Worlds with VOIP

All worlds have VOIP, but since a plugin in needed to have VOIP, this is not always the case. In some worlds, the quality is not always excellent, because there are sound interruptions.

Some people are choosing then other resources, like Skype and AW Discord for Voice Chat. In any case, we show you here a list of all the worlds which have VOIP enabled.
We show a limited list of the most current used worlds in 2018.
World VOIP Owner / Hosts
A!!Vines Yes Keshi
Aeolia Yes Horsy
Alliance No TonyCat
America Yes AW
Alvacado Yes Gremot
AlwaysOK Yes OldKunnel
AW (=Alphaworld) No AW
AWMix07 No (internet radio) AW
AWReunion Yes AW
AWRome Yes AW
AWSchool Yes AW
Blood Internet radio Sweets
Brooksworld Yes Cleet
Freebie No AW
Chulak Internet radio Jaisp
Citbingo No (internet radio) AW / Garnet
DAAP No Derrick W
Delight Yes MeL
Earwax Yes Enkar
Edentia4 No Micromaster/Magneto
Garnets No Garnet
GZModels Yes Greymane & Zarolene
Harps Yes Lensman
Heavensstairway Internet radio Tiffany Lace
Hyria Yes Hyria3d / Prometeo
Inspiron No (internet radio) Dovestar
Kenneth Yes Kenneth
Keppler22b No (internet radio) Dovestar
MusicDance Internet radio ShadowTwinMaples
Mouxi Yes DesGros
Mystica Yes Perra / Zanna
Mythopia No Starheart
Pelican No Pelican
Per&Zan Yes Perra / Zanna
Planets2 Yes Panne
Poetic Yes Genevieve
Razwin Internet radio Razzle
ReginaDN/ ReginaUP Yes Karten
SecretSpace Yes SteveForFaith
SFgate Yes CableCar Gal
Shalima2 Internet radio GoodPerson
Singalot Yes Stayjit
There Yes AW / Dodgy / Ohioman
Tolculda No Badger
Tymeless Yes Moonwings+Tiger Hunter
Venice3d Yes Panne
WildAW Yes AW
Winter Yes AW / Maxpoly
Yellow Yes AW