Texturing programs
When starting to model you also need to have already some knowledge about texturing programs. Some texturing programs are easy but have few possibilities (like Paint). Other texturing programs have a lot more possibilities , but are payware , but there are freeware programs which can do the same.
Gimp   PhotoShop   Fireworks
Paint.net   Inkscape   PaintShopPro
Supported texture file formats in Activeworlds - File extensions :
.jpg (joint photograpics group) is the most common texture file type for texture files. Texture files with the extension .jpeg are NOT supported. You need to save them first as .jpg
.gif giles (graphics interchange format) are mostly used for animations of images
bitmap files can be used in activeworlds and must be zipped before uploading in the texture path. These .bmp files are mostly black&white texture masks for cutting out the shape of another texture.
.png files (portable network graphics) are supported as well, they usually are masked textures.
Using textures in AW
Some textures are too big to be used in a 3d real-time environment like Activeworlds.
Just like for models, you need to keep some guidelines for the use of textures :
1. textures from the internet are made for another purpose, and it is better to resize the textures
2. resize the textures in a pixel-size which is a multiple of 2 (= powers of 2)
3. for small objects -> use small pictures
4. large pictures take a lot more video memory of your computer than small pictures
5. try to use identical textures for your objects if possible
6. try to use seamless textures and use them as a pattern (with UV mapping)
7. try to use: 1cm in Activeworlds = 1 pixel for your textures ,e.g. for the image pixel size 256x256 pixels (for 5x5m size)
In this AWTimes, you can read more about this :
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Choosing your texturing program
If you want to texture yourself : a texture can be a simple picture, but you can make a pattern of it , or a seamless texture , or you can cut it out as a mask, or you can make a gif animation or a filmstrip , or even a skybox. There are simple texturing programs with few possibilities (eg. Paint) , and advanced programs with many possibilities (eg. Photoshop).
On Wikipedia you will find 2 types of editors , there is also a column with indication of the licence : GPL is open source and is freeware.
Here we have a list of some popular modeling programs :
Paint (freeware)
This program can be found on every computer , and you can do some basic operations : resize the image , cut the image , add text or colours ...
Tutorial in AWTimes:
3. Printscreen - Making pictures - venice3d.net/2013create3.html
PhotoShop (payware)
This program from Adobe is very popular , you can resize the pixel size of an image ,you can make corrections by using the clone tool , you can easily create masks, you can do perspective corrections , you can convert textures into .png files , and there is a technique to make seamless textures. .
Gimp (freeware)

This advanced open source program can be downloaded on the website gimp.org . You can do all these functions with Gimp too!!

Tutorials in AWTimes :
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Paint.net (freeware)
Paint.net has more possibilities then paint : you can cut out images and save them as .png images.
Tutorial in AWTimes:
46. Making a masked picture with Paint.net - venice3d.net/2016create46.html
Inkscape (freeware)
Also this program is freeware. The files can be imported in e.g. Wings3d.
This program is vectorial : if you resize the image, the image quality remains.
Adobe Fireworks (payware)
This is also an Adobe program, which is rather used to make website navigation buttons , but you can also make small textures and masks with it.
You can also make gif animations with it.
Corel Photo-Paint (payware)
This program is a product of Corel , which is more or less the same as Photoshop, but with less possibilities.
Corel Paint Shop Pro (payware)
Also a program of Corel, with the same possibilties as in Photoshop.