October 2016
  AW News (october)
* Halloween 2016 building event & Halloween parade
Just like the previous years, there is again a Halloween building event, and it's located at AW 9132N 19022E 1a. The area is located next to previous years Halloween building areas, for several reasons : 1. It is easier to find the Halloween objects that you need for you building lot. 2. Each building lot shows you nice ideas, and gives inspiration for your own build. 3. The other building lots are a part of history of AW. 4. The parade route of the Halloween mover parade will be longer. You can contact Bach Zhaa or MeL for a building lot.
The mover parade will be on 28th and 29th october.
This year there will also be a Halloween costume contest on 30th october.

* Halloween costume contest
In addition to the Halloween building event and the parade, there will also be a Halloween costume contest. This contest will be hosted on sunday 30th october @ 5 PM VRT in the Halloween village . There is plenty of time to create your Halloween costume : for this contest, you must be very creative : you need to create a move object and you can attach other objects to your mover. You can use picture objects and choose .gif animations for it.
You can also create a creepy customized avatar, but since 2013, the Activeworlds program has limited the possibilities for your CAV. For instance, you cannot give a blue,red, grey, white or green skin colour to your avatar. And for Halloween, these are the favourite skin colours . However there is a tweak , which makes it possible to modify the skin colour of your CAV in spite of the limitations in the CAV creation window.

You can make up to 3 different costumes, with the maximum size of 10m x 10m x 10m. Then show the costume(s) to Bach Zhaa or Mel, and they will make a printscreen picture of your avatar. Make sure that the picture is taken ( until 30th october, before the contest will start). This is because the pictures are required for participating to the contest, there is no catwalk event or walk on the stage, it's just the judging with the pictures. The winner gets 25$ cash via Paypal.

* Tip : Skinmap tweak
Go to your AW folder (if you make a printscreen, then you will see immediately where the AW folder is located. And we go to :
Activeworlds3D > Default> textures> skinmap.bmp
Rename skinmap.bmp into skinmapA.bmp.
And you also see the file skinmap1, which has also the rainbow colours.
Now rename skinmap1.bmp into skinmap.bmp. (so this .bmp becomes the default ).
Restart AW and create your halloween CAV.
The new skinmap has no effect on your existing CAV avatar(s).
* Alex Grigny-de-Castro has passed away
Alex has passed away last august. Alex was the creator and developer of the bot Xelagot (Alex in reversed order = xela). Xelagot is one of the best bot programs and is still used by most of the bot users and world owners .
Alex Grigny de Castro was born in 1949 in Montevideo (Uruguay), and moved later to the Netherlands. That's why he was also on the dutch AW universe 3dee.nl (this universe has stopped its services in december 2015) . Xelagot was developed between 1998 and 2006. The last few years, Alex had a weak health , he had cancer, and he passed away on 13th august in Amsterdam .
You can still download today the Xelagot bot from Activeworlds.com (resources>utilities) and also on imatowns : http://www.imatowns.com/xelagot/. There are still bot classes about Xelagot in the world ReginaDN (hosted by Karten).
When starting up Xelagot, and you go to : Help > About , then you see below "3dee.nl" and also mentioning that the bot was dedicated to Roland Villett ,creator of the SDK (server development kit) , and who unfortunately also passed away in 2015.
* Teleport carroussel
Maxpoly has become the world owner of the worlds America and Jetta, and took this over from caretaker Ciena. The world America is now being integrated into his website awlife.org, a website that is used already for utilities in the world Winter.
Maxpoly has created now a teleport carroussel -webpage on this website : Its a ring of teleports on a web page that act as teleports to locations in Activeworlds.
When clicking the arrows at the left or right, the images with teleport links will start to rotate like a carroussel. The teleports are some of the main attractions in the world America. The teleports are only functional when you browse on the webpage into the embedded webscreen of Activeworlds , it doesn't work if the webpage is located outside the AW browser (Read also about this in the news info of september 2016 : "Teleporting from an external website").
Another example of the teleport carrousel has been applied on the website of Nursemom:
From the main webpage, you can teleport to one the different worlds owned by Nursemom and Woody.
The idea is to implement this carroussel system for other applications, such as the AW Museum, AW Historical Society, Cities, Party areas..
Maxpoly will present a sample of the carroussel script during the next community meeting.
* Smooth avatar animations
Sigi Lerus (#362949) has presented a few Youtube videos showing smooth avatar animations.
Sigi Lerus used existing avatars for that and also some new avatars , which he has imported via 3dsMax -> then into Milkshape 3d program -> and finally into the Fragmotion program.
However, these smooth animations are not new. Horsy (#319337), who has been trying these out already 2-3 years ago, has already made similar videos :
Look on Youtube for user Horsymandur for more examples. Horsy made also a tutorial about Fragmotion, (but it's written in french )

First method : you create the models (body parts) in Truespace, then export the files with extension .3ds (instead of .cob), then import the .3ds-file into Fragmotion. In Fragmotion you join all the body parts together until you have your avatar. And finally exported the avatars with the extension .X , this file extension can be used directly in Activeworlds.

Second method : make first the entire body (avatar, tree, house, chair) in Truespace as 1 object , then export this as .3ds into Fragmotion, where you add a skeleton to the object, then you join the object points to that skeleton. And finally you export the file with extension .X
For those who want to try out animations with Fragmotion, here you will find the download link : the software costs 50$ , but can also be used for free, in that case you need to send a prayer every week.
For the animations , you can use an existing seq-file from Activeworlds, and import with the extension .x and view the animation in Fragmotion.