Building ideas
  Ideas for : flowers, shrubs and trees (2)
The ideas for new plants are based on objects and textures used in Alphaworld, and most of the examples on these pages come from Alphaworld. If external url picture links are used , use this golden tip: save a copy of the picture on your computer. If possible, upload the picture to your own webspace and use that link instead.
Examples of pine trees
For the trunk :
create texture tbbark02
Here they converted an ordinary pine tree into a pine tree with fine branches...
create texture grassn mask=tbtree010m , solid no
Pine trees in SWCity - AW 2161S 3573E
For the trunk :
create texture tbbark02
Here the command is similar as well . For these large pine trees, several tree-objects have been built on top of eachother.
tree03.rwx (3 times)
create texture tree7 mask=tbtree010m , solid no , scale 2 1 2
Besides using other scales, you also use this command script :
create texture shrub02 mask=tbtree010m , solid on , scale 2.5 1 2.5
Close to the AWExpo zone - AW 7631S 1411E
Create a plant with individual leaves
This plant has been created with individual leaves:
For the branches :
create texture grasso , scale 1 1.5 1
Here there haven't been used flat leaves , but curved leaves.
create texture bmg-lfb02 mask=bmg-lfb02m
Building plants like that is maybe too detailed, because you have a lot of objects on 1 cell, but when it is finished , the plant can easily use other leaves and branches for them.

1 cell building contest - AW 7866S 1385E 2a 180

The first step is start building 1 or 2 leaves...
The second step that we make, is giving a name command to the leaves :
create name ab
The command itself, you put on a pole object (or another object of your choice). The second part of the command is used to switch again to this original leaf model.
create texture bmg-lfb02 mask=bmg-lfb02m name=ab ; activate texture bmg-lfb02 mask=bmg-lfb02m name=ab
Now we add 2 other poles and we add the commands for the 2 other leave-types:
create texture bmg-lfc03 mask=bmg-lfc03m name=ab
create texture bmg-lf01 mask=bmg-lf01m name=ab
Now you click upon each pole and see the switch of leaves.
These shrub can be saved as and awg-file.
-> read more about this in the next tutorial : awg files and object groups