RWX scripting (with Notepad)
The most common used file extension in Activeworlds is .rwx, which is the abbreviation for the Renderware models. The website of Renderware with the software doesn't exist anymore for a long time, but the file format .rwx still exists. The file extension .cob is also often used in Activeworlds, and this is the abbreviaton for the Truespace models (Caligari objects).
The reason why rwx is more popular , is because you can still edit the file with Notepad, even without having to import again into your modeling program(s). Notepad is a very simple text editor, and you will find the entire script of the model in text format.
When you go in the AW menu to : Help -> User Guide -> 3S Designer Topics -> RWX Model Scripts, then you will see the Wiki pages, containing all RWX command scripts that you can use :
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