Sept.+Oct. 2017
  AW News ( september+october 2017)
Halloween events
Halloween Community Building Event
This year's Halloween Building Event is located in the world AWReunion, on postion 313S 103E. AWReunion has a large object path : besides the standard object yard of Alphaworld, you can search for additional objects in the world Woodyard.

Besides this, you can also search in the objectpath database list of the website http://nursemom3d.com/awreunion/materials.php. You can use an advanced search on this database website (see "tips" at the bottom of this page)

The Halloween building area is located close to other Halloween building areas of previous years, where you can also search there for new objects and building ideas.
There are 35 building lots, and this years edition is a success with more than 30 builders participating at the building event.
You can also send a telegram to Mel or Maxpoly about other pictures , png's or gif-animations, which you would like to use, then they will add those to the object path of AWReunion.
The Crypt
From the central area where the building lots are displayed, you can teleport to "The Crypt" on position 303S 24E (created by Maxpoly). When walking into the crypt, you can see how you will "take your own final journey".
The Soul Club
You can also teleport to the Soul Club, on position 296S 103E, but which is in fact located in the middle of the Halloween Building area. Besides gravestones, you will find a nice dance area; with pumpkins,ghosts and dancing skeletons.
This dance area will be used for some of the TGIF-parties in october.
Pumpkin Hunt
After the egghunt in april and parcel hunt in june/july, this is the 3rd hunt of this year.
Just like the previous hunt games, the huntbot of Strike Rapier has been used and the hidden objects (pumpkins) are located in an area of 200 meters (=20 cells) around the AW Landing Zone (7700S 1400E). The Pumpkin Hunt is also supported by Loco Radio (Locodarwin's radio station).
The hunt starts on 14th of october and lasts until 31st of october.
There are prizes for the top 3 scores : 75$ 50$ and 25$.
The bot commands that can be used : /hunt score and also /hunt leaderboard
For the complete list : https://www.awportals.com/aw/worlds/about_aw/hunt
Tunablues has passed away
Tunablues has passed away on 30th of august after a kidney failure, news about that was published on the AW Facebookgroup on 21st september. Although Tunablues isn't a AW citizen anymore since several years, however he has played an important role the years before, when he was a great help for the AW Community.
Some important projects that he realized were the birthday area in Alphaworld on position 8288S 941E. For all citizens which had their birthday, he had organized and prepared the building lots for friends which wanted to make a 3d gift or wish. He did this project from june 2003 till june 2005.

A second huge project is the world Freebie, which he has realized together with Dreamer2. In this world thousands of freeware 3d objects are displayed , and by clicking upon the objects, you can download them as well. This project has been realized from 2006 till 2011, when they have added constantly new objects.

The world "Freebie", maintained by Tunablues and Dreamer2

A third huge project was the project Offworld, which is located in Alphaworld on position 31553N 31554E, where you have the Ground Zero point. Offworld covers a huge area, you can consider it as one of the largest cities in Alphaworld. Offworld borders : 31150N -> 31980N and from 31220E -> 31900E. Offworld has been established in 2004 (building activity between 2004 and 2006) and had a large team of builders, main builders were Tunablues, Dreamer2, Redoubt and Lensman . Offworld city consists of exclusively futuristic buildings, machines, vehicles, space ships, robots and all kind of odd constructions. The building skills were quite advanced for that time (in 2004 there was AW version 3.6) . Today, in 2017, the supporting website for Offworld still exists , but probably not for long anymore : tunablues.com/offworld. But the building area of Offworld itself will still remain in Alphaworld.

Somewhere in Offworld - AW 31707N 31512E

* New from the worlds:

Hump day parties
Locodarwin (#318855) and Nutt (#361395) have started since august with hosting their "Hump Day Parties" on wednesdays .The weekly event has been hosted already on 5 different locations : the world Otherworld on postion 18s 8w , the world Nutshell on position 7n 10w ,the world Prairiehills on position 4S 4E , the worl Chulak on position 13n 14w , in the world Simulator and also the world Shalima2 on position 4S 21W,

The parties start at 10:30 PM VRT and seem to be successful, also taking into account that this is a mid-week event.

During the parties, you can dance and listen to "Loco Radio", with live DJ music, including spoken comments via microphone, and including a song guessing game "Momentary Mashup", with this game, the participants can win a beautiful prize.
Helix Ski Area
Foxmore O (#349753) has inaugurated the Helix Ski Area , which he has started up in june. The Helix Ski Area is a Ski Club area where citizens can practice VR skying. The GroundZero is in: AW 20010N 4369W .
From that location, you can teleport to several viewing points and ski stations, each with different challenges. The main offices of the Helix Ski Area are located on position AW 20044N 4351W 94A (=940 metres altitude)

Foxmore O has built already a similar ski practice area in the world AWTeen : the Spiral Glacier Ski Area . The Explorers Club has visited the Spiral Glacier Ski Area in october 2014. You can still view this AWTimes article about that event : http://www.venice3d.net/2014explore21.html. But.... 2 years ago, building has been disabled in AWTeen.(=no modifications, no improvements, no expansion, no visitors) . That's why Foxmore has decided to start all over in Alphaworld.

The Bunny Slope - 20049N 4369W 91A : this ski challenge starts at 900meters altitude.
Helix Ski Area - Main Offices - 20044N 4351W 94A
20033N 4345W 94A * Facing to the west : ski -movers with general skiing instructions. * - Facing to the east : the visitor's wall and detailed skiing instructions.
Citbingo starts with a flexible time schedule
Garnet (#302030) has announced that he will host the bingo games differently : the current fixed schedule : same day and same time is not working anymore : there aren't just enough players for the bingo game..
From now on, the BINGO game will be scheduled on different days and at different hours ,so that people liiving in other time zones can also enjoy playing the bingo game.
The weekly Bingo game on wednesdays has stopped. The Bingo game will be announced each time in advance (on AWPortals and on AW Facebook )
So, the next bingo game will be on Sunday 29th October at 3PM VRT.


Tart Sugar expands her texture yard
Tart Sugar (# 331363) continues expanding her texutre yard. She manages to recover textures from older popular AW websites which have "lost" their textures. Last year, Tart Sugar added the plant textures of Scentednectar's website to her texture yard. This year , she started wit adding the textures of Lara's website. Tartsugar did save all those textures and uploaded these to her website http://theraven.sphosting.com/.
Recently she added new animated textures to the site. The specific location for textures from her website (not belonging to the standard texture path of Alphaworld) is called "Tart Sugar's Silly JPG Yard" ,and is located on position AW 267N 1897W
These are her other yards :
AW object yard ->AW 27430S 12595E
AW texture yard -> AW 27371S 12646E
WildAW 1027N 979W
"Scentednectar" yard -> AW 27398S 12740E
* New worlds :
This is the abbreviation of University of New Mexico Library, and in this p30-world, you will learn more about New Mexico, and you can view already video's about some touristic places and natural beauty.
builders : Kevin Comerford #407189 (world owner), Disc , Disc Lobo , Kevco
Also called "Winterfell", world owner is Ricketron #428292
The world is closed until the project is ready for inauguration.
Also this world is still "closed to the public". World owner : Ramius (#339945) (?)
Video about the Kasha Katuwe Tent Rocks in New Mexico
* Useful tips :
* Tip : advanced search function on webpages

Some objectpath databases can be viewed on a website, usually they are php-scripted. A example of such a database is the webpage http://nursemom3d.com/awreunion/materials.php. You can search by you choosing the asset e.g. "models" , and then click upon "get list", and you will get a list of all the models. But you can also do an advanced search. Then you type CTRL+F , and you will see a small window in the upper right corner . Here you can type a keyword, e.g. "mushroom", then you will see that the cursor will jump to the first model in the database , that contains the word "mushroom", then go to the next word by pressing the Enter key . You will notice that the word is indicated with a colour.(eg. in yellow and orange). You continue pressing the enter-key , and when you are at the bottom of the database, then the search continues again at the top of the database.This advanced search function can be used not only for databases, but for any webpage !

* Tip : world settings : camera zoom
If you are a world owner, you can modify the camera zoom of your world. For this, you need to go in the menu to : Options - World - Features, then you go to General, and last option under General is the "Camera Zoom", which is default on 100%.You can move the slider to the left or right, and finally click upon Apply, and you will see that the world view has changed. Or you can type a number.
The smallest number for camera zoom is 20% , this brings all objects closer and they get larger too. The ground in front of your avatar is not in your camera view. This has the same effect as if you would look through a magnifying glass or a pair of binoculars.
The largest number for camera zoom is 500%. All objects seem far away , and the ground in the front of your avatar looks huge and distorted. Both extremes (20% and 500%) are irrealistic and you have quickly the impression of being "drunk'. The best view is somewhere in the middle. Some people say that camera zoom of 80% is better, but this is rather a personal preference for them.