Nov.+Dec. 2016
  AW News (november + december)
* Winter Holiday Village 2016
This year there is again the Winter Holiday Village building event, now already the 5th edition. This year the building lots are located in the mountains,.The theme, generally of this village is mountain cabins or resorts. You are not allowed to build upon the hillsides.
This year the size of the building lots is not accurately determined, which means that you can build a small ski hut or you can even build a small village...
The Winter Holiday Village 2016 is located in Winter on position 596N 1977E 1a 180.
The building event is hosted by MaxPoly (#299422) and Bach Zhaa (#360197), and will be hosted from 2nd december 2016 until 8th january 2017.

Winter has a large object path, there are several object yards and a texture yard, look for the teleports on 595N 1980E.
In the lower right corner of your screen you can click the hud "world toolbar" , with several utilities : chat help page, color chat codes, a picture uploader , object path database, color codes, font styles, etc.
Here you have a map of the previous Winter Holiday Village events, as well as some interesting locations, such as the Candyland Game Board and the Ice Rink.
The building area of this year is located at the south, close to the Ice Rink Area.
Teleport Location in Winter : 596N 1977E 1a 180
* Option SkipJack has been discontinued for payments
Activeworlds has decided to stop with the option "SkipJack" as a payment method.
Citizens who want to buy a world, a bot or avatar clothing and accessories, can still use PayPal or pay directly with their creditcard (Visa, MasterCard, etc.)
* New Bowling game
Ozyseo (#368259) has introduced 2 new bowling games. One of the bowling games is located in the world AWSchool 2S 32W 180, where you have 2 lanes, each lane has 10 frames to play.
The larger bowling area is located in the world Yellow on position 550N 1493W 90 , and the bowling is called "Ozy lanes", where you have 4 lanes. In this game, you also have 10 frames, 2 rolls per frame , but here you have even a 3rd roll per frame , if one of the 2 rolls is a strike. In this bowling game, you have also the option to use laser guides.
In both worlds , there is an advanced scoreboard system, for each pin that falls down, you get 1 point. Then you have a second chance to play for a strike. After this you start with the second frame. In AWSchool, you can get a maximum score of 200 points, in Yellow, you can have a maximum score of 300 points.
* Star City Forest
Star City, a new city in Alphaworld which has been founded in april 2016, has realized the project called "Star City Forest", covering a huge area of 100x100 cells (=1million square metres) or equal to a p50-sized world, and which has almost doubled the current size of Star City , and took almost 5 months to build. This building project was realized by 3 Star City members : TenYearsGone (#378183) , DearHeart (#302667) and Fire Dragon (#335007) .
The entire area has been landscaped with the shear command, and has been covered with a wide variety of vegetation , paths and bridges, and also several buildings, including a Monastery, aTemplars temple, two castles, a deserted village,a fishing village and many ruins.
There is also a sword game wherein individuals can compete with others either in pairs or teams of four. Click upon the sword, and your avatar will hold the sword, until you press the F12 key.
You can start exploring the Forest from the north-west, where you have the Long Dong Silver’s Bar and Feathers Dance Hall. ( position AW 9344S 1512E 180 ).
* Star City : other new builds
Other new projects in Star City are the Vortex Dance Club by Dovestar (#278411) (position AW 9295S 1455E ), and the Rattle Rock 'n Roller Coaster by OzySeo (#368259) ( position AW 9256S 1056E 1a 90 ).
* Cross Words and Memory Puzzle
This is a new game introduced by Panne (#365962) in this world Venice3d, and consists of a gameboard of 144 cubes with letters and pictures. Letters of words, that need to be solved, like in a crossword puzzle and pictures of which you have to search for its equal image, like in a memory game.
The game has been played for the first time on 27th of november. The game was fun to play, but some improvements have to be made, in order to make the game being played easier and also faster.
There will be a re-issue (demo) of the same game in december ,for those who have missed the first presentation of the game, but with the new improvements.
Then later in december, there will be a christmas edition of the game, on a larger gameboard (256 cubes instead of 144) and all the questions/answers will be christmas related !!
* New texture yard for Alphaworld
Another realization by OzySeo (#368259) is a new Texture Yard for Alphaworld. This texture yard is located in AW 19025N 17000E .
You already have TartSugar's texture yard too, which can be found on position 27371S 12646E 180, which is also very useful.
OzySeo has made a huge alphabetical yard, including the new AW textures (provided by Mel) which have been added in 2015 to the texture path.
Both yards are useful, things you don't find in one yard, you could find in the other yard.
* Mover Yards
Other interesting yards are mover yards, some are made by individual builders :
MeMyself (#404922) - location : 6564S 19373W
Darkmatter (#342319) - location : 5233N 8779E
and you still have the mover yard in AWExpo and in the world AWSchool
* Scaled railways in the worlds Aeolia
Horsy (#319337) who has made the Lego Village with a Lego models set in his world Aeolia (see position 30S 6E), has started now with a scaled railway set.
The railway set has been scaled to 1/5 and has also a large set of containers.
You can view the new building set on position 25N 30E.