AW Facebook : who is who ?
A lot of members of AW Facebook use another name than the name they are using in Activeworlds. That's because Facebook requires an account with your real name. Some "unknown" names on Facebook are in fact well-known citizens in Activeworlds.
There are some alternatives for AW Facebook, (for posting messages, ideas and events). You have AWPortals, and you have the AWCommunity Meeting, and there is still the (unpopular) AWForum . Maxpoly made a social network site for AW users only, called AWLife.org , but this site is under maintenance.
But let's look now which name on Facebook refers to which citizen ....we limit the list to the known citizens, that posted this year on AW Facebook
  = list of 2017
  = added in 2018
Facebook Activeworlds
Alberto De Girolano Albert1
= painter from Italy  
Aleysha Sarinn KittenWithClaws
Alister Brenton LtBrenton
Alphaw Orldian Alphaworldian
Andrew Vallières Desgros3D
Andy Stockton BlueRidge Boy
Angela Jourdan Banker Keshi
= modeler + hosts the Explorers Club  
Anthony James Neace Hyper Anthony
Armand Stroh Astroh
AW Woody Woody
Bach Zhaa Bach Zhaa
= community meeting host + game moderator  
Belladora Maria Ahumada Belladora
Bob Shoemaker Pastorbob /EarthTrex
Braden Dees MillionaireFan
Branimir Makanec Stariji Branimir
= owns Zadar (Croatian world)  
Bruce Damer Digigardener
Bukka Terralibre Bukka
MillionaireFan announces on Facebook a "Millionaire" game make-over for this summer
Cam Schulte Lieber
Carol Chamberlain CeeCee
Carol Hemenway Nursemom
= owns different worlds  
Charles VanBuskirk Charlies
Christopher Walker SWChris
Chu Mana Chumana
Cindy Richard Darkfire and Ice
Daishun Bickford RedWolf
David Cavers Kahless
David Sarinn AlbertaGold /DCSarinn
David Stanley Cooper Stanly
= builder of Intramuros +Puerta De San Jackelyn  
Derek Pixley The Derek
Don Nicholas oZilCHo
Duane Fant Karten
= runs Uberpath + ReginaUP/DN + bot classes  
Eric Standridge OklahomaTraveler
Fran Pagdin DearHeart
Garnet Red Garnet
= bingo host  
Genevieve Lingle Genevieve
= modeler + hosts RAW  
Gremot Og Gremot
= runs Alvacado world  
Ian Russell Rustystar
Jaque Davison Lensman
= runs Harps + teleport maze  
Jim Lewies TenYearsGone
= runs Happy Valley  
Karen L. Hagg Tart Sugar
= object yards creator  
Kathleen Garrison Snowkupp
Kenneth Green Kenneth
= runs Kenneth world  
Leilani Kalilimoku Kaleiohi Iao Moonshadow
= runs Combat world  
Lin Brassey Taylor GolderUK
Garnet announces the Bingo Game Event on Facebook.
Lensman posts pictures of Airbagger City on Facebook


Mark Forshee Highwayman
Mark Freedman MaxPoly
= runs Winter+America + games moderator + awlife.org  
Mark Randall Strike Rapier
= runs Awportals.com  
Massimo Greco Prometheo / Hyria3d
= runs Hyria (italian world)  
Martin Philips / Dodgy Phill Dodgy
= hosts the TGIF + FB moderator +PKADir  
Michael L Ritchie Ohioman / Buzzin
Mickey Smith SaintlyMic
Mike Sheppard M i k e
Paul R. Marcano / Trem Ellius Artist3d
Philippe Libert Horsy
= runs Aeolia + modeler : users.skynet.be/horsy/  
Peter-ake Lindström Perra
= greeter / gatekeeper  
Peter Collins Storm Raven
Ray Barbier Dovestar
= runs Keppler22b + Star City  
Rick Noll Rick / Enzo
= CEO of Activeworlds + Facebook moderator  
Robert Davis Ren89
Rod Dey RaD007
Scott Miller Enkar
Scott Osborn Ozyseo
Shawn Olson Locodarwin
Steven Dixon Briarkin
Thorus Adama Thorus
T.Shawn Johnson Whyst
Tomas Nilsson Tomas
= runs pens.sytes.net/aw/ +maker of jabb-lite bot  
Tox Orr Toxor
Maxpoly announces his Gigabash Party on Facebook.
Horsy posts on Facebook that you can download new freebies from his website.