September 2016
  AW News (september)
* The Legend of Marco Polo
The french speaking community in Activeworlds will host a quest event during the month of september. These worlds participating at the event :
1. Aeolia ( Horsy)
2. Francais (Arsène)
3. Marcomania (Marcopolo41200)
4. MyGreen (AY0)
5. Polynesia (Marcopolo41200)
6. Venice3d (Panne)
7. + a terrain in Alphaworld (by : Yan)
In each world there is a quest event and there is an enigma word to be solved. As soon as you have found the possible solution, then send a telegram to marcopolo41200.
If the answer is correct then you get 1 point. The one with quickest correct answer gets 1 point extra. The player that collects the most points will be the winner.
The game starts on 1st september (inauguration in the world Marcomania) and ends on 30th september. On 1st october there is announcement of the winner(s) of the quest game. The winner gets 1.) a building lot in Marcomania, 2.) a 1 bot limit increase and 3) a p10 world with world hosting included.

* Midi Instruments Yard

Kenneth has created a midi instruments yard (in Alphaworld 6841S 7056W ).

This yard gives an overview of every midi note that you can generate with the AW action commands. You can create 128 different notes (9 octaves) for 128 different instruments, which is 16384 midi sounds in total. In addition to that, you can use the drumkit command for ± 60 percussion instruments.
The AW wikipages tell us that Midi means "Musical Instrument Digital Interface", but don't give us a lot of information about the instruments , except for a link to the General Midi Ground Set . With this information, Kenneth was able to identify almost every midi instrument number. ( xylophone,clavi, violin, cello, telephone ring , ...) . But apart from that, Kenneth was able to put all the instruments in categories. (piano, synth, bass, guitar, organ, percussive,...)
You also have music yards in other places, like the on of TartSugar in Alphaworld on position 259N 1922W . This yard is about wav's, mp3's and about midi songs, and not about individual midi notes. But a midi "notes" yard hasn't been created before.
Kenneth's midi notes yard is unique and very useful. For every instrument , you will find the midi instrument number, and with an overview of instrument categories. You can start making simple and easy midi songs (e.g. happy birthday) , and continue composing more advanced midi music.



The midi instruments yard displays all the instruments that can be used with the midi command.
( See wiki pages for the midi command. )


* AWPortals.com new website presentation
There were no new features in the awportals website for the last 2 months, but finally there is a change in the website presentation.
The original portal page of awportals (with white letters on black background ) has gone and has been replaced by the new layout made by Strike Rapier in april 2016.
The link https://y16.awportals.com/ doesn't exist anymore ,now the link is just simply: https://www.awportals.com/.
Also the truespace archives and newsgroupe archieves (posts from 2006 till 2010) have been preserved and can be viewed now with the new lay-out ( and which is a lot easier to read than the black background).
* Star-city.net : new website
Dovestar.(#278411) has founded Star City in april in Alphaworld ( 9236S 1456E ) and has become a succesful building area, with already more than 15 builders being part of the Star City Project one way or another. The dance club is open every week, there are book readings, there is the tag game, lots of new projects going on....
Now Dovestar has started with a website , which will support the Star City project: http://star-city.net/
The new website contains at this moments 5 categories : blogs written by Dovestar and DearHeart, the StarCity Gazette, events articles and news articles.
The lastest news article is about plans for a new project in Star City : the Amusement, Game & Entertainment Park.
*Tip : Teleporting from an external website
Teleporting from a external website has been disabled (you could do this some years before). But that's what you thought.
There are 2 things that you need to do :
1. enter with your avatar inside Activeworlds.
2. display the external website with the teleport links inside the AW environment.

The first method to bring the external website inside AW is by typing the webpage link in the chat window. Then click upon the link, so that a web browser window opens inside AW, and where you can click upon the teleport links.!! Another way of obtaining the internal webpage is by pressing the F7-key. The Activeworlds page is Chrome embedded (see info on the wikipages http://wiki.activeworlds.com/index.php?title=6.2. and scroll down this page to Build 1400 beta ).

The second method to bring the external website inside AW is by using Webcap Navigation (=create web command). With this command you can display a website upon a screen object and start to surf. Go to the webpage with the teleports and you will see that the teleports will work. Here some teleports url links , just to test out things....
Conclusion : enter inside Activeworlds together with the website and the teleports will work.
You can also check the ancient webpage of Mauz, http://host.activeworlds.com/mauz/public/ and the teleport still works on that webpage. This is how she had it scripted. Then just make a hyperlink of it.
* Tip: Restore blocked citizens
If you want to restore all blocked citizens, go to the menu and select : Options > settings > privacy > Reset all citizens to privacy defaults.
If you want to restore 1 blocked citizen only : delete the contact and add the citizen again as a contact.