Citizens memorial (2015+2016)
Activeworlds exists already 21 years now, which is already a long time. And in previous articles we spoke already about memorial sites where you can commemorate the citizens which have left us. Main place for this in Alphaworld 9118N 18865E  , where you will find a teleport overview to the memorial sites.
In 2011 , we lost Mauz
In 2012, we lost DMC2U
In 2013, we lost Jetta Lewis
In 2013, we lost Wapsie (AW-Europe universe)
In 2014, we lost Nitecap
Unfortunately, some citizens have left us also in 2015 and 2016, which were well-known in the AW Community....
* Roland
Roland has died in a tragic car accident in june 2015. He has been an employee and programmer at the beginning years of Activeworlds , and can be considered as one of Activeworlds co-founders. Roland did work afterwards for other companies, and lost contact with Activeworlds. That's why the sad news was known only 6 months after his death..
There is a memorial for him in AlphaWorld 5892N 15051W.
* Proximarc
Proximarc was one of the most important members of the french community in Activeworlds. He owned the world "Ecolecob", where he displayed modeling tutorials of Truespace and he also hosted classes for it. The models that his student-citizens had created were displayed in his world as well.
When he was ill he still was interested to learn other modeling programs,such as Blender, but unfortunately he passed away in january 2016.
There is a memorial for him in AlphaWorld 14225N 14916E.


* Calmheart
Calmheart was a well-known modeler. She was a well known citizen in the Outerwords universe (Outerworlds has closed down a few years ago). From 2008 till 2009, she had started up the world Xodus in the AW-Europe universe, together with her sister MsCactus, who was a modeler as well.
In december 2015 she came to Activeworlds, where she decided to start up her world Xodus again, offering a wide range of freebie 3d models.
But in the meantime she had become seriously ill. At he end, in april-may 2016, she gave her world to Karten, who still has a backup of her world and her freebies models.
* Adje
Adje was a well-known citizen in the AW-Europe universe, where he was a staff member of the main (building) world Edsdream , and he also owned a world "Wicked" for a while, together with this wife "Wik".
In 2011 , Adje also became a regular visitor in Activeworlds. He even owned the world Amsterdam (= the town where he lived) , together with his son "Dylan.". His son still visits Activeworlds regularly today.
In december 2014, he got seriously ill and passed away in april 2015.