november 2017
  Hot Air Balloon Festival

The Hot Air Balloon Festival was hosted in the world AWReunion on position 153s 37E. The event took place from 11th till 19th of november has been hosted by Genevieve (#281719), Maxpoly (#299422) and Bach Zhaa (#360197) . The event consisted of a balloon mover building contest. After the annoucement of the winners during the Community Meeting , thera was also balloon tour with all the balloon movers that were created.

  november 2017
  Scavenger Hunt and Pool Party

After the African Festival in july, this is the second nice event that has been hosted by Ms T (#350468) . The Scavenger Hunt was also hosted in the world Yellow ,on position 775S 1675E , close to the African Party area. It was a small hunt game , in a limited area, where the participants needed to search for only 4 objects. When the game was over, the event continued with a Pool Party.

  october 2017
  Halloween Events

.Halloween is a period of various events in Activeworlds.

This year we had a building event, a pumpkin hunt game and parties, there was also the annual Halloween Ball in the world Yellow, hosted by Apooka and Ozman.

  august 2017
  Hump Day Party

Locodarwin (#318855) and Nutt (#361395) have hosted a Hump Day Party in the world Nutshell on position 7n 10w. The party was hosted on wednesday 16th august.In spite of the fact that the party is a mid-week event, the party was a big success. You can dance and listen to "Loco Radio", with live DJ music, but there are also spoken comments via microphone.

The Hump Day Parties will be hosted every week on wednesdays, and not only in the world Nutshell, but also in other private worlds. (1st hump day party was hosted on 9th august in the world Simulator ).

  july 2017
  African Festival

The African Festival has been hosted by Ms T (#350468) in the world Yellow on position 739S 1677E on saturday 29th july . She had built a small african village with a few typical round huts, with exotic plants and trees , creating a forest around the village and in the center , there was the dance area.

  july 2017
  Family Feud
Family Feud is a popular TV quiz program, and MillionaireFan1 (#410682) already had announced this new game a long time ago ,but finally it's there.

The game is located in the world Delight ,and the first Family Feud game was hosted on sunday 9th of july.

  may+june 2017
  1 cell sculpture contest
The 1 cell sculpture contest in hosted from 14th may till 17th june in Alphaworld on position 7873S 1366E. All contests can participate multiple times.
There are some limitations : besides the size (surface and height) , you cannot use movers, PE's , mirrors, corona's , external url pictures and lights , no VRT timers and no "say" commands.
The top 5 winning contestants win 10$ , and their builds will also be featured around the AWexpo landing zone.
  april 2017
  Easter egg hunt

The second edition of the easter egg hunt in the AWExpo Zone has been a success. This year the same zone has been used for the Easter Egg Hunt.This game has been realized with the help of Strike Rapier (#334303) ,who has developped the bot for this egg hunt game.This year Mel (#341444) and Genevieve (#281719) have placed the golden eggs in the AWExpo area.

  february 2017
  Party in the world Keppler22b

Every weekend there are parties in Activeworlds, we have the weekly TGIF parties on fridays, hosted by Mel on different locations .And we have also the Star City parties, hosted by Dovestar, which are mostly hosted in Star City in Alphaworld. But occasionally, Dovestar also hosts a party in his private world Keppler22b , like this party here on 25th of february. We went for a look.

  january+february 2017
  EBTS 8

The 8th edition of the Extreme Builders Talent Show was hosted this time in the world WildAW on position 1061N 921E 3a. The theme of this building contest was "builders choice" and there were 25 participants. The event was hosted  by Tart Sugar (#331363). There was also a team of judges who had to choose the 3 winners. We will look now at the best builds and at the final results of this contest.

  january 2017
  Winter Holiday Village 5
During the christmas period , there was the 5th edition of the Winter Holiday Village. This building event is hosted by Maxpoly in the world Winter. The buidling theme for this 5th edition is mountain cabins or resorts. This could be a ski hut or even a small village. The event was not a big success, but in spite of that there were several nice builds. ,Maxpoly has made for this event a View-and-Vote system , which can also be used for other events and contests.

  january 2017
  Christmas and New Year Parties

We look back at the Christmas 2016 parties and New Eve Years Party. There have been used existing, popular dance clubs which are worthwhile visiting : the Vortex Club, The Palace and the Space Bar.