( a cocktail bar , a light studio , pictures or movies,...).
The dance floor itself changes constanly of colour, causing the main animation, altough there are also light beams and particle-emitters .
Dovestar hosts his parties twice a week : on tuesdays and saturdays, and he alternates them on different locations each time. Shokan is one of them.
These are some pictures of the party of january 5th.
Overall view of the dance area
Dance movers panel
Tiffany Lace was there..
...and : GoodPerson, Panne, RustyStar , Dovestar
and Old Chinese Man sleeping on a table.
RJB : Red Jelly Bean Radio
Mel joined the party.
...and Vampara, Tabitha and Cleet as well
..Dearheart and Henrikg were there too.