May +June 2017
  AW News (may+june 2017)
Activeworlds birthday week
On 28th june, Activeworlds celebrates its 22nd birthday of existance. As usually, there is a community picture and a week of partying and games.
During the birthday week, there is also a hunt game, this time the participants need to click for firecrackers, which are all location in the small area of the AWExpo Zone.

Just like in the easter egg hunt, you can view the scores by typing : /hunt leaderboard ,or by going to this webpage : https://www.awportals.com/aw/worlds/about_aw/hunt. Registration on Awportals.com is required (unless you are already registered).

Other activities were the Activeworlds Ball , a Musi Video Quiz, a Word Puzzle Game, Zookeeper Game, Mind Games, Candyland Game , and TGIF parties.

Birthday week calendar.
AW Community Picture
Firecracker Hunt
* Helpdesk system
Maxpoly  (#299422) has added a new utility on the website awlife.org. The website part for the community members is still under maintenance. No you see the AW Gatekeepers webpage as the main webpage of this website.
A new thing now is the AW Gatekeeper's Help Desk (bottom right corner). It's very simple way to get some extra needed info. Each info line has links to the most important AW Wiki pages, and there is also a tutorial about world management (for world owners).

There is also a chat box where the gatekeepers are ready to answer everyone's questions with live help or through the knowledge base system. When selecting 1 item of the knowledge base, then you will see the correponding AWWiki webpage

The Helpdesk System is useful, because in this case the gatekeepers can be busy in another world, instead of having to stay all the time in the portal world for assistance. If there is no response after 2 minutes, then question goes via a ticket system, so that the question can be responded by mail.
The help desk system can be reached at help.awgatekeepers.org
If your computer blocks popups you can go to the home page at awgatekeepers.org.
You can also click upon the Helpdesk System in the AWExpo (AW landing zone). Then the website will appear in an AW embedded web window. If the GK's a offline, then you can leave them a message by e-mail. But apart from that you can also use here the knowledge database.
* One cell sculpture contest :
The 1 cell sculpture contest in hosted from 14th may till 17th june in Alphaworld on position 7873S 1366E. All contests can participate multiple times.
There are some limitations : besides the with and height, you cannot use movers, PE's , mirrors, corona's , external url pictures and lights , no VRT timers ad no say commands.
The top 5 winning contestants win 10$ , and their builds will also be featured around the AWexpo landing zone.
* New worlds :
This p20 world is owned by JAISP (#425505), and will be a stargate based world. The world is still under construction, but we can see now already a far west village, a pyramid and a camping. Most remarkable is the theatre for movies and music videos in the NW , where you can select the sound volume as well.
Jaisp also offers world hosting and object paths.
This world is a large (p50-sized) world, owned by Razzle (#67279) (?) ,this means a lot of space for new projects. At this moment you will find a harbour and the entrance to a huge medieval castle , but everything is still under construction.
world Chulak - movie theatre
This world is owned by Sweets (#318814), who already owns the world MurderMystery, so she is loyal to her theme : it's a world of vampires, zombies, monsters , skeletons and other creepy creatures. When entering the world, you can go downstairs to the Blood Bar, which has all the ingredients for having a nice dance party.
Levillage3d is P20-world , owned by Heldroe (#425842) . Levillage3d has been a seperate french-speaking universe during several years. The universe contained approximately 10 worlds, where you could read the chat in all the worlds simultaneously. The universe went down 2-3 years ago, and LeVillage3d has now been reopened as a p20 world, but still with the former buildings from the universe, but only a small part of it (builds from 2004 till 2008) . There are no new projects yet in this world.
world Blood - Blood bar
Virlands Radio Network : songs on demand
Maxpoly  (#299422) runs the Virlands Radio Network, one of the radio stations of Activeworlds. Now you can also listen to songs on demand. Go to the webpage :
If need want to listen , you need windows media player and/or winamp for this , and you will find links where you can download these programs
In the middle of the page you see a list of maps, you can scroll down, and below you have the choice to select radio and listen to Virlands radio.

But you can also scroll and open one of the maps and select 1 individual song and play that song. If you want to see all maps again ,then you need to go to the upper line , where you find "parent directory" and at the left you select "open" , and you see the directory again with all the maps, and you can select another map.

* Useful tips :
* Tip : How to mute a citizen
If you don't want to see the chat of another citizen ( for instance because his chat is ennoying you), then you can "mute" this citizen. For this, you fly towards the citizen and you right-click upon his avatar and you choose "mute". But if you want a permanent mute (because the citizen is ennoying all the time) , then you right-click upon the avatar and choose "add to contacts". Then you press F9 and select the tabsheet Contacts, where you will find the citizen. Then here right-click and go to "Privacy Options for that citizen" and you choose "Mute on sight". As you can see, you can even (if necessary) also block the citizen or hide yourself from that citizen.