April 2016
  AW Community Meetings (april)
* Activeworlds is rediscovered thanks to a Vinesauce Youtube video.
During the first Community meeting of 3rd april, there were 100 clients in Alphaworld, and up to 237 clients in Activeworlds (you have to deduct ±80 bots if you want to know an approximative number of users) .(See http://pens.sytes.net/aw/users/ )
The cause of this was a popular Youtube video made by Vinesauce (Vinnie), which had more than 1 million views in 6 days, and this caused a massive inflow of new people. In his video, Activeworlds was described as an "abandoned" internet site.
The video was an internet hipe , caused by the creepy encounter with Hitomi Fujiko, who had returned to Activeworlds recently.
You can read the whole story here : http://www.venice3d.net/2016news53.html
On the internet, some people created fake websites and accounts about Hitomi Fujiko, so she decided to make an "AMA" (="ask me anything") on Reddit.


* Bingo game has resumed : now also with PTZ -prizes
Garnet has decided to resume the Bingo game in the world CitBingo! Since citizenship became free in 2013, there was no alternative prize for the "free citizenship"-prize. Now you can play for a prize of 1,000 PTZ points . Or, if you are a world owner you can choose between PTZ Points or nice prize objects ! The bingo will be hosted each Wednesday at 7 PM VRT.
New webpage for the game rules : https://sites.google.com/site/citbingo/home .
(The old webpage : http://host.activeworlds.com/citbingo/games.htm )
If you want to know what you can do with these PTZ , then go to the website http://network.myaw.us/ and choose in the menu : PTZ .
* New AWSchool website

A new Website from the Sr. Staff of AW School is under contruction, http://awschool.intherift.net/ When finished it will be yet another place to find aw resources and articles on building. Tha AW Staff are looking for contributors if anyone is interested. Its Word Press so simple to use. And they are also offering hosting for anyone who is interested, and provide you with a sub domain or of one of the websites for free and install wordpress if you wish or even host a domain you purchased as well. All for the AW Community and for Free.

* Awld.me website
GSK has started with a new website : awld.me , which will give additional information about places in Activeworlds, new resourves , and additional news.
This is what proceeded : About 2 years ago, GSK made the website awcom.me. The content of this website has merged with the new official website of Activeworlds.
When this project was finished, GSK started to make the website myaw.us, which is a social networld website for the Activeworlds users.
In the meanwhile, the website of Activeworlds hasn't been updated anymore, so that's why GSK decided to start up http://awld.me
* Tartsugar opens the "Scentednectar"-yard
Tartsugar had recenttly won an OMG! award for her object yard. And she recently added the plant textures of Scentednectar who had deleted those textures from her website, and all of us thought they were lost forever. Tartsugar did restore those textures and uploaded these to her website http://theraven.sphosting.com/
AW jpg yard -> AW 267N 1899W
AW object yard ->AW 27430S 12595E
AW texture yard -> AW 27371S 12646E
WildAW 1027N 979W
Tartsugar had already 4 yards, now there is a 5th yard :
"Scentednectar" yard -> AW 27398S 12740E
* Maxpoly 's MaXGigaBash party from 10th till 17th april
Maxpoly is celebrating his 60th birthday with a party week under the name  "MaXGigaBash". The party week will be hosted in the "The Blues Factory", located in the world AWMix07 and the party will consist of a live concert and recorded music concerts , a classics movie night, Mind Games and of course dance parties.
* Maxpoly opens the IMAXI Theater
On 17th april, Maxpoly starts with the IMAXI Theater in the world AWReunion. The theater is located at 400N 400W. One part of the building is dedicated to hosted the Mind Games. The new part is the IMAXI Theater and will be used to show Featured Films and Classics and Some TV Shows. At the moment you can view some episodes of "Dr.Who" as well as "Star Trek". Each sunday at 10 PM VRT they will be a movie special ....
* Teleporting in the chat window
Sgeo (#346126) has learned us to use a shorter description for teleporting from the chat window, instead of the long description that we are use to see:
If you type this in the chat window, and then when you click on it, you will be teleported to Alphaworld on location 2580S 2100W. The shorter description is like this :
As you can see, underscores are required if you want to teleport to a specific position. Otherwise it is jok to type only the world name (for a teleport to the world entry point) :
Note : this only works in the chat window The application or possibility of being able to teleport from an external webpage (like this page) has been disabled since a long time. There is however a solution.... (see news August 2016)