Stachelbot doesn't work anymore since AW version 7.0 (since january 2021). The bot is program is not compatible anymore, starting this bot program in AW is not possible anymore.

Stachelbot is a bot developed by Stachelbanane (#381567) from Germany. You can download the stachelbot on the webpage http://www.stachelbot.de

However Stachelbanane has left AW several years ago, and gives no support anymore. The last bot version was for AW version 5.2 , and there will be no further upgrades or fixes. There are no help pages or tutorial pages either, so this webpage might be the only tutorial on the web.
If the current Stachelbot doesn't work, because it makes no connection, then you can ask the most recent Stachelbot-files to one of the citizens (e.g. Maxpoly , Karten ),but i think that it is only the aw.dll file that needs to be replaced.
Please note that the bot can only be used in world names with maximum 8 characters !!! So if you want to start up a world , and if you want to use the Stachelbot, then be sure that your world name is not longer than 8 characters.
* Stachelbot - Installation
The program is downloaded into a zip file, so unzip the map first. Now we install the program.
The program setup window is written in German, but don't worry, the bot program itself is written in english. Now you click upon "weiter" (=next / go further).
Next screen shows where the program file will be stored on your computer, click again upon "weiter".
Finally click upon "start" , and the program will be installed on your computer
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* Stachelbot - Setup with the assistent
Now you start up the bot and you choose in the menu : Bot - Assistent
Now you will have several windows, where you have to enter the necessary data, so that the Stachelbot will be functional in your world.
On the first window you enter your profile name, e.g. your citizen name
Hostname remains like it is : auth.activeworlds.com
Portnumber must be changed into : 6670
( Dreamlandpark does not exist anymore as seperate AW universe.)
On the second window you enter your citizen number and privilege password.
On the third window you enter a name for your bot,
Then enter the name of the world where you want to enter the bot (max. 8 characters)
And also the bot entry point
You can also select to make the bot global , and you can make the bot invisible too
Finally click upon "create" , and you will arrive into a new window.
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* Stachelbot - Setup without assistent
In this case you choose : Bot - Open
You will see a new window, at the bottom, you need to type a name for your bot , and click upon "create".
The bot name appears in the central part of the window: go again at the bottom of the window and click upon "open".
Now you will arrive in the same window. The difference however, is that you still need to enter now the necessary data in this window: port number, world name, etc.
You will see that the Stachelbot contains 11 tabsheets, now we will start with making connection to the 3dworld , we remain in the tabsheet "Bot" for this.
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* Stachelbot - Tabsheet Bot
In this example we choose the bot "Lorenzo" for the world Venice3d , as you can see the bot will start up in "Global Mode" , and we have changed the "Bot Avatar" into avatar number 9, but you can still change that when the bot in inside the world.
If you make changes then click below the window on "save".
We make connection now by clicking below the window on "login".
You see immediately that the bot has made connection : at the left top you see the worlds list of the universe, at the right side you see your bot and the citizens and other bots which are present in that world. When you select a citizen , then you can scroll to the right and see all extra information. If an avatar is walking around in the world, then you will see that his coordinates will change in this window.
Also at the bottom of the window, you see bot information about where your bot is located now, or if someone is chatting.
If there is no connection or no reaction, with the message "time out", then either the password isn't correct, or you need a more recent bot version (ask support at other citizens)
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* Stachelbot - Tabsheet Chat
The tabsheet Chat shows the chatlog of the world, also the words that you whisper to the bot will appear in the chat window.
* Stachelbot - Tabsheet Log
The tabsheet Log has a submenu with 6 tabsheets : Debug - Error - Script - World - Botgram - HUD.
Only the tabsheet Worlds contains information at the moment : the bots and avatars which are present in the world.
* Stachelbot - Tabsheet Uni
The tabsheet Uni has a submenu with 4 tabsheets : Citizen - Option - Worlds - Users
Only the tabsheet Option shows information at the moment , related to the AW universe
* Stachelbot - Tabsheet World
The tabsheet World has a submenu with 3 tabsheets : Right - Attibutes - Options
The tabsheet "Rights" shows the World Rights options, instead of editing world rights in the Activeworlds menu, you can also edit them in here:
Select the line "build" and below you type a citizen number and you select "add" , and hen you choose "change" , and the new citizens is added as a builder in the worlds rights.
But you can also "save" a list of citizens into a .rights-file , en "load" this file when you need it, then click upon "change" to activate it in your world.
You can also do a citizen search here : you click upon the "info" button, you enter a name, and click upon "search" and you get the citizen number immediately , with url info if the user has added this to his account. And you can also select here which rights you will grant, then click upon "change" , and below the window again upon "change".
The tabsheet "Attributes" shows the World features , instead of going to the Activeworlds menu (options - world - features), and shows even more information than in the aw menu itself. Colors are indicated with hexadecimal numbers. And you can also edit all world attributes in here.
The tabsheet "Options" has buttons to reset (delete) the objects, the terrain and the entire world, but attention !! : Stachelbot has no possibility for making a backup. Before testing these buttons, you should make a backup of your world with the YASBB-bot.
There is also an "Object Seed" button, which is useful for building if you have no object in your 3d scene to copy from.
* Stachelbot - Tabsheet Eject
Tabsheet "world" : shows the citizens which are ejected + for how long .
* Stachelbot - Tabsheet Terrain
This tabsheet is for terrain editing, there is also a terragen button
* Stachelbot - Tabsheet Object
The tabsheet World has a submenu with 8 tabsheets : Query - Project - Clicked - Selected - Cellen - Cache - Job - Bumps.
Tabsheet "query" : below at the right, you can select a query of the whole world.
Then the window will be filled with plenty of data (of all current objects in the world).
If you double-click upon an object line, then you will see the "object attributes"window , almost identical as the "object properties" in the building mode. You can also edit the script command in here for each object.
Below in the middle you see 000n 000w, if you click below "celle", then you will see the query for all the objects upon that 1 cell. You can type also 001n 001w , click again "celle", and you will see the query list of all objects for this other cell.

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Tabsheet "cellen" : if you have selected "world" in the tabsheet "query", then you will see in this tabsheet "cellen" a list of the number of objects for each cell. + info about which citizens have been building upon each cell. If you double-click upon a cell line, then you will see a new window with the detail of all objects upon that cell.
Double-clicking upon a detail line , will show you also with the "object attributes". If you click here upon the "teleport"-button, then your avatar will not be teleported to that location, but the Stachelbot will be teleported to that location. This is an excellent tool for finding specific objects in your 3d-scene.
You can also edit the action script command in this window,but also the model name and the object location. Then click below upon "change" and you will see the changs in the 3d world. If you click below upon "build" ,then the object will be copied as a new object immediately upon the same cell. If you click upon "info", then you will see the name of the builder.
Tabsheet "project" : you can select several object lines in the tabsheet "query" and click below upon "Copy to project" , then these object lines will appear in this tabsheet.
The functions of tabsheet "project" and of the tabsheets "clicked, "selected","cache","job" and "bumps" is still unknown.
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* Stachelbot - Tabsheet Data
The tabsheet Data has a submenu with 2 tabsheets : Vars end HUDs
Functionality is still unknown.
* Stachelbot - Tabsheet Scripts
This tabsheet Scripts has 11 submenus, showing new windows when click upon them.
Submenus "AFK" , "Messages", "Global chat" and "Welcome" are used for scripted bot messages
The submenu "Follows" has more functions than just a bot that follows a citizen
The submenu "Guard" shows a window with 5 tabsheets, some functions are for tourist building. There are no tourist anymore in Activeworlds, but there still are in other universes (e.g. AW-Europe). Whether the guard- function can also be used for citizens is still unknown (meaning that a builder can only build on specific cells). This will have to be tested first.
Submenu "Zonen","Listbuilder","Avatare","Mover(beta)","Daytime" -> functions still unknown
Also the edit-buttons at the right -> functions still unknown
* Stachelbot - Tabsheet Other
-> functions unknown
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