May 2016
  AW Community Meetings (may)
* 1 month after the Vinesauce Youtube video...
The fullsteam video had been published on 21st of march and has now already more than 150.000 views , the highlights video was published on 27th of march and has more then 1.300.000 views, which makes it the 3rd most popular of the Vinesauce videos.You can read the whole story here : http://www.venice3d.net/2016news53.html
We already told that Hitomi Fujiko(#384941) made an AMA ("ask me anything") on Reddit, because there were a lot of fake websites and accounts with here name.
Now she also added a Youtube video herself , about her perspective about the video.
The video was for her and for most of us rather funny than creepy.

* Impact of the Vinesauce video on Activeworlds
First of all there is a rise a visitors ," more people" , the first real rise since many years. A lot of new visitors came in, but only visited AW one single time, and disappeared again...
Now we saw also what could be made better in the future to attract and keep those new citizens : more features for newbies are needed ( basic tutorials: flying, the tabs screens, controls for laptops, making a CAV, teleporting, adding contacts ), but newbies should know also about avatars used as objects and avatars used as a bot. And they should know what can be done (gaming, awschool, building, parties, modeling, etc ).There has also been built a tunnel which leads to the movers park and to the games expo.
A second group of visitors , are ancient citizens who found their way back to Activeworlds, some of them continued again what they had left behind years ago. Garrick (#354110) returned and reactivated the gamebot of AWMyths for a while. Strike Rapier (#334303) (= Mark Randall ) returned too , and reactivated the AWPortals website, which was desactivated in 2010. This means new helpers and new resources to support Activeworlds.
* Huntbot returns to Activeworlds
The first new thing that Strike Rapier (#334303) has introduced , is the Huntbot, and he started together with Bach Zhaa (#360197) and hosted an egg hunt game in the AWExpo area. This egghunt game was an immediate success. The results of the game can be viewed on the website AWPortals, which had been reactivated for that. More about the game itself can be found here :
* Those who want to host a hunt game in their own world can contact Strike Rapier (#334303) for that.
* AWPortals.com
Strike Rapier (#334303) reactivated the webpages of AWPortals , not yet the main page but subpages starting with y16 (year 2016). The website and supporting bots have been restarted at the beginning of this month. Strike Rapier brings the website back up to speed with a lot of new features, only after 1 month we have already all these options :
From the AWExpo area you type in the chat window to the bot : /awp register.
Then a link shows up in whisper mode, which can be used to register for AWPortals.
* The events page shows the calendar with the events advertisements :
* The calendar page shows the calendar for the next 3 months
* You can also add events yourself together with a picture of the event.
* You can also edit your profile and describe what you are doing in Activeworlds.
* In the control panel you can choose to reveive newsletters and events reminders.
*The worlds list shows all worlds online and you can view for each world its visitors peak since the bot was online, and you can view pictures of the highlights of that world.
*You can also do an object path search which a picture view of each model or texture, a great function that already existed in the "old" awportals pages.
* There is also a citizens list. On bot website of Tomas (#312020), you can view all known citizens. On the AWPortals website ,however, you can also search for citizen names and view when your friends and contacts have been online for that last time, or who has been online today.
*You can also follow the live chat . In addition to the normal chat,you can also see who enters and who is leaving. At the moment you can view the chat from 3 bot locations :
*There are also a large number of archive pages : chronicles, truespace, and newgroups.... You will find articles going back to 1998 !!!.



* AWPortals introduces badges
Main new thing is the introduction of badges . You can win/earn badges by participating at events or winning a game or just by being a team member of an group or organisation in Activeworlds. These badges will appear in your profile. By clicking upon each badge, you will see all citizens which have obtained the same badge. Look here for the badges :
One of the new badges that have been added are "Hotep's Champion" , for those who collected all 50 eggs in the egghunt, and "Hotep's Servant" for those who collected 10 golden eggs.
If you run events, or a community, and would like to be able to award badges, then you can contact Strike Rapier (#334303) and he will explain to you how you can set up a badge and assign it to people.
This system of badges is as new boost for the community members and gamers , this in addition to the PTZ-system which has been introduced by GSK(#348037) last year.
* AWPortals Advertisement webpage
We have finally again a calendar and an events page, which is similar to the calendar system of Smaug (#322639), who had stopped with that calendar in may 2015.
The calendar made by Strike Rapier (#334303) can be viewed on the website of AWPortals. And the AWPortals Events Directory is also a jpg-file from the AWPortals website, and which you be used in your world or building area , and is showing the 3 events which are coming up . The webpage is updated every 30 minutes.
And for the next 3 events :
So you can use this action command :
create picture https://uploads.awportals.com/events/promo/coming_up_1.jpg
If you want an automatic update of the events page in your building area, then keep in mind that the AWPortals site only updates only every 30 minutes, which equals 1800 seconds , so add to the command (optional) : update=1800
* MyAW : new updates and new guidelines for the PTZ
GSK(#348037) has updated the MyAW website , after having done a survey about how to go further with the PTZ system , so that it can be used effectively.
These are the new updates and new guidelines:
* There is an exchange rate for PTZ : 1 dollar equals 100 PTZ. Now you know about the value of the PTZ that you earn . As from today you can donate PTZ, http://network.myaw.us/donate/ with a minimum of 1 dollar and in exchange you will receive 100 PTZ per donated dollar. Donations will be used for the development of the MyAW website and PTZ system. However, you cannot cashout the PTZ into dollars. The PTZ system has not been created to earn money with it.
You can earn PTZ with games, the value ranges for each category of games (Bingo,Acronym Game, Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to be A Millionaire), and for new games like SW City Games, Quest games and the Game Expo .
You can also earn PTZ with prize donations : More info will follow later .
You cannot earn PTZ anymore for any performances on the website of MyAW. (logging in, add posts, like posts, create groups, add friends ..etc.)
The forum has been disabled in MyAW, as there are other mediums for that. Also the events calendar has been disabled, since you have now the AWPortals calendar.
All other functions of MyAW remain the same. On the webpage http://network.myaw.us/ , you can still add posts in the field "what's new" and add a picture by clicking the little square underneath (view picture). And you can still add friends, like posts, create or join groups, respond to the posts ,etc.
There are now also MyAW-badges in AWPortals website for the MyAW members. Also for the games hosted by GSK, there have been added badges in AWPortals.
How to spend the PTZ you earn ? More info will follow later.
* Bot Classes in ReginaUP
Bots have become popular again. Here in AWTimes, we have started with new articles about bots since last year.
Tomas (#312020) has offered some new bots on this website, where you can also view the bot statistics about online users , and about objects and builders in public worlds .
Strike Rapier (#334303) uses bots for the egghunt and for search functions on his AWPortals webpage.
TenYearsGone (#378183) has started since last month on the Happy Vally Facebook page about tutorials of popular bot programs. But you can find other utilities and useful tricks and building techniques. https://www.facebook.com/groups/161903187329032/
Now Karten (#315184) , who has constantly 12 bots online in his world ReginaDn, has started with Bot Classes in his world ReginaUP, and he will learn us to use the most popular bots : Preston, Xelagot, Yasbb, Yabb Lite, Dem2rwx and Magsbot, and maybe about a few other bots.
* Game Expo expands - now with PTZ
In the video of Vinesauce , Vinnie explored the Game Expo Zone. It was clear that some working games could be improved . OklahomaTraveler (#391054) has been working hard on his games area , and has done lost of updates. The dance area is now inside a building, a lot of games have got a new location.
Some games have been improved or completed. For instance,the players of the baseball game are now png-images instead of standard avatars.
New games have been created , like for instance this "castle game" (see picture) and is still under development.
Now , by playing some of the games of the Game Expo zone, you can also earn PTZ .