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  Puerta de San Jackelyn
This area is located in Alphaworld on position 10259N 30930E, and here also the community meeting took place in january 2014. This whole building area has been created by Stanly (#299665) between 2010 and 2013, and it's not limited to the town, but there is also landscaping around the village.. Since 2013, Stanly started the project Intramuros in the world America ( 236S 149W), also because this world uses a better objectpath, with nice objects. Puerta de San Jackelyn is smaller then Intramuros, but both areas have the same theme, with the same building techniques.
The theme is mainly about colonial buildings in the Philippines. The buildings are limited to the facades , only in a few cases , you can enter into the building and you will have furniture. There is also caugh attention for details : poles for electricity, shadows for trees, illumated buildings, fences, cars, etc.
10265N 30934E
10265N 30934E
10265N 30929E
10256N 30941E
10259N 30947E
10267N 10957E
10264N 30960E
Just like in his Intramuros building area, the building are often unfinished, but they give already a good impression of how the building look like. And there is also street plan, where most of the buildings still need to be added..
The whole building area goes from 10215N to 10279N in the north , and from 30831E to 30990E in the east. Only a smaller part of this building area shows the colonial town. You will see also the rural areas around , as well as the initial area with tutorials , building ideas and useful tips. There are also several testing areas.
Also new building techniques are used , like the shear-command for the creation of hills, and gravity commands for the stone pieces inside the building in ruins .
10234N 30865E - tutorial area
10236N 30868E - building ideas
10269N 30881E - railway station
10277N 30875E
10249N 30970E
10220N 30874E - rural building
10266N 30910E
10271N 30914E - building in ruins
10268N 30913E
10266N 30901E
10254E 30910E - irrigation system
There is also a village with pile dwellings , called "Barangay Santos", with palm trees ,high vegetation , and hills in the background.
Most of the building have been preserved today, only a few textures have been lost due to the change in policy of the website Photobucket.
10244N 30915E
10248N 30912E
10281N 30925E