World owners/caretakers overview
This article shows an overview of the world owners and/or their caretakers. This list will be expanded throughout this year, so come back and have a look again. It is always useful to know who has what . If it is a building world, you can ask for a building lot or ask which objects can be used. You can also offer some help in a world, or ask infomation about objects or projects in a world.
This list does not show all the worlds.Worlds which are "closed" are not in this list. They are indicated in the worlds tab window with a grey coloured icon.
Some of the worlds are not online 24/7
  WORLD ACTIVITY (column 1+2)
  = new world
  = world with recent activity
  = no activity since 2010
  = world has stopped during 2016
  = empty world / objects not loading
* = ok to visit, there are things to see
** = worthwhile visiting
*** = nice world and/or popular world
  = world with models for sale
  = world with free objects
  = building world (public/private)
  = demo world
  = game worlds (mazes/quests/paintball/rpg)
  = object yard world
Y = world with object selection
N = no object selection
A!!Vines   Y p30 *** Keshi models for sale + Wings3d classes
abc   Y P100 *** AW ? AW public building world
Aeolia   Y P30 *** Horsy  
Agape   -- -- * Pastorbob /EarthTrex  
Akropol2   Y ±P30 ** Starheart models for sale
Akropoli   Y P40 ** Starheart models for sale
Alaska   N P60 *** Nattie + Thunderjack  
Allusion       *** Heu  
Alemania   Y P50 ** ?  
Alvacado   N P20 *** Gremot advanced building techniques
AlwaysOK   Y P50 ** OldKunnel  
aMayanWorld   Y P40 ** CharleyO  
America   Y p500 *** MaxPoly AW public building world
AniLab   Y ±P65 * ... (Fabian?)  
Arisia   Y P10 * Lensman  
Alantis   Y P1000 *** ........ AW AW public building world
Aurora   -- -- *** GSK games world / entertainment
AV00   N P10 * AW  
AV00art   N P10 * AW  
AV00avvy   N P10 * AW avatar awards
AV00cams   N P10 * AW  
AV00exb   N p10 * AW exhibition
AV00tour   N p10 * AW  
AV01   Y P10 * AW  
AV01art   N P10 * AW  
AV01avvy   N P10 * AW avatar awards
AV01cams   N P10 * AW  
AV01exb   N p10 * AW exhibition
AV01tour   N p10 * AW  
AV02   N ±P70 ** AW  
AV02art   N P20 * AW  
AV02avvy   N P3 * AW avatar awards
AV98   Y P10 * AW  
AV99   Y P10 * AW  
AV99art   N P10 * AW  
AV99avvy   Y p5 * AW avatar awards
AV99cams   Y p10 * AW  
AV99exb   Y P20 * AW exhibition
AV99Tour   Y P10 * AW  
AW   Y p32750 *** AW (CT :Bach Zhaa ,...) AW public building world
AWBingo1->7   N ±P10 -- AW bingo game (currently in world citbingo)
AWCamp   Y P10 -- AW  
AWCC   N P50 * AW  
AWChekrs   N P5 -- AW checkers game ( disabled)
AWChess   N P5 -- AW chess game ( disabled)
AWDebate   N P20 * AW  
AWDemo   N p1 -- AW  
AWDisco   N p5 * AW  
AWEC   N P50 ** AW  
Awesome   Y ±P500 ** ...... (?)  
AWFX   Y p50 *** .....(Ryan ?) particle emitters
AWGames   N >P180 ** aw games world ( disabled)
AWGate   N ±P50 ** AW former portal world
AWGate22   N ±P40 ** AW former portal world
AWGZ   Y P60 * AW AWGZ preservation
AWMall   N P50 ** AW avatar clothes and accesories for sale
AWMegaOY   Y P60 ** AW (...) object yard world
AWMix06   N p30 ** AW (...)  
AWMix07   N P50 ** AW (Veger ?) dance club
AWMyths   N >p200 *** Garrick PRG game (currently disabled)
AWNewbie   Y P50 * AW (?) learn to build
AWNybble   N P5 --- AW pacman-style
AWParent   Y p3 --- AW  
AWPhysics   Y >P200 *** ...(SWComit ?) building with physics
AWReunion   Y p500 *** NurseMom building world + events world
AWRome   Y p100 *** AW / MaxPoly?  
AWRPG   N >P1000 *** AW (?) RPG game ( disabled)
AWSchool   Y p200 *** KennethMcc  
AWShow   N p5 * AW info expo room
AWShowA->E   N ±p30 * AW  
AWSingles   Y P5 --- AW  
AWSky_01->26   N --- --- AW (Contestants) skybox contest worlds
AWSource   N p75 * AW (Lensman ?)  
AWSpades   N p10 --- AW ---
AWTbingo   N ±p20 *   bingo game
AWTeen   Y p3750 *** AW AW public building world (partially disabled)
AWTours   Y ±130 *** ....  
AWTrains2   N P40 *** ... ( Karten ?/Pelican ?)  
AWVoice   Y ±P5 * AW  
AWVote   N ±P5 * AW  
Bachs Box   Y P50 ** Bach Zhaa  
Bagend   Y p30 *** Snowkupp  
Barnsley   Y ±P20 * AW (demo) moon -base
Barnsley2   Y ±P20 * AW (demo) mars - base
Bellezza   N p10 ** ?  
Bongos   Y ±p5   AW (demo) (atlantis) (homepage)
Booth   N ±p5   AW (demo) (expo)
Brooksworld   N p90 ** Cleet  
Buffy   Y P3 --- AW (demo) (library)
Bugs   Y p5 ** AW ( Gand ) (demo) (ants park)
BuildCity   Y P50 ** Hyper Anthony building world
CameleonsDen   N p10 ** Cameleon  
Camera   N ±P3 -- AW demo (camera shop)
Canyon       *** Red Sorceress  
CEC   Y P50 * AW (demo mix)
Centro /Centro2   Y ±P10 --- AW (demo - future) (homepage)
Citbingo/bing0   N ±P20 * Garnet ?(CT)  
Cofmeta   Y P1100 * .... AW public building world
Colony   Y P200 * .... AW public building world
Combat   N P30 *** Ozyseo + Iao Moonshadow paintball game world
Conundru   N ±P5 --- AW (demo atlantis) (homepage)
Cosmos   Y ±P15 ? * Cryonics ?  
Covenant   Y ±P10 ** EarthTrex  
Cruisers   N P30 * Wingrider + TobyTaylor  
Cworld   Y ±p200? * Cayden ?  
CYAwards   N ±p120? *** MaxPoly + Nursemom  
DAAP   Y ±P40 ** Derrick W 3D art design
Delight   N P30 *** MeL game and dance world / adult rated world
Demo   Y ±P5 --- AW (demo offices) (homepage)
DemoJune   N ±P5 --- AW (demo supermarket)
DirtCity   Y ±P10 --- AW (demo with roxy cinema) (homepage)
DMC2U   N ±P5 --- AW (demo gallery) (homepage)
Dreamland   N ±P40 *** Enkii  
Earwax   N P50 *** Enkar  
EBTS4   Y P100 *** AW  
Eclipse   Y p10 ** Gentle Heart + build of Plappo Mintybits
Edentia4   N P10 *** Flavia + Micromaster + Magneto
EDGEwrld   -- -- * ....(Toby Taylor (?))  
Egypt1   Y ±P5 * AW (demo) (homepage)
ele / ele2 / ele3   Y ±p10 * AW (demo)
Elementl   Y P10 *** Zarolene models for sale
Escapade   -- -- *** Cameleon
EXO   Y -- --- AW  
EXPO / 3db/3dc   Y ±p15 --- AW demo
Fantasy   Y p40 --- AW (Gand) (demo fantasy world)
Fericloth   Y p10 * Commander Krenshaw  
Flagg04   Y P40 --- AW objectyard
Forte   Y P30 * Korg4god  
Francais   Y P60 *** Arsene games / french community
Freebie   Y ±P75 *** ...(dreamer2 (?) ) free 3d objects
Funland_Game   N P50 *** Nursemom  
Galcom   Y ±P10 --- AW (demo) (old)
Gamorah   N p40 ** .... X-rated world
Gapp3d   N ±P5 --- AW (demo - kantoren)
GenerationX   N P20 --- Aphexblue  
German   ? ? * ?  
Godzilla   Y ±P40 * AW (demo) / town (=Manhattn)
GOR NF   Y P30 * LadyEagleHeart  X-rated world
GZModels   N P20 ** Zarolene models for sale
Harps   Y P30 * Aleya + Lensman  
Heart3d   Y P5 * AW (demo) a heart in 3d
HeavensStairway   Y P50 ** Tiffany Lace  
History   Y ±P15 ** AW (demo) chinese Imperial palace
Hole   Y p40 *** ..... AW ?  
Hoziron   Y p10 --- Arsène  
Hrvatska   Y P10 * Branimir/ Branko  
Hyria   Y P50 *** Hyria3d  
Image   Y P30 ** Imagine  
Imagica   N P20 * .....? (demo) about ancient Outerworlds universe
Inspiron   Y P30 *** Dovestar  
Ishtari   Y P70 *** ...(Greymane?)  
Italy   Y P30 * Gerry  
JDsDemo   Y P50 * Lensman  
Jetta   Y P50 ** MaxPoly object yard of america world
JunoDome   N ±P30 * AW  
Kenneth   Y P20 * Kenneth  
Keppler22b   Y P30 *** Dovestar  
Kingdom_Rising   N P40 * Maxpoly  
Kitten   Y p10 * KittenWithClaws  
Kodash   Y p20 * Sigi Lerus  
KoolAid   Y p5 --- KoolAid (demo world)
L'Orange   Y p10 * AW (demo) vangogh expo hall
Legends   ? ±P30 *** Ohioman (=Buzzin)  
Leviathan   Y P10 --- Poseidon  
Ludus   N P60 ** Apooka  
Luna   Y P15 * AW (demo) moon landscape
Manhattn   Y ±P50 * AW (demo) town
Marin   ? p10 * CableCar Gal object yard
Marcomania   Y P40 ** MarcoPolo41200  
Mars   Y p2000 *** AW AW public building world
Medical   Y p5 --- AW(?) Gand (demo)
Megapath   Y p60 ** AW object yard
Melusine   N ±P20 --- ....(?) (demo)
MidTownCafe   N p20 ** ....(?)  
Minutia   N P50 *** Artist3d  
MION   N >P150 ** AW (demo) ancient Miuchiz -galaxy
Mompracem   N p50? * Hyria3d  
MOON   Y P20 * Derrick W + Slate  
Mooncats   N p50 *** TigerHunter + Moonwings  
Morgane   N P10 --- AW (demo) egypt world
Mouxi   N P20 *** Desgros3D  
Movies   Y P10 * AW + Stacee (demo) dirtcity
Muncha   N p10 ** Rad007  
Murder_Mystery   N P40 ** Sweets quest game world
MyGreen   N P20 ** AY0  
MysticStar   N P30 * ....(?)  
MysticZones   N P10 * ....(?)  
Mythopia   Y p50 *** Starheart  
Nadareni   Y p10 * Profesor (?) Croatian (?) world
Ndu   N P10 * AW (demo) awgate demo
NewSunworld   Y P30 *** Stefan69  
Nitouche   N P10 --- Minouche expo hall with paintings
Nomura   Y P30 * AW (demo) awgate demo
Nomura2   Y P30 * AW (demo) awgate demo
Nomura3   Y P10 * AW (demo) awgate demo
Nurses   Y p30 *** Nursemom + Woody  
NursLand   Y p30 *** Nursemom + Woody  
Nursvill   Y p50 *** Nursemom + Woody  
NursWood   Y p30 *** Nursemom + Woody  
October   N ±P30 *** AW = River City
OhMy!!!   N P40 *** Ohioman (=Buzzin) http://ohmy.topic-board.com/forum
OldWest   N p10 * ....(?) (demo) old west world
ORB_collector   N ? ** ....(?) game quest world (gamefest )
orhinoep1   Y ? *** AW safari/zoo
orhinoep2   Y p100 --- ...(?) public building world
Pelican   N P30   Pelican models for sale
Per&Zan   N p40 *** Perra + Zanna  
Pez   Y p10 --- pez (demo) Toon world
PlanetofGor   N ? ** ....(?) adult world (gor)
Planets2   Y p20 *** Panne  
Poetic   Y P50 *** Genevieve  
Pollen   Y P500 * ... building world
Polynesia   N p10 *** MarcoPolo41200  
Portals   Y p20 ** Strike Rapier building world (Blockbuilder)
PrairieHills   Y p30 * Zombiefan  
Primo2   Y >P40 ** AW (demo) world about Coca-Cola
Reed22 /Reed3            
ReginaDN   N P40 ** Karten http://www.venice3d.net/2013explore5.html
ReginaUP   Y P30 * Karten bot classes -
Retreat   N P40 *** ....(?) http://john1018.com/
Rick's   N P15 ** AW (demo) Casablanca movie
Rick43   N P10 * AW (demo) offices
RisingObjects   N ? *** CharleyO Maya temples, ...
Russia   Y p50 * ....(?) building world (building disabled)
Savino   N p10 --- Savino  
Serenity   Y p30 *** Nursemom  
Settlement   Y p10 * Kenneth  
Sfgate   N p90 *** CableCar Gal  
SFX   Y P10 * AW (Cryonics) (demo) Boston museum
Sh3d   N p20 *** Starheart models for sale
Sh3d1   Y P20 *** Starheart  
Sh3d2   N P10 *** Starheart  
Shalima2   N P30 *** GoodPerson  
Shell   Y P30 *** Elysium http://3delyvisions.co/index.html - models for sale
SIAW   Y >P200 *** AW ancient Stagecoachisland galaxy
Siemens1/S.3   N P5 * AW (demo) hospital
SingAlot   Y p50 *** Stayit  
Singles   N p5 * AW (midi-)disco ( from 3dNetz universe)
Skyee   Y p5 --- AW (Skyee) (demo) atlantis
Snowkupp   N p20 ** Snowkupp  
Solstheim   N p10 ** ---(?)  
Space   Y P50   AW (demo) space ship and base on planet/moon
Span   Y p30 ** Branimir (?) Croatian (?) world
Sparkle   N P50 *** TigerHunter + Moonwings  
Spritzig   N p50 * Zippy804  game world (gamefest..) http://spritzig.yolasite.com/
Stardust   Y p20 *** Love /Nursemom+Woody  
Start   Y p10 --- Strike Rapier (?)  
StarWars   N ±p10 ** AW (demo) Star Wars Movie village
SteamPunk   Y ? --- (?) public building world
Stone   N ±P5 * AW (demo) Stonehenge
Storage   Y p100 * AW / (Andras) building world (disabled)
Sunisland   Y p20 * Mazyj (?)  
T-Rex   Y p10 --- Tristan (demo) toon world
Teleport Maze   Y p50   Lensman maze game
Ten Minutes Maze   N p50 *   game world (gamefest29)
TEST   Y ? * .... (?) test building world (for newbies)
Test2012   Y p50 * Lensman  
The13th   N p50 ** .....(AW ?)  
The_Challenge   N p30 *** Red Sorceress quest game RPG world
The_Maze   N ? * .....(AW ?) maze game
ThePanther957   N P20 * DarToren music world
There   Y p2500 *** Ohioman(=Buzzin) building world
Tolculda   N p40 *** Dachs / + Badger ?  
Topo   N ±P20 --- AW (?) (demo) topographic map
TownHall   N P50 * ... (AW?)  
Tristan   N P75 * Tristan  
Tropical   N P20 * ThunderJack+Nattie  
TTown   Y >P100 * Tristan  
Uberpath   Y P150 *** Karten  
UberpathOY   Y P100 *** TartSugar objectyard
Unidemo   Y P50 * ... (AW?) (demo) (from the AWE-Europe universe)
V4s_R_Us   N P50 ** ... (AW?) building world (but disabled)
VanGogh   N p20 *** AW (demo) - visit Arles in VanGogh's paintings
Venice3d   N p20 *** Panne  
Vindaloo   N p10 *** Gremot examples of advanced building
Viscity2   Y P32750 *   copy of Alphaworld
VOID   Y P10 --- Enzo (AW) (demo)
WeirCity   N ? *** AW (Bach Zhaa/Maxpoly/..) quest game
WildAW   Y p3750 ***   AW public building world
WildWest   Y p50 --- ... (Police ?) building world
Winter   Y p2250 *** AW / MaxPoly AW public building world
Woodland   Y p30 *** Nursemom + Woody  
Woodville   Y p40 *** Nursemom + Woody  
Woodyard   Y p40 *** Nursemom + Woody object yard
Woodywoods   Y p30 *** Nursemom + Woody  
X Files   Y p10 * AW (demo) corn field
X Files2   N p10 * AW (demo) maze
Xodus   N p30 *** Calmheart free objects
YeahMon   N p10 ** --- (?) reggae style / Jamaica
Yellow   Y p2000   AW / Ozman + Apooka AW public building world
Young   N p10 * (Ironbeard ?)  
Z-Galaxy   Y p10 * Habati  
Zadar   Y P40 * Branimir ? Croatian world