The bot program Jabb_Lite has been made by Tomas (#312020) and this bot is a multi-purpose bot. You can download the bot program from his website :
You can do object queries, make a backup of your world, edit world attributes and world rights , read chatlogs, add teleports, add alerts, add greet messages , add hud windows, error search...
This bot is still updated today ! The lastest version was released on march 2018.
* Solve issues with the aw.dll -file
When downloading the latest version of Jabb_Lite , there should be no problems concering the .dll -file, as the program has been updated in 2018.
However if you have problems with other (older) bot programs, then you can copy the .dll-files from the Jabb-Lite program and paste and replace the .dll-file from the other bot program.
* Starting up the Jabb-Lite bot
When starting up the Jabb-Lite program that you have downloaded, the Jabb-Lite program will first check if there is a newer version of the bot program. Then you can choose yourself if you want this update or not.
Then you start to add your citizen number, your privilege password (= bot password) , the world name (where you want to start up the bot) , and the world coordinates. You can choose if you want to make the bot global (=covering the whole world) and if you want to have the bot visible in your world or not.
The Activeworlds universe is the default universe, which means that you don't need to change anything at the left side of the setup, except if you want to use your bot in another universe (e.g. AW-Europe).

* Adding presets
You can add several presets for the Jabb-Lite bot program. This is useful if you own several worlds. Then you just need to select the matching preset and start the bot.
Just select : edit preset, then add the preset name and choose : save preset. And now you will see the preset name on top of the login window.
* Coordinates
Don't forget to add the altitude in the coordinates, otherwise you will be unable to start up the bot program and you will have error "24". Now click upon "login" to start up the Jabb_Lite program. We will look now at the most useful menu options ....
* Main menu
You arrive in the main menu (see picture below), where you see the arrivals of citizens, and their chat. You can also chat with the bot itself by typing text in the Talk Channel below (either local or global) , or by whispering.
* Options - settings
Here you can determine is you want to hear sounds ,when an avatar enters or even when an avatar speaks. You can choose if you want chat colors, if you want to have a chatlog, if you want VRT time, etc. The HUD options that you choose here are for hud messages in the bot window, not in the 3d scene.
* Options - HUD
Here you have 2 possibilities : You can either choose between a HUD menu of images or a HUD menu of text..
The tabsheet images, will show a menu where you can add HUD -images on the 3d screen, these HUD images must be part of the objecpath of your world. You can choose to make the HUD images flash or not. For each HUD image, you can either add teleport coordinates (or choose for warp) or add URL-links.
The tabsheet text will show text on the 3d screen, you can choose to make it flash or not. If the hud-text keeps flashing, it may help by re-entering the workd. Also here you can choose for url -links or warps. You can also choose to disable the message , when starting up the bot, asking if the huds must be enabled or not.
Put transparency at 100 percent then you have NO transparency, transparcy at 0 percent will make the HUD text totally transparent and invisible.
* Options - Messages
Here you can choose to type an arrival message and also a repetitive message
* Options - Jump Points
You have the possibility to use jump points
* Tools - Translate
You have the possibility to translate from/to a wide range of languages.
* Tools - AutoTranslate Chat
In this case, the bot will translate the foreign text automatically.
* Tools - Object Query / Propdump
You can search for an object by typing the object name. You can also select another world, then a second bot will start, but in this case you need to have a bot limit of 2. You can determine the area where the bot has to search.You can also choose bot search for other object types (movers , pe's, cloth).
You can search for object errors (which you have in the chat window), the bot will show on which cells these objects are located. You can also search in the action commands, or search by citizen number (if you have several builders in your world). You can also search in public worlds, except for Alphaworld, where bots use was disabled in 2017.
With the buttons "view a prompdump", you can make a backup, and with "build a propdump" you can load a propdump that you have made before. If you want to create a propdump of the whole world, then you have to select and enable this option.
* Tools - Seed
You can create a seed object with this bot program. This is useful if you have no object around to copy from. In the menu Options - Settings, you can choose which object.
* Tools - World Rights
You can add world rights, independantly from the world right options in the AW menu..
* Tools - World/Universe Attributes
You can edit the world attributes , independantly from the world attributes options in the AW menu..
* Teleports - Manage Teleports
You can add teleports : world name, coordinates . In the main window of the Jabb_Lite, just below the menu, you can teleport with your bot to those added locations.
On the same line below the menu, you have a flashlight icon : here you can teleport a user (or yourself) to a stored teleport location.
* Eject management
You can also eject a user : when clicking up the last icon on the line below the menu, a new window will open, where you can determine for how long you want to eject this user.
Apart from that, you can go in the menu to : Tools - Eject Management.