World overview 2017
New worlds come online and other worlds are discontinued and disappear.
There has been made an overview of the accessible worlds of 2016 (=all the worlds that not closed (=don't have a grey symbol ) )
Here you will find an updated list of worlds in 2017. The list of worlds that went down seems long, but a lot of these worlds were online only for 1 year. The list will be checked regularly : if a world comes back online, it will be deleted from this list.
Also new worlds will be added. Some new worlds are closed when they start up, and open only when the whole 3d scene has been built..
  WORLD ACTIVITY (column 1+2)
  = new world
  = world has stopped during 2017
    = new world, but currently closed
    = new world but objects not loading
  = existing world that closed (="grey symbol")
* = ok to visit, there are things to see
** = worthwhile visiting
*** = nice world and/or popular world
  = world with models for sale
  = world with free objects
  = building world (public/private)
  = demo world
  = game worlds (mazes/quests/paintball/rpg)
  = object yard world
Y = world with object selection
N = no object selection
Alaska   N P60 *** Nattie + Thunderjack  
Alemania   Y P50 ** ....(?)  
Alliance   N     Tonycat  
Altair2         Ramius  
Bagend   Y p30 *** Snowkupp  
Bellezza   N p10 ** ....(?)  
Blood         Sweets  
Chulak     p20   Jaisp  
Citadel     p20   AW Futuristic World
Daydream2         Lady Tosca  
DStudio         Kevin Heeren  
Electronia         Ricketron  
Enya4   N p30   Snowkupp (?)  
EvolutionX   N P20   ....(?)  
Forte     p30   Korg4god  
GenerationX   N P20 --- Aphexblue  
Goreanoasis         Locodarwin  
HyperionX     p20   Toxor  
InspiringWorks   Y P20   Locodarwin + team  
Ishtari   Y P70 *** ...(Greymane?)  
Kodash         Telrhim reopened as Kodash3d
Kodash3d     p10 * Telrhim  
Kitten   Y p10 * KittenWithClaws  
Lakotanation         ....(?)  
Legends   ? ±P30 *** Ohioman (=Buzzin)  
Leviathan   Y P10 --- Poseidon  
Levillage3d   Y p20   Heldroe (?) backup world of former Levillage3d universe
Marcomania   Y P40 ** MarcoPolo41200  
MidTownCafe   N p20 ** ....(?) reopened as Midtown
Muncha   N p10 ** Rad007  
Music_Dance   N P10   ShadowTwinmaples  
Novalis         MillionaireFan1  
Nuttshell         Nutt  
MysticStar   N P30 * ....(?)  
NursWood   Y p30 *** Nursemom + Woody  
OhMy!!!   N P40 *** Ohioman (=Buzzin)  
Otherworld     p40   Nutt  
Pandemonium         Dovestar  
Pathway         Good Person  
Polynesia   N p10 *** MarcoPolo41200  
Portals   Y p20 ** Strike Rapier building world (Blockbuilder)
Powergod         Locodarwin  
Purpleworld         Vampire Queen  
Savino   N p10 --- Savino  
Razwin     p50   Razzle  
Relapse         Javitzso  
RisingObjects   N ? *** CharleyO Maya temples, ... / Charley O passed away in november.
SecretSpace     p10   SteveForFaith  
Serenity   Y p30 *** Nursemom  
Settlement   Y p10 * Kenneth  
Shalima2     p30   GoodPerson reopened after 1 year of absence
Simulator   Y p30   Locodarwin  
Snowkupp   N p20 ** Snowkupp  
Solstheim   N p10 ** ---(?)  
Stardust   Y p20 *** Love /Nursemom+Woody  
Start   Y p10 --- Strike Rapier (?)  
Studio6         Dovestar  
TheBeanBag         Krazy Kynko  
ThePanther957   N P20 * DarToren music world
Tymeless         Tiger Hunter + Moonwings  
Tropical   N P20 * ThunderJack+Nattie  
TorTuGor   N P40 * Dominicus  
UNMLibraryWorld     p30 * Kevin Comerford  
Vapir   N P20   ---(?)  
VR-Farm   N p35   DM Mercury  
Woodville   Y p40 *** Nursemom + Woody  
Woodywoods   Y p30 *** Nursemom + Woody  
YeahMon   N p10 ** --- (?) reggae style / Jamaica
Young   N p10 * (Ironbeard ?)  
Zolom   Y p10 --- Toxor