Mar.+Apr. 2017
  AW News (march+ april 2017)
* Egg hunt game
Last year we had the first edtion of the egg hunt in the AWExpo Zone, this year the same zone has been used for the Easter Egg Hunt.
Mel (#341444) and Genevieve (#281719) have placed this year the golden eggs in the AWExpo area. This game has been realized with the help of Strike Rapier (#334303) ,who has developped the bot for this egg hunt game. Before that , there have been hunt games with the huntbot of Andras, but this was years ago.
Before starting the game, you must register on the website of Awportals.com. Or you type in the chat window "/awp register". And you start to register, after that , you can log in into Awportals , and view useful information for Activeworlds (like the Calendar, the badges, the citizen search, statistics, etc. ). ( If you already have registered before, then you can start to play immediately).
The game is simple : click the golden eggs in the AWExpo Zone ( in Alphaworld on position 7700S 1400E). The citizen who clicks the most golden eggs is the winner of the egg hunt game. The egg hunt bot shows your score, after clicking each new golden egg.
You can also view the complete leaderboard by going to this webpage :
* Landing Zone Renovation
Bach Zhaa (#360197) and the AWExpo team have started on 15th march with a renovation of the landing zone of Alphaworld (and Activeworlds).
The renovations are mostly related to signs and pictures with useful information for newbies but also with useful info for the current citizens.
There will be a large keyboard with information about the useful keys in Activeworlds (moving, flying, running, change camera view, building,..etc.) There also will be an new area with info about creating a CAV (customizable avatar), using bots, using the SDK (server development kit) , building in Activeworlds, making videos, running your own world , resources (Facebook, AWwiki, AWportals,), etc.
Activeworlds used to have 24/7 support of greeters in the landing zone, but that was years ago. With the new information area, newbies will be able to learn more about Activeworlds independantly, without having to ask everything to the greeters.
* New worlds :
Pandemonium / Studio6
Pandemonium is a new world of Dovestar (#278411) (he already owns the world Keppler22b and he also hosts the Star City are in Alphaworld). Pandemonium will be divided into 4 zones, each with their specific theme, the first theme will be representing hell, and under the ground, there has been created a huge dance area. There has been an inauguration party on 5th of march. In the world Studio6 you will find a copy of this world, and at this moment, this world is used as a testing area for the world Pandemonium.

SecretSpace is a p10 world owned by Steve For Faith (#365534). There are different buildings, inside you will find Youtube-screens with tutorials. You can learn about mathematics, phonetics, linguistics , the languages family tree, and you can even start learning other languages . The subject of this world is free education. Steve For Faith has got building support from Enkar (#279023) and Lensman (#302479).

Inauguration party in the world Pandemonium
Powergod / Goreanoasis / Simulator
These 3 worlds have been started up by Locodarwin (#318855) , who has recently returned to Activeworlds. He has resumed the projects he had realized 15 years ago : you will still find some models from his former world(s), and also some sprite objects too, which were popular then. The new worlds will also be used for testing new things, in particular bot and game related issues , because he also started up a new website https://powergod.org/aw/doku.php
On this website he will develop new bots for Activeworlds, and make useful tutorials (about building, modeling, world hosting, games, music ...etc .).
Zolom / HyperionX
Zolom is a new p10 world is owned by Toxor(#391292) , after winning this world in the Winter Holiday Village contest of december/january.
HyperionX is a p20 world, also owned by Toxor . He had won the 3rd prize in the EBTS8 building contest.
Small dinosaur in the world Powergod.
* New games :
Combat Game returns
Ozyseo  (#368259) and Iao Moonshadow(#358444) have announed to resume with the world Combat. Everyone can now practice again his/her fighting skills of this paintball-based game. They have decided to return with Combat world, after demand of multiple citizens to put it back online.
Family Feud
MillionaireFan1 (#410682) has continued the game activities which were hosted by GSK. In september 2016 he has rebuilt the game "Who wants to be a Millionaire". And on 10th march he also hosted the game "Deal or No Deal". His next game project is "Family Feud" and has been tested already on 21st march . ( GSK had the plans to make this game too , but never realized to host it.) All the games of MillionaireFan1 are hosted in the world Delight , and the events are announced on Facebook and on AWPortals.
Coming soon : Family Feud
* New projects :
Hyria3d : art exhibitions Teleport
The world Hyria3d is owned by Prometheo (#330574)  from Italy, and the world Hyria exists already for quite a while (from 2003 till 2008 and from 2014 till today).
One of the main attractions is the Guggenheim museum, and the 3d building is a nice copy of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao (Spain). The building is dedicated to modern art and there are several exposition rooms and on 3 floors. Prometheo has added 2 new expos this year : First one, is an exposition about "Carnival" and shows art pictures about carnival in Italy. On the 3rd floor, there is another new expo : a scenografic design of Samuel Becket's theatre piece "Waiting for Godot".
The Guggenheim museum in Hyria is located on position 4N 39W 3a 90.
Supportive website : http://www.massimogreco.xyz/
Citizens visiting the Carnival Art Exhibition in the Guggenheim Museum (word Hyria)
* Useful tips :
* Tip : Opening a url-link in an external webbrowser
When someone posts a url-link in the chat window, then you can click upon that link and view the website in the embedded webbrowser of Activewords. Some people prefer to view the webpages in their standard webbrower (instead of the embedded webbrowser). The "normal" way is to copy the link and paste the link into your standard webbrowser.But there is an easy way to open the link immediately into an external webbrowser . by pressing CTRL + click upon the url-link.
* Tip : Advantages of using the embedded webbrowser
How do you open the embedded webbrowser of Activeworlds ? When online in Activeworlds, just press the F7-key and the AW web window will open.
You can also copy/paste a webpage from an external webbrowser into the embedded web window of AW.
In spite of the users preferences, the are a few advantages of using the embedded webbrowser of AW.
First advantage : teleports -> For these AWTimes webpages ( starting from 2017) , you can teleport to other worlds/places in Activeworlds , only by clicking upon the teleport links on the webpage.
Second advantage : Example the Forum of AW : http://forums.activeworlds.com/
You need to register + then you need to log in , in order to read the posts, and add/reply new posts on the forum.
When you want to read this video on the forum about importing models from Sketchup to AW : http://forums.activeworlds.com/read.php?3,362551 , then you won't see the video on some webbrowsers, but when you bring it to the embedded window, then will will be able to see the video.
* Tip : How to buy AW credits to give to another Citizen ?
You cannot transfer credits directly from one citizen to another, there is no ability for that. The solution is that you purchase credits in the other person's name. This means that you enter your payment information , but at the end you make the recipient of the credits on the other person's name.