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  Echo Meadow Village
The Echo Meadow Village has been created by Apooka (#363660) ,and is located in Yellow world on position 151S 1695E, and it covers a large building area. The building has started from 2010 until 2013, afterwards some builds have been renewed , like for instance the Echo Meadow dance hall , where the annual Halloween Ball takes place.

Explore scary places....
  Bald Mountain Castle
The Bald Mountain Castle is located in Alphaworld close to the initial AW landing zone, on position 181S 1091E., and has been built by Riff (#275011), Blue Green Gem (#307543) , The Observer (#289414) and Gaia (#151708). The castle has been created already since 1999, but has been updated year after year, also this year, and everything inside the castle (pictures and sounds) is loading very well .

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  Puerta de San Jackelyn

This area is located in Alphaworld on position 10259N 30930E, and here also the community meeting took place in january 2014. This whole building area has been created by Stanly (#299665) between 2010 and 2013, and it's not limited to the town, but there is also landscaping around the village.. Afterwards, Stanly started the project Intramuros in the world America ( 236S 149W), also because this world uses a better (larger) objectpath. Puerta de San Jackelyn is smaller then Intramuros, but both areas have the same theme, with the same building techniques.