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  Places in Alphaworld : SWCity
* SW City
SWCity is the largest city in Alphaworld and consists of several discricts and villages.
It has been created by a large team of skilled builders. And the SWCity community has its own website. This website consists of an overview of the history and expansions of the city , there is a forum and there are wiki pages, and there are building tutorials.
Apart from that, you will also find on the website " SWCity Interactive" : after registration, you can log in and then you can start to play the SWCity Interactive game : this game has been started up in 2006 and is still played today !
The interactive game :
The builders Academy :
The SWiki :
SWCity on Alphamapper
The last complete map of Alphaworld made with Alphamapper was made in 2008. Here you have a nice map of the SWCity area.
A lot of places around the main SWCity island have been built after 2008, and are not visible on this map , places like Happy Valley and Zelena City.
Town Square Park ( = SWCity Landing Zone)
Coordinates : 2219S 3610E 1A Teleport
Main Builder(s) : SW Comit (#297649)
Building activity: 2009->2016
Town Square Park is located in Downtown Central, in the middle of the SWCity island. Here you will find the City Hall , where you also have the SWCity Administration.
Town Square Park has also temporarily been the universe landing zone , before the AW Expo Zone become the new AW Landing Zone in june 2015.
Almost all builders of SWCity community had already stopped building in SWCity , so it was not a good choice for keep this area as world entry point.
Afterwards, SWCity builders had covered the landing spot itself with herbs and weeds, expressing that the area was abandoned. Some months later, the weeds were removed, showing that things were getting better again. But SWCity never got the activity back like it has had before 2010. Today , citizens are still logging into the SWCity Interactive game. And the SWCity area is a very good source for creative building ideas.


Faldon Village / Faldon Desert / Fort Masen
Coordinates : 2354S 3608E 1A Teleport
Main Builder(s) : SW Comit (#297649)
Building activity: 2006->2015
Faldon Desert is located in the south of the SWCity Island , and it's quite a windy and dusty area. In the north part of the desert you will find Faldon Village, most houses have sand-coloured walls. There are also small inhabitants , which are part of the interactive game of SWCity : when you hoover over them, you can read messages, if you click them, then you will see the link to the SWCity Interactive Game.
There is a railway to the south part of the desert, which leads to Fort Masen. Position : 2432S 3637E . Also here you have the interactive game.


Faldon Village

Nimbus Land + Airspeed  
Coordinates : 2342S 3466E 23A Teleport
Main Builder(s) : SWChris (#306637)
Building activity: 2002->2010
Nimbus land is located in the south-west of the main SWCity island, and it is in fact located above a huge tree : there is a large network stairs alongside the treetrunk , and at the top, instead of reaching a treehouse, you arrive into the clouds , where you have Nimbus Land.
Nimbus Land is not very large, but it has a palace , there are groups and houses with turbines, and there is also a building expansion zone, but which never got finished.
Nimbus Land
On position 2357S 3446E 23A, there is also a teleport to Airspeed , which is a game of skills. When you fly up inside the green Airspeed capsule, you will arrive at the game itself, which is located on position 2418s 3455e 23A
Read also about Nimbus Land : http://www.venice3d.net/2015explore26.html
Coordinates : 1358S 4830E 2A Teleport
Main Builder(s) : Baro (#272775)
Building activity: 2008->2011
Zelena is a very impressive project, it is probably the most impressive town in Alphaworld, made with hundreds on different wall textures, which gives you the impression of being in a real town with a complete infrastructure. There is a network of roads with traffic lights and signs, there are plenty of shops of all kinds, trees and parks, railroads, office buildings, industrial areas, etc. The only drawback is that there only a few buildings where you can walk inside. Zelena is really made to be explored from outside. It's an area with plenty of building ideas .