Hosting your own games
This tutorial is made for citizens that want to host their own games. Hosting a game is not as simple as you think : a lot of preparation is required in order to make it succesful.
Apart from that, there is info about which things you should check and test, about making a game tutorial, announcing the game, building the 3d scene and running the game.
For world owners, there is extra information about World Settings en World Rights.

  AWG files and Object groups
As a builder, you can easily select multiple objects and save them into an AWG file, it is also a way of copying and pasting a nice building idea into your own 3d scene. You can also use the AWG-files as a kind of a small back-up file for your own creations, for each of your building areas.

As a world owner, if using an own object path, you can also use Object Groups : then large group of objects can be used as 1 object only, but these object groups have limitations in use. We also compare awg-files with object groups. And finally we talk about some other solutions for building with large amounts of objects while keeping a low cell limit.

  Building ideas
  Ideas for : flowers, shrubs and trees (2)
We have more ideas for flowers , shrubs and trees ...
The ideas for creating new plants are based on objects and textures used in Alphaworld, and most of the examples on these pages have been built in Alphaworld. If external url picture links are used , use this golden tip: save a copy of the picture on your computer. If possible, upload the picture to your own webspace and use that link instead.

Pine Trees, not far from the AWExpo zone
  Building ideas
  Ideas for : flowers, shrubs and trees (1)
This year we start with a new category of articles : building ideas. It's about using building techniques on existing objects and textures and creating brand new objects in your 3d area (without having to add a new model to the object path). The examples in these articles are made with models and textures of the standard object paths (Alphaworld, Winter, Yellow,..). The advantage is , that you can easily try out the examples yourself in those public building worlds. We also choose examples in worlds where you have "object selection", so that you can view the "object scripting". We won't go too much into detail with examples. Often , there will be teleport links to specific building areas , which can be called "ideas -yards".
The first article is about creating new flowers, shrubs and trees.

Flowerbed in Star City